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London Philharmonic Orchestra - Ensembles

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The 1956 Nixa-Westminster stereo recordings Vol. 1- London Philharmonic Orchestra

The 1956 Nixa-Westminster stereo recordings Vol. 1- London Philharmonic Orchestra
CDs: 3
Type: CD
Collection: Orchestral Works
Subcollection: Orchestra

A release that all Boult fans have been waiting for :- Cockaigne is the first release in the UK in any format.
Most works are first releases on CD of the original Westminster source masters.
First stereo release on CD & first stereo release in UK of Cockaigne, Young Person’s Guide, Soireés musicales & Matineés musicales.
First release on CD of Elgar’s Falstaff from tape source.
All recorded at Walthamstow Assembly Halls in 1956, re-mastered at Abbey Road Studios 2010.
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The 1956 Nixa-Westminster stereo recordings Vol. 2 - London Philharmonic Orchestra

The 1956 Nixa-Westminster stereo recordings Vol. 2 - London Philharmonic Orchestra
CDs: 3
Type: CD
Collection: Orchestral Works
Subcollection: Orchestra

Contains Berlioz’s complete Overtures. Released in Schumann’s 200th anniversary year. Recorded at Walthamstow Assembly Hall, London in 1956.; remastered at Abbey Road Studios in 2010. Excellent sound quality: the original Westminster tapes sound remarkable.
This issue contains notes by Sir Adrian Boult originally reproduced on the sleeves of the Schumann LP releases.
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Prokofiev - Betrothal in a Monastery ('The Duenna'), Opera, Op. 86

Prokofiev - Betrothal in a Monastery ('The Duenna'), Opera, Op. 86
ID: GFO00206
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Subcollection: Opera

Recorded live at Glyndebourne on 12, 15 & 22 August 2006. A recording of a rarely performed work with consummate Russian conductor and cast.

Prokofiev’s last opera, Betrothal in a Monastery, launched the Glyndebourne label in 2008. According to Shostakovich it was ‘one of Prokofiev’s most radiant and buoyant works’. It has been unavailable for several months and back in stock, repackaged in line with the more recent Glyndebourne releases.

Luxury 256-page hard-bound book.
Essay by Harlow Robinson, world authority on Soviet and Russian cultural history.
Includes full libretto in Cyrillic with English, French and German translations.

Viascheslav Voynarovskiy (Don Jerome), Andrey Breus (Ferdinand), Lyubov Petrova (Louisa), Alexandra Durseneva (The Duenna), Vsevolod Grivnov (Don Antonio), Nino Surguladze (Clara), Sergei Alexashkin (Mendoza), Alan Opie (Don Carlos)

London Philharmonic Orchestra & The Glyndebourne Chorus, Vladimir Jurowski

Track list:
Betrothal in a Monastery ('The Duenna'), Opera, Op. 86
1. Prelude
2. Act 1. Tableau 1. Scene 1. But this is just fantasy!
3. Act 1. Tableau 1. Scene 2. Plain. Round-shouldered
4. Act 1. Tableau 1. Scene 3. She has shaken your hand
5. Act 1. Tableau 1. Scene 4. The moon looks in your window
6. Act 1. Tableau 1. Scene 5. Stop that mewing
7. Act 1. Tableau 1. Scene 6. Masker's Dance
8. Act 1. Tableau 1. Scene 7. I had better get her married off
9. Act 1. Tableau 1. Scene 8. Friends, depart
10. Act 2. Tableau 2. Scene 1. It will work, Nanny, won't it?
11. Act 2. Tableau 2. Scene 2. Splendid, Señor, splendid
12. Act 2. Tableau 2. Scene 3. Will you cherish me in my old age?
13. Act 2. Tableau 2. Scene 4. Give it back!
14. Act 2. Tableau 2. Scene 5. If you have a daughter
15. Act 2. Tableau 2. Scene 6. It looks like the first act has been played out wi
16. Act 2. Tableau 3. Scene 1. Buy some fish from Señor Mendoza's barges!
17. Act 2. Tableau 3. Scene 2. Rosina... Rosina...
18. Act 2. Tableau 3. Scene 3. Ferdinand alone is dearer
19. Act 2. Tableau 3. Scene 4. I had known what pranks
20. Act 2. Tableau 3. Scene 5. My beard? My beard is not at all bad
21. Act 2. Tableau 3. Scene 6. There is no greater happiness
22. Act 2. Tableau 4. Scene 1. Yes, yes, yes!
23. Act 2. Tableau 4. Scene 2. My pretty... my pretty
24. Act 2. Tableau 4. Scene 3. When the cheerful fop
25. Act 2. Tableau 4. Scene 4. Well?
1. Act 3. Tableau 5. Scene 1. Ah, time does not want to move on
2. Act 3. Tableau 5. Scene 2. Come in, come in
3. Act 3. Tableau 5. Scene 3. Should we take a sly look?
4. Act 3. Tableau 5. Scene 4. It's bad to peep
5. Act 3. Tableau 5. Scene 5. How my soul is beaming!
6. Act 3. Tableau 6. Scene 1. You are not playing in tune
7. Act 3. Tableau 6. Scene 2. My respectful greetings to the Señor!
8. Act 3. Tableau 6. Scene 3. Please, let us continue
9. Act 3. Tableau 6. Scene 4. Lopez! Lopez!
10. Act 3. Tableau 7. Scene 1. Here I am, a nun
11. Act 3. Tableau 7. Scene 2. They have gone, gladdened, happy and in love...
12. Act 3. Tableau 7. Scene 3. It must be here
13. Act 4. Tableau 8. Scene 1. The bottle is the sun of our lives
14. Act 4. Tableau 8. Scene 3. They bring more wine!
15. Act 4. Tableau 8. Scene 4. Take care, Antonio!
16. Act 4. Tableau 8. Scene 5. Straight down to business now, Don Ferdinand
17. Act 4. Tableau 9. Scene 1. I can't understand it
18. Act 4. Tableau 9. Scene 2. Aha, here's Mendoza at last
19. Act 4. Tableau 9. Scene 3. What is this? Why are you here?
20. Act 4. Tableau 9. Scene 4. Son! At last
21. Act 4. Tableau 9. Scene 5. Don Jerome, Don Herome!
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Beethoven - Fidelio, Opera, Op. 72

Beethoven - Fidelio, Opera, Op. 72
ID: GFO00406
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Subcollection: Opera

Recorded live at Glyndebourne, August 2006
Includes 2 discs in a 150 page hard-bound book

Anja Kampe (Leonore), Torsten Kerl (Florestan) Andrew Kennedy (Jaquino), Lisa Milne (Marzelline), Brindley Sherratt (Rocco), Peter Coleman-Wright (Don Pizarro), Nathan Vale (First Prisoner), Anthony Cleverton (Second Prisoner), Henry Waddington (Don Fernando)

London Philharmonic Orchestra & The Glyndebourne Chorus, Mark Elder

Product Description
With Fidelio, Beethoven found the perfect vehicle to express his lifelong commitment to liberty. The work exposes the reality that at any moment in the world, at any point in history, unjust atrocities are being committed, which can only be prevented by an individual belief in the sanctity of human life and the all-conquering power of universal love. This timeless theme is as relevant today as it was when Beethoven started to write his opera in 1804. Anja Kampe and Torsten Kerl made their Glyndebourne debuts in the roles of Leonore and Florestan in 2006 to rapturous critical praise and this production won the Royal Philharmonic Society Opera Award in 2001.Libretto translated from the original French into English, Italian and German.

Extensive accompanying booklet including a commissioned article about the opera.
Feature and review publicity in national newspapers, radio and specialist music magazines
Features two exciting Glyndebourne debuts from Anja Kampe and Torsten Kerl.

Track list:
Fidelio, opera, Op. 72
1. Act 1. No. 1. Dialog. Jaquino, jaquino!
2. Act 1. No. 3. Quartett. Mir ist so wunderbar
3. Act 1. No. 3. Dialog. Höre, Fidelio...
4. Act 1. No. 4. Arie. Hat man nicht auch Gold beineben
5. Act 1. No. 4. Dialog. Ihr habt schon recht, Meister Rocco
6. Act 1. No. 5. Terzett. Der Gouverneur... der Gouverneur soll heut' erlauben
7. Act 1. No. 5. Terzett. Nur auf der Hut, dann geht es gut
8. Act 1. No. 6. Marsch
9. Act 1. No. 6. Dialog. Die Depeschen?
10. Act 1. No. 7. Arie mit Chor. Ha! Welch ein Augenblick!
11. Act 1. No. 8. Duett. Jetzt, Alter, jetzt hat es Eile!
12. Act 1. No. 9. Rezitativ und Arie. Abscheulicher! Wo eilst du hin?
13. Act 1. No. 9. Rezitativ und Arie. Komm, Hoffnung, lass den letzten Stern
14. Act 1. No. 9. Dialog. Aber Marzelline
15. Act 1. No. 10. Finale. O welche Lust!
16. Act 1. No. 10. Finale. Nun sprecht, wie ging's?
17. Act 1. No. 10. Finale. Ach! Vater, eilt!
18. Act 1. No. 10. Finale. Verweg'ner Alter, welche Rechte legst du dir frevelnd selber bei?
19. Act 1. No. 10. Finale. Leb' wohl, du warmes Sonnenlicht
CD 2
1. Act 2. No. 11. Introduktion
2. Act 2. No. 11. Arie. Gott! Welch' Dundel her!
3. Act 2. No. 12. Melodram und Duett. Nur hurtig fort, nur frisch gegraben
4. Act 2. No. 12. Dialog. Er erwacht!
5. Act 2. No. 13. Terzett. Euch werde Lohn in besser'n Welten
6. Act 2. No. 13. Dialog. Alles ist bereit, ich gehe, das Signal zu geben
7. Act 2. No. 14. Quartett. Er sterbe!
8. Act 2. No. 14. Dialog. Vater Rocco!
9. Act 2. No. 15. Duett. O namenlose Freude!
10. Act 2. No. 15. Dialog. Gute Botschaft
11. Act 2. No. 16. Finale. Heil sei dem Tag, Heil sei der Stunde
12. Act 2. No. 16. Finale. Gott! Welch ein Augenblick!
13. Act 2. No. 16. Finale. Wer ein holdes Weib errungen, stimm' in unsern Jubel ein!
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Mozart - Idomeneo, K366 - Pavarotti -1964 Glyndebourne debut recording

Mozart - Idomeneo, K366 - Pavarotti -1964 Glyndebourne debut recording
ID: GFO00664
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Subcollection: Opera

Recorded live at Glyndebourne 14 August 1964.
Includes 2 discs in a 113 page hard-bound book

Mozart is very much Glyndebourne’s signature composer and as a point of fact Glyndebourne was instrumental in putting Mozart back into the repertoire in the UK, so much so that the performing edition of Idomeneo was commissioned by Glyndebourne’s music director Fritz Busch. Glyndebourne’s 1951 Messel production of Mozart’s Idomeneo was the first professional performance in Great Britain. This 1964 recording is from the last staging of the Messel production and an opera John Pritchard had conducted at Glyndebourne since 1952. Pritchard was a consummate Mozartian and this recording allows, for the first time, Janowitz and Pavarotti to be heard before their respective international careers took off. Their vocal timbres are instantly recognisable - fresh, vital, flexible and already burgeoning with a distinctive projection of the text and drama. Pavarotti went on to have a long association with this opera, moving to the title role at the Metropolitan Opera in New York and recording it in the early digital age of 1983 with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra conducted once again by Pritchard. Richard Lewis as Idomeneo in the recording has a gracious sense of style and carries the day.

In the past (10+ years ago) there have been pirated/bootlegged releases of this production taken from a BBC off air recording. This release is from Glyndebourne’s own archive and is NOT the previously available BBC performance.

Richard Lewis (Idomeneo), Gundula Janowitz (Ilia), Luciano Pavarotti (Idamante), Enriqueta Tarrés (Elettra), Dennis Wicks (Nettuno), Neilson Taylor (Arbace), David Hughes (Gran Sacerdote)

London Philharmonic Orchestra & The Glyndebourne Chorus, John Pritchard

Track list:
CD: 1
Idomeneo, rè di Creta, opera, K. 366
1. Ouverture
2. Act 1. Recitativo. Quando avran fine omai
3. Act 1. No. 1. Aria. Padre, germani, addio!
4. Act 1. Recitativo. Ecco, Idamante, ahimè!
5. Act 1. Recitativo. Radunate i Trojani, ite
6. Act 1. No. 2. Aria. Non ho colpa
7. Act 1. Recitativo. Ecco il misero resto de' Trojani
8. Act 1. No. 3. Coro. Godiam la pace, trionfi Amore
9. Act 1. Recitativo. Prence, signor, tutta la Grecia oltraggi
10. Act 1. No. 4. Aria. Tutte nel cor vi sento
11. Act 1. No. 5. Coro. Pietà! Numi pieta!
12. Act 1. Recitativo. Eccoci salvi alfin
13. Act 1. No. 6. Aria. Vedrommi intorno l'ombra dolente
14. Act 1. Recitativo. Cieli! che sento?
15. Act 1. No. 7. Aria. Il padre adorato
16. Intermezzo. No. 8. Marcia
17. Intermezzo. No. 9. Coro. Nettuno s'onori, quel nome risuoni
18. Act 2. No. 10. Recitativo. Siam soli. Odimi Arbace
19. Act 2. Recitativo. Se mai pomposo apparse
20. Act 2. No. 11. Aria. Se il padre perdei
21. Act 2. Recitativo. Qual mi conturbai sensi
22. Act 2. No. 12. Aria. Fuor del mar ho un mar in seno
CD: 2
1. Act 2. Recitativo. Chi mai del mio provò piacer più dolce?
2. Act 2. No. 13. Aria. Idol mio, se ritroso
3. Act 2. No. 14. Marcia. Odo da lunge armonioso suono
4. Act 2. Recitativo. Sidonie sponde!
5. Act 2. No. 15. Coro. Placido è il mar, andiamo
6. Act 2. Recitativo. Parti Idamante
7. Act 2. No. 16. Terzetto. Pria di partir, oh Dio!
8. Act 2. No. 17. Coro. Qual nuovo terrore!
9. Act 2. Recitativo. Eccoti in me, barbaro Nume!
10. Act 2. No. 18. Coro. Corriamo, fuggiamo
11. Act 3. No. 19. Aria. Zeffiretti lusinghieri
12. Act 3. Recitativo. Eistesso vien... oh Dei!
13. Act 3. Recitativo. Principessa, a'tuoi sguardi
14. Act 3. No. 20. Duetto. Spiegarti non poss'io
15. Act 3. Recitativo. Cieli! che vedo?
16. Act 3. No. 21. Quartetto. Andrò ramingo e solo
17. Act 3. No. 24. Coro. O voto tremendo!
18. Act 3. No. 25. Marcia
19. Act 3. No. 26. Cavatina con coro. Accogli, o rè del mar
20. Act 3. Coro. Stupenda vittoria!
21. Act 3. Recitativo. Qual risuono qui intorno
22. Act 3. No. 27. Recitativo. Padre, mio caro padre
23. Act 3. No. 27a. Aria. No la morte
24. Act 3. Recitativo. Ma che più tardi?
25. Act 3. No. 28a. La Voce. Idomeneo cessi essere
26. Act 3. Aria. D'Oreste, D'Ajace
27. Act 3. No. 30. Recitativo. Popoli, a voi l'ultima legge impone
28. Act 3. No. 30a. Aria. Torna la pace alcore
29. Act 3. No. 31. Coro. Scenda Amor, scenda Imeneo
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Dvořák - Rusalka, opera, B. 203 (Op. 114)

Dvořák - Rusalka, opera, B. 203 (Op. 114)
ID: GFO00709
CDs: 3
Type: CD
Subcollection: Opera

Recorded live at Glyndebourne August 2009.
Includes 3 discs in a 76 page hard-bound book.

Lyric fairy tale in three acts: Libretto by Jaroslav Kvapil after Friedrich Heinrich Carl de la Motte Fouque's tale Undine. Dvorak's opera Rusalka reaches extraordinary heights of melodic eloquence. Rusalka is also the most consciously 'through-composed' of Dvorak's operas but this does not prevent Czech opera's most famous aria the ineffably beautiful 'Song to the Moon', being frequently extracted from the score and sung as a stand alone aria. Sometimes
thought of as a 'one aria opera', this is just one of many glorious arias for Rusalka, among them the moving first act plea, 'Your ancient wisdom everyone knows' ('Staleta moudrost tva vsechno vi'), made to the witch Jezibaba asking her to make her human, and her desolate lament 'Robbed of my youth' ('Mladosti sve pozbavena') at the start of Act 3. Rusalka is by no means a mainstay in the operatic oeuvre but this new 2009 production and recording from Glyndebourne is destined to put this much overlooked masterpiece to the forefront of romantic repertory.

The recording is aided by a stellar cast. Ana María Martínez's astonishing humanity shines through in her heart rending portrayal of Rusalka, burly tenor Brandon Jovanovich is
a handsome Prince, with real Slavic flavour added with Mischa Schelomianski as Rusalka's wise old father Vodnik, and Larissa Diadkova as the evil witch Jezíbaba, both
giving exemplary performances, with Czech conductor Jirí Belohlávek and the London Philharmonic Orchestra, giving the music a wonderful emotional intensity at all the right moments.

Ana María Martínez (Rusalka), Brandon Jovanovich (Prince), Tatiana Pavlovskaya (Foreign Princess), Mischa Schelomianski (Vodnik), Larissa Diadkova (Ježibaba), Natasha Jouhl (1st Nymph), Barbara Senator (2nd Nymph), Élodie Méchain (3rd Nymph), Diana Axentii (Kitchen Boy), Alasdair Elliott (Gamekeeper)

London Philharmonic Orchestra & The Glyndebourne Chorus, Jirí Belohlávek

Track list:
CD: 1
Rusalka, opera, B. 203 (Op. 114)
1. Prelude
2. Act 1. Hou, hou, hou
3. Act 1. I pekne vitám
4. Act 1. Hastrmánku, taticku
5. Act 1. Sem casto prichází a v objeti mé stoupé
6. Act 1. Mesícku na nebi hlubokém
7. Act 1. Ta voda studi! Jezibabo, Jezibabo
8. Act 1. Staletá moudrost tvá vsechno ví
9. Act 1. Tvoje moudrost vsechno tusí
10. Act 1. Cury mury fuk
11. Act 1. Jel mladý lovec
12. Act 1. Vidino divná, presladká
CD: 2
1. Act 2. Járku, jáku, kluce milé
2. Act 2. U nás v lese strasi
3. Act 2. Jiz týden dlís mi po boku
4. Act 2. Zda na chvili princ vzpomene si prec
5. Act 2. Festive music - Ballet
6. Act 2. Celý svet nedá ti, nedá
7. Act 2. Kvetiny bilé po ceste
8. Act 2. Rusalko, znás mne, znás?
9. Act 2. Vidís je vidís? Jsou tu zas
CD: 3
1. Act 3. Necitelná vodni moci
2. Act 3. Aj, aj? Uz jsi se navrátila?
3. Act 3. Vyrvána zivotu v hlubokou samotu
4. Act 3. Ze se bojis? Tresky, plesky
5. Act 3. Mám, zlaté vlásky mám
6. Act 3. Bilá moje lani!
7. Act 3. Milácku, znás mne, znás?
8. Act 3. Líbej mne, líbej, mir mi prej
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Britten - Peter Grimes, Opera, Op. 33

Britten - Peter Grimes, Opera, Op. 33
ID: GFO00800
CDs: 3
Type: CD
Subcollection: Opera

Recorded live at Glyndebourne in June, July and August 2000.
Includes 3 discs in a 80 page hard-bound book.

Glyndebourne’s association with the music of Benjamin Britten extends back to the early 1940s. Benjamin Britten and Glyndebourne’s then Chairman John Christie were not obvious colleagues. They had very little in common. Both were from very different backgrounds, John Christie being a recipient of the Military Cross while Britten spent World War World II years in the US as a conscientious objector. Glyndebourne staged the premiere of The Rape of Lucretia in 1946 and in the following year, the premiere of Albert Herring. After this premiere, Britten commented of Christie as “a mischievous, mad old man”. Britten wasn’t invited back, and 34 years of the Glyndebourne Festival elapsed until another of his operas Midsummer Night’s Dream was staged in 1981. Glyndebourne has gone onto acclaimed productions of The Turn of the Screw, Billy Budd, Owen Wingrave, Death in Venice, Albert Herring and this acclaimed Trevor Nunn production of Peter Grimes from 2000.

Peter Grimes premiered in London in 1945 and was the first of Britten’s operas to be a critical and popular success. This 2000 Glyndebourne production is no exception. The role of Peter Grimes is amongst the toughest company on disc, with a heritage laid down by Peter Pears and Jon Vickers. In this recording Anthony Dean Griffey has the lyricism of Peter Pears and the weight and size of voice of Jon Vickers and above all is totally convincing in entering the mental state of Grimes. Vivian Tierney is an authoritative Ellen Orford, compassionate yet lonely and vulnerable, and likewise utterly convincing.

Anthony Dean Griffey (Peter Grimes), Vivian Tierney (Ellen Orford), Steven Page (Captain Balstrode), Susan Gorton (Auntie), Camilla Tilling (First Niece), Linda Tuvas (Second Niece), John Graham-Hall (Bob Boles), Stafford Dean (Swallow), Jard van Nes (Mrs Sedley), Wolfgang Ablinger-Sperrhacke (The Rev Horace Adams), Christopher Maltman (Ned Keene), Michael Druiett (Hobson) & Michael Haughey (Dr Crabbe)

London Philharmonic Orchestra & The Glyndebourne Chorus, Mark Wigglesworth

Track list:
CD: 1
Peter Grimes, opera, Op. 33
1. Prologue. Peter Grimes!
2. Prologue. You sailed your boat round the coast
3. Prologue. Peter Grimes, I here advise you!
4. Prologue. The truth... the pity... and the truth
5. Prologue. Interlude 1 - Lento e tranquillo
6. Act 1. Scene 1. Oh, hang at open doors the net, the cork
7. Act 1. Scene 1. Hi! Give us a hand!
8. Act 1. Scene 1. I have to go from pub to pub
9. Act 1. Scene 1. Let her among you without fault
10. Act 1. Scene 1. Look, the storm cone!
11. Act 1. Scene 1. And do you prefer the storm?
12. Act 1. Scene 1. What harbour shelters peace
13. Act 1. Scene 1. Interlude 2 - Presto con fuoco
14. Act 1. Scene 2. Past time to close!
15. Act 1. Scene 2. We live and let live
16. Act 1. Scene 2. Have you heard? The cliff is down up by Grimes's hut
17. Act 1. Scene 2. Now the Great Bear and Pleiades
18. Act 1. Scene 2. Old Joe has gone fishing
19. Act 1. Scene 2. The bridge is down
CD: 2
1. Act 2. Interlude 3 - Allegro spiritoso
2. Act 2. Scene 1. Glitter of waves and glitter of sunlight
3. Act 2. Scene 1. Child you're not too young to know
4. Act 2. Scene 1. This unrelenting work
5. Act 2. Scene 1. Fool! To let it come to this!
6. Act 2. Scene 1. People! No! I will speak!
7. Act 2. Scene 1. We planned that their lives should have a new start
8. Act 2. Scene 1. Swallow! Shall we go and see Grimes in his hut?
9. Act 2. Scene 1. From the gutter
10. Act 2. Scene 2. Go there!
11. Act 2. Scene 2. Now! Now!
12. Act 2. Scene 2. Peter Grimes! Nobody here?
CD: 3
1. Act 3. Interlude 5 - Andante con moto e rubato
2. Act 3. Scene 1. Assign your prettiness to me
3. Act 3. Scene 1. Pah! Ahoy!
4. Act 3. Scene 1. Come along, Doctor!
5. Act 3. Scene 1. Embroidery in childhood was a luxury of idleness
6. Act 3. Scene 1. Mister Swallow!
7. Act 3. Scene 1. Who holds himself apart, lets his pride rise
8. Act 3. Scene 1. Interlude 6 - Lento
9. Act 3. Scene 2. Grimes! Grimes!
10. Act 3. Scene 2. Peter, we've come to take you home
11. Act 3. Scene 2. To those who pass, the Borough sounds betray
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R. Strauss - Der Rosenkavalier, Opera, Op. 59

R. Strauss - Der Rosenkavalier, Opera, Op. 59
ID: GFO01065
CDs: 3
Type: CD
Subcollection: Opera

Recorded live at Glyndebourne on 30 May 1965.
Includes 3 discs in a 175 page hard-bound book.

This recording of Der Rosenkavalier captures the intimacy of the Glyndebourne opera house preserving what is, without doubt, an engrossing performance with notable contributions from key soloists at poignant stages of their careers.
This 1965 production, first staged by Glyndebourne in 1959, was not without its casting complications. Baron Ochs was to be Manfred Jungwirth but only sang two performances due to ill health and was replaced by Otto Edelmann.
Miss Caballé was ill for the first week of rehearsals and Edith Mathis arrived at Glyndebourne announcing that she was pregnant and was not be able to sing her August performances.
Many considered Der Rosenkavalier too big a production for Glyndebourne’s intimate house. Artistic director Carl Ebert, and conductor Fritz Busch, had entertained the possibility of mounting Der Rosenkavalier pre-war, using Strauss’ own reduced orchestral version but by 1959 the volume of the theatre had been increased considerably, and this production, was hailed as one of his finest achievements, in what was Ebert’s final year at Glyndebourne.
The recording captures a stellar cast. Not only is this Caballé’s sole recording as the Marschallin on disc but preserves her Glyndebourne debut, in the same year also singing the role of the Countess in Le nozze de Figaro. The Finanical Times observed: ‘‘First praise should perhaps go to the Marschallin of Montserrat Caballé... a beautiful voice... And an eloquent presence. The role lived in her.’’ Edith Mathis as Sophie was her second appearance at the Festival, the New Statesman lauding her role as ‘‘my own favourite is Edith Mathis’ wonderfully fresh Sophie’’.

Montserrat Caballé (Die Marschallin), Teresa Żylis-Gara (Octavian), Otto Edelmann (Baron Ochs auf Lerchenau), Edith Mathis (Sophie), David Hughes (Valzacchi), John Andrew (A Singer) & John Modenos (Herr von Faninal)

The London Philharmonic Orchestra, John Pritchard

Track list:
CD: 1
Der Rosenkavalier, opera, Op. 59 (TrV 227)
1. Act 1. Einleitung
2. Act 1. Wie du warst! Wie du bost!
3. Act 1. Du bist mein Bub', du bist mein Schatz!
4. Act 1. Der Feldmarschall sitzt im crovatischen Wald
5. Act 1. Quinquin, es ist ein Besuch
6. Act 1. Selbstverständlich empfängt mich Ihro Gnaden
7. Act 1. Hat Sie schon einmal mit einem Kavalier
8. Act 1. Geben mir Euer Gnaden den Grasaff' da
9. Act 1. I komm glei... Drei arme, adelige Waisen
10. Act 1. Di rigori armato il seno
11. Act 1. Als Morgengabe - ganz separat im jedoch
12. Act 1. Mein lieber Hippolyte
13. Act 1. Da geht er hin, der aufgeblas'ne, schlechte Kerl
14. Act 1. Ach! du bist wieder da!
15. Act 1. Die Zeit, die ist ein sonderbar' Ding
16. Act 1. Mein schöner Schatz
17. Act 1. Ich werd' jetzt in die Kirchen geh'n
18. Act 1. Ich hab' ihn nicht einmal geküßt!
CD: 2
1. Act 2. Einleitung
2. Act 2. Ein ernster Tag, ein großer Tag
3. Act 2. In dieser feierlichen Stunde der Prüfung
4. Act 2. Mir ist die Ehre widerfahren
5. Act 2. Ich kenn' Ihn schon recht wohl
6. Act 2. Jetzt aber kommt mein Herr Zukünftiger
7. Act 2. Brav, Faninal, Er weiß, was sich gehört
8. Act 2. Wird kommen über Nacht
9. Act 2. Hab' nichts dawider
10. Act 2. ...was Sie ist. Mit Ihren Augen voll Tränen
11. Act 2. Eh bien, Mamsell, was hat Sie mir zu sagen?
12. Act 2. Mord! Mord! Mein Blut, zu Hilfe!
13. Act 2. Er muß mich pardonieren
14. Act 2. Sie heirat' ihn!
15. Act 2. Da lieg' ich!
16. Act 2. Ohne mich, ohne mich jeder Tag dir so bang
17. Act 2. Herr Kavalier! Den morgigen Abend hätt'i frei
CD: 3
1. Act 3. Einleitung, Pantomime
2. Act 3. Hab'n Euer Gnaden noch weitre Befehle?
3. Act 3. Nein, nein, nein, nein! I trink kein Wein
4. Act 3. Die schöne Musi!
5. Act 3. Wie die Stund' hingeht
6. Act 3. Er ist es! Er ist ein Mann!
7. Act 3. Halt! Keiner rührt sich!
8. Act 3. Zur Stelle! Was wird von mir gewünscht?
9. Act 3. Sind desto eher im Klaren!
10. Act 3. Muß jetzt partout zu ihr!
11. Act 3. Bin von so viel Finesse charmiert
12. Act 3. Luopold wir geh'n!
13. Act 3. Eh bien, hat Sie kein freundlich' Wort für mich?
14. Act 3. Heut' oder Morgen oder
15. Act 3. Marie Theres'! Hab' mir's gelobt
16. Act 3. Ist ein Traum... Spür' nur dich
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Britten - The Turn of the Screw

Britten - The Turn of the Screw
ID: GFO01107
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Subcollection: Opera

Recorded live at Glyndebourne in August 2007.
Includes 2 discs in a 60 page hard-bound book.

Britten’s operas have an interesting history at Glyndebourne beginning with the premiere of The Rape of Lucretia at Glyndebourne (1946) with Kathleen Ferrier as Lucretia.
Glyndebourne also premiered Albert Herring (1947) then 34 years of the Glyndebourne Festival elapsed until another of Britten’s operas, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, was staged in 1981. It took over 50 years to stage The Turn of the Screw, which after a touring production in 2006 transferred to the Festival in 2007, from where this recording is captured.
Every role is beautifully cast through tenor William Burden, as both Prologue and Peter Quint, and Camilla Tilling as the convincing troubled Governess. Anne-Marie Owens is an extremely affable Mrs Grose, her voice endearing and warm.
Joanna Songi is a feisty and resentful Flora; Christopher Sladdin’s boy treble voice is hauntingly beautiful, and Emma Bell is a sure-footed Miss Jessel.
This recording is aided in no small part by conductor Edward Gardner whose intense understanding of the score is made all the more satisfying by the faultless playing of the ensemble from the London Philharmonic Orchestra.
This recording is certain to leave listeners troubled. It would not be the recording it is if it did not do so; the mood dark and chilling while maintaining an element of thrill.
Edward Gardner appears courtesy of Chandos Records Ltd.

William Burden (Prologue/Peter Quint), Camilla Tilling (Governess), Joanna Songi (Flora), Christopher Sladdin (Miles), Anne-Marie Owens (Mrs Grose) & Emma Bell (Miss Jessel)

London Philharmonic Orchestra, Edward Gardner
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Britten - A Midsummer Night's Dream

Britten - A Midsummer Night's Dream
ID: GFO01306
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Subcollection: Opera

Recorded live at Glyndebourne in July and August 2006.
Includes 2 discs in a 65 page hard-bound book.

Glyndebourne staged the premiere of The Rape of Lucretia with Kathleen Ferrier cast as Lucretia and the following year premiered Albert Herring. Thirty four years then elapsed before another of Britten’s operas was staged. In 1981, Glyndebourne presented A Midsummer Night’s Dream. An acclaimed staging by director Peter Hall which has enjoyed 4 revivals since, it has frequently been described by critics, and the press alike, as the ‘perfect realisation of a fairy tale’.
Britten employed disparate musical styles and devices to depict the interaction of the fairy kingdom; the quartet of lovers, the Mechanicals and town tradesmen determined to make it in showbiz. He juxtaposes a wide variety of styles to create the various worlds in the play. Brash trombones clash with Elizabethan flourishes, tormented string sounds and tuned percussion evoke the mood of the dark forests. With the challenging vocal writing a combination of singing, sprechstimme and spoken word cleverly intertwine.
This recording from Glyndebourne’s 2006 Festival, and the most recent revival, is a remarkable production cleverly capturing both the callousness of Oberon’s trickery on Tytania, as well as beautifully conveying the sense of sexual freedom that Bottom experiences when encountering Tytania. The stars in this recording are numerous but without doubt Bejun Mehta’s Oberon is one of the greatest on record. Iride Martinez makes a notable UK debut as Tytania. The lovers’ quartet sing almost all of their scenes as an ensemble, and beautifully at that, with Kate Royal (as Helena) and Jared Holt (as Demetrius) making the most harmonious of couples. Matthew Rose is both a wonderful and beguiling Bottom and is at the very heart of this recording whilst not forgetting the perfect performance from the well drilled Trinity Boys Choir, and show stealer, the 11 year-old Jack Morlen as Puck.

Bejun Mehta (Oberon), Íride Martínez (Tytania), Jack Morlen (Puck), Timothy Robinson (Lysander), Jared Holt (Demetrius), Tove Dahlberg (Hermia), Kate Royal (Helena) & Matthew Rose (Bottom)

London Philharmonic Orchestra & Trinity Boys Choir, Ilan Volkov
20.00 eur Buy

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