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Divine Noise - Theatrical Music for Two Harpsichords - Guillermo Brachetta - Menno van Delft

Divine Noise - Theatrical Music for Two Harpsichords - Guillermo Brachetta - Menno van Delft-Harpsichord-Baroque
ID: RES10145 (EAN: 5060262790496)  | 1 CD | DDD
Ausgefolgt: 2015
Resonus Classics
COUPERIN, François | RAMEAU, Jean-Philippe | ROUX, Gaspard Le
BRACHETTA, Guillermo (harpsichord) | DELFT, Menno Van (harpsichord)
Andere Infos:

Guillermo Brachetta & Menno van Delft (harpsichords)
Following on from the resounding critical success of his first solo album (Ciaccona: Works for harpsichord - RES10126), harpsichordist Guillermo Brachetta returns with Divine Noise, a thrilling album of theatrical works for two harpsichords.

Joined by the renowned Dutch player Menno van Delft - and performed on two incredible French-style instruments by harpsichord builder Titus Crijnen - the duo present a programme of French Baroque works from François Couperin (La Paix du Parnasse), Gaspard Le Roux (Suite in F major) & Jean-Philippe Rameau. The centre-piece of the disc is a new arrangement by Brachetta of twenty movements from Rameau's comic opera masterpiece Platée.

'He and van Delft play as though on one supercharged harpsichord, their ensemble immaculate, the clarity and resonance of their instruments beautifully captured.'
RAMEAU, Jean-Philippe (1683-1764), arr. Brachetta 
Platée (Suite) 
1. I. Ouverture5:34 
2. II. Air Pantomime2:52 
3. III. Contredanse0:50 
4. IV. Rigaudons2:33 
5. V. Passepieds2:24 
6. VI. Soleil, fuis de ces lieux2:10 
7. VII. Tambourins1:45 
8. VIII. Air pour des fous gais2:06 
9. IX. Air pour des fous tristes1:17 
10. X. Aux longueurs d'Apollon4:23 
11. XI. Menuets dans le gout vielle3:30 
12. XII. Airs2:09 
13. XIII. Ritournelle1:18 
14. XIV. Chaconne6:44 
15. XV. Loure3:24 
16. XVI. Entrée1:51 
17. XVII. Musette1:31 
18. XVIII. Passepieds1:26 
19. XIX. Tambourins1:48 
20. XX. Chantez Platée, égayez-vous3:37 
COUPERIN, François (1668-1733) 
La Paix du Parnasse 
21. I. Gravement2:00 
22. II. Vivement1:59 
23. III. Rondement1:50 
24. IV. Vivement2:04 
ROUX, Gaspard Le (1660-1707) 
Suite in F major 
25. I. Prélude1:10 
26. II. Allemande3:01 
27. III. Courante1:35 
28. IV. Chacone4:19 
29. V. Menuet2:12 
30. VI. Passepied0:49 


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