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JOSEPH HAYDN - Die sieben letzten - Worte unsers - erlosers am Kreuze - ANIMATO Mixed Choir

JOSEPH HAYDN - Die sieben letzten - Worte unsers - erlosers am Kreuze - ANIMATO Mixed Choir-Choir-Sacred Music
ID: GD128 (EAN: 3800121301287)  | 1 CD | DDD
Vydano: 1998
Gega New
Sacred Music
HAYDN, Franz Joseph
HRISTOV, Vesselin (tenor) | PAVLOVA, Galya (mezzo-soprano) | PETROV, Nikolai (piano) | ZLATKOVA, Bistra (soprano)
Animato Mixed Choir | Orchestral Ensemble
Dal informace:

Recorded live in Bulgaria Concert Hall, Sofia, April 14, 1998

The CD offers to cult-music lovers a gem from the work of Joseph HAYDN, popular mainly for his symphonies, concertos and two oratorios. The great Austrian has been connected with sacred music since childhood as choir-member and soloist of the famous boys' choir of the St. Stephen Cathedral in Vienna in the course of ten years. Among his numerous religious compositions was the orchestral work, commissioned for the consecration of the church in Cadiz, Spain, and later revised into a vocal-instrumental opus for soloists, choir and orchestra. It is for this reason that its separate parts bear purely instrumental names, "Sonata". Each of them begins with the Saviour's words on the cross. The work ends with the brief yet shattering Terremoto, depicting the earthquake after Christ's death. The recording was made under the baton of French conductor Guy CONDETTE, Music Director of the Limoges Opera Theatre and Philharmonic who has toured with most famous French, German, Austrian, Italian, Spanish, etc. orchestras and opera theatres.
HAYDN, Franz Joseph (1732-1809) 
1. Introduzione (Maestoso ed adagio)6:02
2. Sonata I (Largo)6:27
"Vater, vergib ihnen, denn sie wissen nicht, was sie tun." 
3. Sonata II (Grave et cantabile)6:22
"Heute wirst du mit mir in Paradiese sein." 
4. Sonata III (Grave)7:59
"Weib, siehe, das ist dein Sohn!" 
5. Sonata IV (Largo)6:38
"Mein Gott, mein Gott, warum hast du mich verlassen?" 
6. Introduzione3:51
7. Sonata V (Adagio)7:42
"Mich durstet." 
8. Sonata VI (Lento)5:30
"Es ist vollbracht." 
9. Sonata VII (Largo)5:38
"Vater, ich befehle meinem Geist in deine Hande." 
10. Il Terremoto (Presto e con tutta la forza)2:21


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