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Black Eyes - Songs of Russian Gypsies: A. Dimitrievich - N. Erdenko - M.Gulko - Z. Shevchenko - V.Vysotcky and Gypsy Band

Black Eyes - Songs of Russian Gypsies:  A. Dimitrievich - N. Erdenko - M.Gulko - Z. Shevchenko - V.Vysotcky and Gypsy Band-Gypsy Music-Russische Volksmusik
ID: RCD12016 (EAN: 4600383120164)  | 1 CD | ADD
Ausgefolgt: 2003
Russian Compact Disc
Russische Volksmusik
Gypsy Music
Traditional - Russian
Ensemble Barynya | Gypsy Band
Andere Infos:

At later stage gipsy singers abandoned traditional popular songs in favor of Russian romances. The Russian composers of that time pretty often used diverse national melodic elements - Spanish, Italian, Oriental - and imitated correspondent performance manner, gipsy way of singing, in the fi rst place. Its emphatic expression, drastic change of themes, excessive emotions and passionate openness were extremely genuine and original. Nowadays brilliant Russian romances - “Blue Eyes”, “Long Road”, “Don’t Rush Your Horses, Coachman” and many others - are defi nitely associated with gipsy way of singing and sung by gipsy ensembles on a regular basis.
The CD presents the authentic phenomenon in all its diversity. Different singers and variously composed ensembles present their own interpretation of Russian romances, town songs at the turn of XIX-XX centuries, modern songs related to gipsy fate. But easily recognizable singing manner of Russian gipsies pierces the whole album.

Z. Shevchenko, gypsy singer / N. Erdenko, gypsy singer / M. Gulko, singer / A. Dimitrievich, gypsy singer / V. Vysotsky, singer
1. Black Eyes - Zhenya Shevchenko4:01 
2. Two Guitars Like Peterburg - Alesha Dimitrievich5:30 
3. Let You Go - Zhenya Shevchenko2:30 
4. The Gypsy Themes Variations - Vladimir Vysotsky4:35 
5. Gypsies, Sing! - Nicolai Erdenko / Gypsy Band 4:19 
6. The Little Star - Alesha Dimitrievich1:58 
7. Wanna Love, Wanna Suffer - Zhenya Shevchenko2:50 
8. A Brook - Nicolai Erdenko / Gypsy Band 2:35 
9. There Is Ring Of Tambourine - Zhenya Shevchenko3:30 
10. The Gypsy Fireplace - Misha Gulko2:57 
11. The Road Is Long - Nicolai Erdenko / Gypsy Band 3:55 
12. Moonlight - Zhenya Shevchenko3:46 
13. You Are Still Alive My Little Old Lady - Zhenya Shevchenko4:10 
14. Beautiful Love - Alesha Dimitrievich2:36 
15. ...And The Song Goes On - Nicolai Erdenko / Gypsy Band 3:20 
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