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Works For Clarinet and Basset Horns - Swiss Clarinet Players - Friedl

Works For Clarinet and Basset Horns - Swiss Clarinet Players - Friedl-Clarinet
ID: CLAVES509212 (EAN: 7619931921228)  | 1 CD | DDD
Vydano: 1992
Claves Records
Anonymous | MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus | PLEYEL, Ignaz | SALIERI, Antonio | VANEROVSKY, Frantisek
FREIDLI, Thomas (clarinet) | NIEDERHAUSER, Markus | OGG, Christoph (clarinet) | RAMSEIER, Andreas | SCHNEIDER, Regula
Swiss Clarinet Players
Dal informace:

The Basset Horn is essentially the tenor member in the large clarinet family. It is pitched in F and has four extra semitones below the equivalent clarinet range thus giving the instrument its 'basset' or 'little bass' character. It is distinguished from the clarinet by its soft uniquely dark and velvety timbre.
From the evidence of the accounts of the many virtuosi who traveled throughout Europe at this time it is clear that the instrument had a role very much on a par with the clarinet.
The Swiss Clarinet Players with the support of clarinetist Thomas Friedli present a selection of works from the golden age of the basset horn.

Ballo Divertissement

W.A. Mozart:
Adagio for Cor Anglais and String Trio, K580a
Adagio for 2 Clarinets and 3 Bassett Horns, K484a

I. Pleyel:
Clarinet Quartet

A. Salieri:
Quartets from the opera Palmira

F. Vanerovsky:
Quartet in F

Swiss Clarinet Players:
Regula Schneider, basset horn
Christoph Ogg, clarinet
Markus Niederhauser, basset horn
Andreas Ramseier, basset horn


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