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CHEZ FABRICA - Francesco Novara - Fabrica Musica, Vol. 11

CHEZ FABRICA - Francesco Novara - Fabrica Musica, Vol. 11-Viola and Piano-Alternative Rock
ID: STR70011 (EAN: 8011570700124)  | 1 CD | DDD
Vydano: 2009
Alternative Rock
NOVARA, Francesco
NOVARA, Francesco (voice)
Dal informace:

All music written, performed and mixed by Francesco Novara.

Chez Fabrica is the music compilation realised for the 2009 Milan International Furniture Show. In the language of musical notes, the album narrates the ordinary and bizarre experiences of the young resident artists in Fabrica.

Continuing on the path of musical experimentation started with previous CDs, the young sound maker signing the project, Francesco Novara, has created a compilation inspired by the daily goings on of young Fabricanti from the world over. For one year these creative talents dip into a unique environment made of different nationalities, languages, traditions and cultures, juxtaposed to the reality of the historic town where they live, Treviso (located near Venice, Italy).

Morning breakfasts with flatmates, commitments to be respected, floating boundaries between spare time and work, evenings spent together, enthusiasm for the intense Fabrica experience mixed with a bit of homesickness: all this is reflected in the Chez Fabrica’s five tracks. The album combines the modernity of electronic sounds with the suggestions of retro and ethnic inspirations, like the ones evocated by the timeless fascination of traditional instruments like the ukulele.

Chez Fabrica was presented in Milan, during the Milan International Furniture Show at which Fabrica was present with four Fuorisalone events and an exhibition at the Salone Satellite. The CD’s tracks accompanied, like a discreet soundscape, the visiting guests during their discovery of Fabrica’s world.
NOVARA, Francesco 
1. Ukulele and tips3:40 
2. Let me, let me know2:39 
3. Corridor3:41 
4. So much concrete4:00 
5. Half bottle3:50 


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