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Russian Calvary - Part III - Triptych of Spiritual Songs - The Untimely Passover

Russian Calvary - Part III - Triptych of Spiritual Songs - The Untimely Passover-Choir-Russische geistliche Musik
ID: RCD29003 (EAN: 4600383290034)  | 1 CD | ADD
Ausgefolgt: 1995
Russian Compact Disc
Russische geistliche Musik
Anonymous | BALAKIREV, Miliy Alexeyevich | CHESNOKOV, Paul Grigor'yevich | GLAZUNOV, Alexander Konstantinovich | NIKITIN, Konstantine | RIMSHA, Vyacheslav Evgenievich | STROKIN, Mikhail Porfirievitch | TRUBACHEV, Sergey Zosimovich 
MILLER, Vladimir (1) (bass)
Men's Choir of the Valaam Singing Culture Institute
Andere Infos:

It is sung in Old Slavonic Language.

These programs emplog canonical texts of the Russian Orthodox Church (the Moscow Patriaechate) and the Foreign Russian Orthodox Church

Bible (Lyricist)
Part III - The Untimely Passover
Triptych of Spiritual Songs
Exclamations: Vladimir Miller, bass
CHESNOKOV, Paul Grigor’yevich (1877-1944), (Arr. TRUBACHEV, Deacon Sergey (1919-1995)) 
1. Our Father1:54
Anonymous (Arr. TRUBACHEV, Sergey Zosimovich (1919-1995)) 
2. I sacrifice the voice of the prodigal son to You, God1:12 
The Week about Prodigal Son / Sticheron, tone 2. 
Anonymous (Arr. TRUBACHEV, Sergey Zosimovich (1919-1995)) 
3. Get rid of existing shortcomings of fatherly estate2:20 
The Week about Prodigal Son / Sticheron, tone 8. 
STROKIN, Mikhail Porfirievitch (1832-1887), (Arr. NIKITIN, Konstantine) 
4. On the Jordan2:25 
On Epiphany. Sticheron, tone 2. / Sticheron, tone 2. 
Anonymous (Arr. USHAKOV, Igor) 
5. As in the Ancient times1:43 
The service of Wonder in Honeh / Exapostarion, tone 1. 
Anonymous (Arr. USHAKOV, Igor) 
6. Be Prior to the Divines in great daring1:51 
The service of Wonder in Honeh / Sticheron, tone 1. Similar to: "Rejoicing of Divine Ranks" 
TRUBACHEV, Sergey Zosimovich (1919-1995) 
7. Thou has vouchsafed the good thief the Paradise1:50
Anonymous (Deciphered by USHAKOV, Igor) 
8. Thy coffin, Thou the Saviour1:44
The service on Holy and Great Saturday / Znamenny Chant, Matins. Hypakoe, tone 1. 
TRUBACHEV, Sergey Zosimovich (1919-1995) 
From the "Life of St. Sergy" 
9. Oh, Mother of God, Thy sweet voice2:29 
TRUBACHEV, Sergey Zosimovich (1919-1995) 
10. He throve like Phoenix2:34 
The service of St. Sergy Radonezhsky / Exapostilarion 
Anonymous (Arr. USHAKOV, Igor) 
11. Oh, excedind glorious wonder2:35
The service of St. Serafim Sarovsky 
Oh Lord, i Call unto Thee, Sticheron, tone 1. Similar to: "Oh, exceeding glorious wonder…" 
Anonymous (Arr. NIKITIN, Konstantine) 
12. Be glad, life-giving Cross2:02 
The service of St. Serafim Sarovsky 
Valaam Monastery Chant. On litia, Sticheron, tone 5. Similar to: "be glad, life-giving Cross" 
NIKITIN, Konstantine 
13. He intricetely prophesied a lot2:37 
The service of St. Serafim Sarovsky / Ikos 
RIMSHA, Vyacheslav Evgenievich (b. 1955) 
14. Upholder of the Orthodox faith2:45 
The service of St. Ioann Kronshtadtsky / Troparion, tone 1. 
RIMSHA, Vyacheslav Evgenievich (b. 1955) 
15. Today the pastor of Kronshtadt1:46 
The service of St. Ioann Kronshtadtsky / Kontaktion, tone 3. 
NIKITIN, Konstantine 
16. He has taken the Divine Grace from Heaven2:05
Troparion to St. Ioann the Divine / Chrysostom 
Anonymous (Deciphered by USHAKOV, Igor) 
17. Thy Last Supper3:01 
Znamenny Chant 
18. Come the lawful canopy2:25 
Valaam Monastery Chant. Dogmatik, tone 2. 
19. Under thy shelter, Sovereign2:00 
Valaam Monastery Chant. Dogmatik, tone 3. 
Anonymous (Arr. USHAKOV, Igor) 
20. The house of Ephrathah3:21 
The service of the Virgin's Cover / Sticherion, tone 2. Similar to: "The house of Ephrathah" 
Anonymous (Arr. TRUBACHEV, Sergey Zosimovich (1919-1995)) 
21. May every man begin1:31 
Canon on the Virgin's Cover / Solovetsky Monastery Chant. Song 9, irmos 
Anonymous (Arr. USHAKOV, Igor) 
22. Be glad, Russian land1:42 
The service of the millennium of the baptizing of Rus 
On "Lord, I have cried…" Sticheron, tone 5. Similar to:"Be glad, life-giving Cross" 
Anonymous (Arr. GLAZUNOV, Alexander Konstantinovich (1865-1936)) 
23. Having fallen asleep with flesh1:40 
Easter Exapostilarion, tone 3. / Greek Chant 
Anonymous (Arr. TRUBACHEV, Sergey Zosimovich (1919-1995)) 
24. You, Christ, was the luminary, set before the sun in the coffin1:49 
Holy Easter Service / Valaam Monastery Chant. Canon, Ikos, tone 8. 
Anonymous (Arr. TRUBACHEV, Sergey Zosimovich (1919-1995)) 
25. Telling before the morning, earlier than Maria1:54
Holy Easter Service / Valaam Monastery Chant. Canon, Ipakoi, tone 4. 
Anonymous (Harmonization by BALAKIREV, Miliy Alexeyevich (1837-1910)) 
26. The Angel cried2:28 
Valaam Monastery Chant 
TRUBACHEV, Sergey Zosimovich (1919-1995) 
27. From rising of the sun till its setting the name of Lord is to be praised2:01 
TRUBACHEV, Sergey Zosimovich (1919-1995) 
28. Arise, God1:22 


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