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SCHUBERT Trio in E flat Major op 100 - BEETHOVEN Trio in C minor op 1 no 3

SCHUBERT Trio in E flat Major op 100 - BEETHOVEN Trio in C minor op 1 no 3
ID: IDIS6685
Disk: 1
Type: CD
Podkolekce: Sbor





Renato Zanettovitch - violin -

Libero Lana - cello -

Dario De Rosa - piano

Radio Recording RAI 1962 & Live recording Trieste April 26 1957


F.Schubert Trio in E flat Major op 100 D 929
L.V.Beethoven Trio in C minor op 1 no 3
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The World of Oginski - Music of the Oginski Dynasty

The World of Oginski - Music of the Oginski Dynasty
ID: FRC6140
Disk: 1
Type: CD
Kolekce: InstrumentalPodkolekce: Sbor

Camerata Klaipeda / Lithuania Molodeczno Instrumental Octet / Belarus Accordeon Trio of the Bialystok Schools of Music, Poland

Oginski, M K:
Polonaise Sirotinushka
Polonaise in G major
To Daphnis

Oginski, X:
Polonaise in C
Polonaise in G minor

Ostaszewski, K:
Zabi Koncert przy Ksiezycu
Tango Amoroso

Ostaszewski, W:

Polonaise in C minor
Echa Iwonicza

Zaluski, I:
Song of the Mistletoe
Song of the Mistletoe Mazurek Kulawy

Zaluski, K B:
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Potir - Gothic City - European medieval music

Potir - Gothic City - European medieval music
Disk: 1
Type: CD
Kolekce: Medieval PeriodPodkolekce: Sbor

4p digipack, 16p booklet

Ethnic project POTIR was created by an artist and multi-instrumentalist Andrey Nazarov in 2009. Initially it was considered to be studio-project only to reconstruct a musical panorama of the Middle Ages. Today the project is the artwork by two persons, Andrey Nazarov and Evgeny Lyalin. This artwork consists of making musical pictures, studio work; there are only two men and loads of instruments.

The album «Gothic City» is the project’s first work. There is almost an hour of musical material, one-hour journey to a medieval city, an hour of wandering from tradition to tradition. Witches’ night dance, folk dances tough dynamics, flavored with the noise of fairs and taverns, Gregorian chants and unforgettable «Llibre Vermell de Montserrat» lyrics come one by one.

«Age-old music is not just forgotten manuscripts, but definite state, in which the epoch is reflected, its breathing, its dynamics where the pictures of the past and ancient world-view are hidden».

«The design is ours as well. Everything is important here: age-old miniatures, historical texts, museum and antique things, customs and rituals, all these are the style of the past».

Some real authentic instruments were used in the recording of the album; one of them is more than 300 years old.

The concept is ended by «Epilogo» - the scene of the Flagellants’ march and the Judgment Day’s picture. The album’s booklet is opening by the verses from Dante’s «the Divine Comedy». Have a nice listening!

creditsreleased 20 February 2012

The band:
Andrey Nazarov: flutes, bagpipes, psalter, Bran's citra, dutar, peasant lute, citar, province drum, darbuka, aura, percussion, vocals;
Razana Rustom: vocals (tracks 4,5,8);
Ivan Chernov: bassoon (track 10);
Svetlana Petrova: viola (track 10).
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Disk: 1
Type: CD
Kolekce: Chamber MusicPodkolekce: Sbor

W.A. Mozart (1756-1791)
Canzonetta dall'opera "Don Giovanni"
N. Rota (1911-1979)
Mazurka e Polka da il "Gattopardo"
Suite da "Amarcord"
Suite da "La Strada"
E. Cannio (1874-1949)
Tarantella Luciana
F. Buongiovanni (1872-1940)
E. A. Mario (1884-1961)
Tammurriata nera
R. Pucci (1948)
Ave Maria Mediterranea
A. Piazzolla (1921-1992)
Fracanapa, Oblivion, Libertango

Ensemble Classica
Romano Pucci, flute
Fabio Spruzzola, guitar
Ivano Brambilla, clarinet, mandolin and saxophone
Carmelo Bisignano - Igor Della Corte, violini
Bruno Pucci, viola - Marco De Masi, violoncello
Angela Lazzaroni, pianoforte
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Fabrizio Garilli - Il Selenzio, la Musica, la Voice della Memoria

Fabrizio Garilli - Il Selenzio, la Musica, la Voice della Memoria
Disk: 1
Type: CD
Podkolekce: Klavír

Fabrizio Garilli, piano, composer
9 - 11 - Vincenzo Torricella, Chitarra

Pianoforte: M. Madini Moretti, A. Mauri, S. Hojo
Percussioni: A. Dulbecco
Voce recitante: A. Quasimodo
Trombe: K. Takajuki - G. Grandi
Sassofono: G. Parmigiani
Organo: F. Zuvadelli
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The Grass Harp

The Grass Harp
Disk: 1
Type: CD
Kolekce: EthnoPodkolekce: Sbor

The CD The Grass Harp was created 2012/2013 under the German guidance in Russia as part of the project “The planet of people: art laboratories of cultural celebrities from over the world“. The professional musicians and also beginners have participated in the project. We would like to introduce some of them. Marian Kaldararu is Moldavian musician, percussionist, who already have visited with his concerts almost the whole world. And Maria Korepanova is interpreter of the ancient north Udmurts and Besermyans songs (The Duo “Izha”). Two German musicions: Stefan Charisius, teacher and composer, masterful playing the West African kora and Matthias Schneider-Hollek, who used to interweave computer techniques in musical creation with his soul-fellows. Under the guidance of Irina Pizhjanova, the interpreter of folkmusic Andrej Mikhajlov (percussion, the winds), Leonid Imennich (accordion, archi) and Sergej Misjurev (multi instrumentalist) play in the band “Voronovo Krilo”.
This unique project isn’t the adopting version of the ethnic music in according to the commercial music standarts. The musicians listen and understand each other in the unconscious level. The musicians are always different from the everyday people, because they listen the sound of ages, the sound of their own culture, of the Mother Earth. In the tracks, mixing melodies of the Udmurts and Besermyans, Russians and African elements could be listened electronic tunes, that intensifying all the beauty of the ethnic music. It seems, that the musicians listen the human music from the times, when the tower of Babel had not parted everything in the world. That were times, when people could listen even the grass voices and with the purpose to interpret the music the man invented the grass harp.
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The mandolin. The magic of Baroque - The Neapolitan ensemble "Serenade" - T. ALBIONI - D. SCARLATTI - D. CASTELLO

The mandolin. The magic of Baroque - The Neapolitan ensemble "Serenade" - T. ALBIONI - D. SCARLATTI - D. CASTELLO
ID: ART375
Disk: 1
Type: CD
Kolekce: BaroquePodkolekce: Sbor

Record 2016 (Moscow)
Sound producer - Victor Osadchev

Soloists, the winners of international competitions:
Alexey Balashov (oboe) - 2-4, 6-8, 19-21
Anastasia Rubina (mandolin) - 10-12, 13-15, 16-18
Ekaterina Pripuskova (mandolin) - 5, 6-8, 9
Daria Mosyagina (guitar) - 13-
Alexey Potapov (guitar) - 5
Ksenia Antonio (piano) - 16-18
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John Mayer (Jazz): Etudes / Radha Krishna: Indo Jazz Fusions

John Mayer (Jazz): Etudes / Radha Krishna: Indo Jazz Fusions
Disk: 1
Type: CD
Kolekce: JazzPodkolekce: Sbor

John Mayer's success through the 1960's with Indo-Jazz Fusions saw the release of four LP's over a four year period. Indo-Jazz Suite (1966), Indo-Jazz Fusions (1967) ,Indo-Jazz Fusions II (1968), and Etudes (1969) Sonet SNT603 which is the only LP not to have been re-released until now.

Radha Krishna was originally released by EMI in 1971. Comprising of a large ensemble, including sitar, tabla, drums, sax, string trio, soprano, tenor etc... this ground breaking recording (along with Etudes) has been wonderfully re-mastered at Abbey Road Studios.
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PIERRE JODLOWSKI - Drones - Barbarismes - Dialog / No Dialog

PIERRE JODLOWSKI - Drones - Barbarismes - Dialog / No Dialog
ID: KAI0013032
Disk: 1
Type: CD
Kolekce: Instrumental

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Urbino - Paolo Giaro Ensemble

Urbino - Paolo Giaro Ensemble
ID: ARNR0698
Disk: 1
Type: CD
Kolekce: Jazz

World Music, Italy, Jazz

"When I visited Paolo Giaro at his studio I felt I had stepped into the den of a wizard. It seems he has invited an entire world of international musicians to pass through Pesaro, and has absorbed their influence and influenced them in turn.
He has created a complex and original style of music, enriched with rhythms and melodies from the streets of the world and bound together by his extraordinary twentieth-century compositional mind. This is, to me, a truly fascinating direction for music to take."
Ralph Towner
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