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Early Music

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Miracle - l'argento e la magia

Miracle - l'argento e la magia
Disk: 1
Type: CD
Kolekce: Early MusicPodkolekce: Voices and Chamber Ensemble

A fascinating journey through the music created by the variuos experiences of the composer

Gabriele Miracle has collaborated with some of the most prestigious early music ensembles for many years.
His wealth of experience together with his passion for songwriting has led him to create his own original songs wich make reference to the musical treasures of the past.
The style is modern and vibrantly italian.
Because of his breadth of experience playing and creating music for contemporary dance, where musical and physical expression are in perfect balance, the songs of the cd have a theatrical, cinematographic feel.
Lilli Greco is the artistic producer of the album L’argento e la magia (Silver and magic)
He is known for his successful work with artists such as Sergio Endrigo, Paolo Conte, Patty Pravo and many others.

Gabriele Miracle: piano, marimba, dulcimer, drums, percussions
Assia Polito: vocals
Lorenzo Salvatori: acoustic guitar, classical guitar, 12 string guitar, mandolin, bass,
electric guitar, ukulele, dobro
Alessandro Benedetti: double bass, bass
Maurizio Majorana: bass
Marco Baccarelli, Emanuele Giunti: accordion
Leonardo Ramadori: percussions, marimba
Giacomo Lucci: back vocals
Luciano Orologi: soprano sax, alto sax, flute
Massimo Bartoletti: trumpet
Luigino Leonardi: trombone
Gabriele Benigni, Laura Scipioni: violin
Gianfranco Russo: viola
Silvia Panetti: cello
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Carmina de morte - Labyrinthus Ensemble

Carmina de morte - Labyrinthus Ensemble
Disk: 1
Type: CD
Kolekce: Early MusicPodkolekce: Voice and Ensemble

Russian ensemble «Labyrinthus» was founded in 2010 and specializes in medieval and early music XII-XIV centuries. Name of the group associated with the tradition of medieval labyrinths in the process which is likely to use special para-liturgical music, which is the basis of their repertoire.
The program is based on the music album of the Catholic monasteries and Conductus. It laments, dance and thoughts about death of authors XII-XIII centuries. Refined Conductus and roundels of the ancient medieval manuscripts hear the accompaniment of great historical instruments.

Witte Maria Weber (Witte Maria Weber) - Vocals (1)
Anna Miklashevich - vocals (2)
Danil Rjabchikov - cytological (3)
Maria Golubeva - Vielha (4)
Anna Vasilieva, Ekaterina Maslakova Martha Semenova - a choir (5)

Classical early music medieval universalia in re world folk rock hang drum throat singing traditional ethno world music Russian Federation
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AVIS DEI - "Early European Dance"

AVIS DEI - "Early European Dance"
Disk: 1
Type: CD
Kolekce: Early MusicPodkolekce: Dance Music

Early European Dance
Renaissance gave a great impetus to many arts including dance. In fact, prior to that, in the Medieval era, dance was not considered art at all, and it was not until the 17th century that it gained its rightful place in life and culture. As dance was getting recognition as a useful, noble and worthy pastime, more and more attention was paid to its description. Separate descriptions appeared first, followed by full-scale treatises.
Little is known about the dances of Middle Ages and Early Renaissance. At that time people did not consider them important enough to be given a detailed description. Still, a lot of pieces of music preserved till nowadays. And although the information we know may sometimes be insufficient to reproduce the dances exactly the way they used to be, the yearning to dance can be very strong. Thus, some indirect evidence, the tune and depiction of dancing pairs contributed to the creation of La Regina dance based on a saltarello from an Italian manuscript of late 15th century.
released March 15, 2013

Svetlana Soldatenkova - recorders, raushpfayf, bagpipe shafferpfayf, percussion, neapolitan mandolin
Dmitry Shichalin - oboe, recorders, alto oboe, raushpfayf
Alekcey Safonov - cittern
Natalia Khokhlova - ladnsknehttrommel, darbuka and other percussion Martin Nyaga -baroque cello
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Early Italian Music on Original Instruments

Early Italian Music on Original Instruments
ID: CLAVES509817
Disk: 1
Type: CD
Kolekce: Early MusicPodkolekce: Historické nástroje

16.00 eur Temporarily out of stock

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