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Christian Warriors Songs - The Male Choir of Valaam Singing Culture Institute - I. Ushakov, conductor

Christian Warriors Songs  - The Male Choir of Valaam Singing Culture Institute - I. Ushakov, conductor-Choir-Wartime Music
ID: RCD15121 (EAN: 4600383151212)  | 1 CD | DDD
Ausgefolgt: 2020
Russian Compact Disc
Wartime Music
Anonymous | BRYANSKY, Nikolai Petrovich | CHESNOKOV, Paul Grigor'yevich | CHURKIN, Vladimir | GLINKA, Mikhail Ivanovich | KOZLOVSKY, Osip Antonovich | LVOV, Alexej Fyodorovich | ORLOVSKY, Mikhail | SHUROVSKY, Nikolai
FOMENKO, Sergei (voice / voice) | MIGULOV, Pyotr (bass) | MILLER, Vadimir (bass) | NIKITIN, Konstantine (tenor) | OKUN, Vill Davydovich | PALKIN, Oleg (voice) | SHTODA, Daniil 
Male Choir of the Valaam Singing Culture Institute
Andere Infos:

Anthems and marches of the Russian Empire. Singing in Russian language.

Derzhavin, Gavriil Romanovich
Zhukovsky, Vasily
Lermontov, Mikhail
Tomashik, Samuel
Shurovsky, Nikolai
Molchanov, Ilya
Orlovsky, Mikhail
Koltsov, Alexey
Anonymous (Deciphered by K. Nikitin, I. Ushakov) 
1. Song about Oleg the Sag3:18 
Soloist: Miller, Vladimir (bass) 
LVOV, Alexej Fyodorovich (1798-1870) / Zhukovsky, Vasily (Lyricist) / Deciphered by I. Ushakov 
2. God, Save The Tsar!2:59 
Russian hymn (1833-1917) 
3. The Most Solemn...1:38 
KOZLOVSKY, Osip Antonovich (1757-1831) / Derzhavin, Gavriil Romanovich (Lyrics) / (Arr. Ushakov. Igor ) 
4. Let Be Hear the Roar Of Victory!5:32 
Polonaise (dedicated to seizure of fortress Izmail by field-marshal. A. Suvorov in 1790) 
Soloist: Shtoda, Daniil (tenor) / Nikitin, Konstantine (tenor) / Miller, Vladimir (bass) 
Anonymous (Arr. Ushakov, Igor ) 
5. As a Black Host Was Gathering1:34 
Russian folk song dedicated to subjugation of Novgorod by Grand Duke Ioann III in 1478. 
Soloist: Sergei Fomenko, voice 
Anonymous (Arr. Ushakov. Igor ) 
6. The Host of Tsar the Terrible, the Tsar of Moscow2:43 
Russian folk song dedicated to Seizure of Kazan by Tsar Ioann IV the Terrible in 1552. 
Soloist: Shtoda, Daniil (tenor) 
Anonymous (Arr. K. Nikitin) 
7. Napoleon, He Moved to Conquer Russia2:12 
Russian folk song from times of the 1812 Patriotic War 
Soloist V. Okun, bass baritone 
BRYANSKY, Nikolai Petrovich / Lyrics by Mikhail Lermontov (Arr. K. Nikitin.) 
8. Borodino3:43 
Soloist: Vladimir Miller (bass) / Nikitin, Konstantine (tenor) 
Anonymous / Lyrics by Samuel Tomashik / Deciphered by I. Ushakov 
9. Hey, the Slavs!1:38 
The All-Slavonic Hymn. 
SHUROVSKY, Nikolai / Lyrics by N. Shurovsky / (Arr. Ushakov. Igor ) 
10. Hymn to the Tsar2:34 
Anonymous (Arr. Ushakov. Igor ) 
11. Ataman Platov (Cossack Chieftain) 3:34 
Song of Russian soldiers from times of the 1812 Patriotic War 
Soloist: Oleg Palkin (voice) / Pyotr Migulov (bass). 
Anonymous (Arr. Ushakov. Igor ) 
12. Hey, Brave Don Cossacks!4:48 
Russian folk song from times of the 1812 Patriotic War 
Soloist: Nikitin, Konstantine (tenor) 
Anonymous (Arr. Ushakov. Igor ) 
13. Long Time Ago When Tsar Alexiy Regned 3:32 
Song of Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna's 12 th Akhtyrsk Hussar 
Regiment under Command of General Denis Davydov 
Soloist: Miller, Vladimir (bass) 
Anonymous (Arr. Ushakov. Igor ) 
14. The Formidable Watchword - Moscow! (March)2:41 
15. Here Are Songs That Russia Sings3:04 
16. As the First-Called Among Apostles 1:32 
Anonymous (Arr. Ushakov. Igor ) 
17. General March of the Russian Cavalry1:39 
Anonymous/ Lyrics by Molchanov, Ilya (Arr. Ushakov. Igor ) 
18. The Batle at Poltava (1709)5:23 
Soloist: Petr Migulov 
Anonymous / Lyrics by A. Klochinsky 
19. March of the Pavlovsk Military School2:10 
ORLOVSKY, Mikhail / Lyrics by by M. Orlovsky / (Deciphered by K. Molchanov) 
20. Cadets, March in Close Order! (Cadet March)3:06 
CHURKIN, Vladimir / (Arr. Ushakov. Igor ) / Lyrics by Alexey Koltsov 
21. Russian"Hurrah!" (March)4:35 
Soloist: Sergei Fomenko 
GLINKA, Mikhail Ivanovich (1804-1857) / Lyrics by E. Rozen (Arr. Ushakov. Igor ) 
22. Let Be Praised Our Russian Tsar!1:31 
Anonymous (Arr. Ushakov. Igor ) 
23. Where Waves of the Araks Can be Heard2:44 
(Frontier Song) Song of Russian soldiers 
Soloist: Nikitin, Konstantine (tenor) 
Anonymous (Arr. Ushakov. Igor ) 
24. Let's Sing about Victories, My Friends!3:06 
Song of the 115 th Vyazma Infantry Regiment 
Soloist. Vladimir Miller, bass 
CHESNOKOV, Paul Grigor'yevich (1877-1944) / (Arr. Ushakov. Igor ) 
25. God Is With Us6:00 
Anonymous (Arr. Ushakov. Igor ) 
26. Lord, Save Thy People...1:19 
Troparion, in tone I. 


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