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Russian Orthodox Church Music

IPPOLITOV-IVANOV, Mikhail Mikhailovich (1859-1935) 
1. The Lord's Prayer3:02 
NIKOLSKY, Alexander (1874-1943) 
2. The eternally begotten and co-eternal Son 1:49 
3. Invincible Lord of Hosts (Ancient Motif)1:40 
SOKOLOV, Nikolay Alexandrovich (1859-1922) 
4. Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace 3:38 
GARDNER, Johann von (1898-1984) 
5. The Cross, exalted, invites all creation 2:12 
6. The angel declared to Mary 2:00 
BORTNIANSKY, Dmitri Stepanovich (1752-1825) 
7. In this day the Lord has made 6:49 
8. Bless the Lord, o my soul (Miasnikov)3:25 
YAITCHKOV, Dimitri (1868-1953) 
9. It is indeed meet to praise thee 2:14 
10. Credo (Lipaiev)4:24 
CHESNOKOV, Paul Grigor'yevich (1877-1944) 
11. God is with us! 3:52 
12. Turn not thy face away from thy servant (Anonymous)3:38 
LVOV, Alexej Fyodorovich (1798-1870) 
13. Standing by the Cross 2:27 
KASTAL'SKIJ, Alexandr Dmitriyevich (1856-1926) 
14. On this day the Virgin 1:38 


“The mixed choir of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Paris under Eugen Evetz achieve a radiantly beautiful and transparent sonic quality in such selections as "Invincible Lord of Hosts" (Ancient Hymn), "The Angel declared to Mary" (Kompaneysky), "Standing by the Cross" (Lvov), and "On this day the Virgin" (Kastalsky). The women's voices are particularly lovely, and the blends are ideal for this tradition of music.”
---Dr Phil Muse, Classik Reviews (January 2004)

“Nicola Gedda (b.1925) is perfect to participate in these performances; during Gedda's early days in Leipzig his father was cantor for the Russian Orthodox congregation and he still was in fine condition vocally. Unfortunately he sings only in four of the pieces. CD… Evetz and his Paris Choir of the Orthodox Cathedral are excellent and they have been recorded with an appropriately broad sonic perspective… Intriguing repertory and fine sound; too bad there isn't more of it.”
--Robert Benson,classicalcdreview

“Gedda is not the first opera star to record Russian liturgical music (Boris Christoff did, for one), and his contribution is not to be discounted. He adds enormously to the total effect. The Paris choir is superb, preserving their grasp of the idiom even after decades in exile…. Taken on its own terms, this program will give much listening pleasure to anyone who simply wishes to bask in the sound of beautiful singing.”
--J. F. Weber, FANFARE


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