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Madame d'Amours - Music for Henry VIII's Six Wives

Madame d'Amours - Music for Henry VIII's Six Wives-Renaissance
ID: SIGCD044 (EAN: 635212004425)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2004
Signum Records
Anonymous | ASHTON, Hugh | BARBIREAU, Jacques | CAPIROLA, Vincenzo | CORNYSH, William | FÉVIN, Antoine de | GASCONGNE, Matthieu de | MERBECKE, John | TORRE, Francisco de la
Musica Antiqua of London
THORBY, Philip
Other info:

Musica Antiqua of London
Signum Classics is proud to present Musica Antiqua's seventh disc - Madame d’Amours; Songs, dances and consort music for the six wives of Henry VIII. Henry’s queens were no mere observers of the development of music at his court. Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn both owned song-books which show a strong Franco-Flemish presence in Tudor music; Anne of Cleves augmented her small band of minstrels by borrowing players from Prince Edward’s household; improper relationships with musicians were cited in the cases against both executed Queens; Jane Seymour’s royal wedding was celebrated with shawms and sackbuts; and Catherine Parr danced to her own consort of viols. In chapel and chamber, whether dancing, worshipping, singing, playing or listening, music was an important counterpoint to the lives (and sometimes deaths) of all of Henry’s six wives.
TORRE, Francisco de la (fl. 1483-1504) 
1. Danza Alta2:09 
CORNYSH, William (1468-1523) 
2. Whilles Lyfe or Breth7:26 
3. My Lady Wnykefylds Rownde1:33 
GASCONGNE, Matthieu de (fl. early 16th c.) 
4. Nigra Sum4:59 
5. Adew le companye1:09 
CORNYSH, William (1468-1523) 
6. Blow this Horne2:23 
7. My Lady Carey's dompe2:21 
FÉVIN, Antoine de (c. 1470 - late 1511 or early 1512) 
8. Adiutorium nostrum2:53 
9. La Gamba0:59 
10. Blame not my lute3:53 
11. Gentil Prince0:41 
12. Ev vray amoure1:39 
13. Henry VIII. (1491-1547)1:49 
14. Madame d'Amours4:59 
CAPIROLA, Vincenzo (1474 - after 1548) 
15. Ricercar3:25 
16. Duke of Somersett's dompe2:22 
17. Ainxi bon youre1:35 
BARBIREAU, Jacques (c.1420-1491) 
18. Een vroulic wesen1:21 
19. La Danse de Cleves1:43 
Henry VIII. (1491-1547) 
20. Time to pas with goodly sport2:18 
21. Prince Edwarde's pavyn2:21 
Henry VIII. (1491-1547) 
22. Quam pulchra es6:14 
23. The Kynges marke1:16 
24. Adew madame1:43 
25. Pavyn of Albart1:37 
26. Galliard1:25 
MERBECKE, John (1510-1585) 
27. A virgine and a mother5:36 
ASHTON, Hugh (c. 1485- 1558?) 
28. Ashton's maske5:36 


"everything sung and played to perfection"
Early Music Scotland

"This delightful anthology brings together music reflecting many aspects of the lives of Henry and his wives: the collection looks at the musical interests sand associations of Henry's queens in turn, sharing with us a rich tapestry of music spanning the 38 years of the king's long reign."
The Consort - Vol 62

"Madame D'Amours can seduce, but not with words. Aided by scholarship, this disc re-imagines the music presence of each queen at the court of Henry VIII. Musica Antiqua of London's command of diverse repertoires, instruments and interpretive approaches allows it to flaunt differences between the music of Henry's various consorts. Humour, cerebral sophistication and tenderness each find their proper expression in the knitting together of counterpoint and in the delicate rhythmic shading by the players. Particularly pleasing in the robust tone and freedom of line of Jacob Heringman's lute solos"
BBC Music Magazine

"Listen to this disc and you will be treated to a Tudor banquet of music and song. Jennie Cassidy's pure mezzo-soprano voice is a joy, while Philip Thorby's Musica Antiqua of London provides superbly enthusiastic accompaniements. It's worth taking time to read the comprehensive booklet notes, which explain the important part music played in the lives of Henry's wives. A well thought-out and presented project."
Classic FM Magazine


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