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BARAKA - Gole Sangam - Persian women`s songs

BARAKA - Gole Sangam - Persian women`s songs-Voice and Band-Ethno-Jazz
ID: SKMR128 (EAN: 4620001591541)  | 1 CD | DDD
Publi: 2016
Sketis Music
Voice and Band
Baraka band
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Afghan central asia ethno-jazz persian tajik world baraka folk rock hang drum tabla throat singing traditional ethno world music Russian Federation

Ethno-Jazz project Baraka based in Riga (Latvia) continues its plunge into the mysterious world of oriental art. The new album was inspired by a thousand year old history of lyrical poetry from Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. The main voice of "Gole Sangam" is a true bearer of the Tajik song tradition, a singer named Zarina Tadjibaeva, who's presently residing in Europe. She is assisted by the band permanent soloist Devika Evsikova and one more guest of the art project - performer Iran Raihi who reads verses of modern Iranian poets to the accompaniment of the band. Ancient Persian ghazals and modern Central Asian pop music are intertwined with intricate jazz improvisations and mellifluous notes of lounge into a motley likeness of a Persian carpet. "Gole Sangam" should certainly bridge yet another gap between the East and the West.
1. Gole Sangam (Anushirvan Rohani - Bijan Samandar, arr. Baraka)4:28 
2. Taraneh Sayad (Traditional Persian Song arr. Baraka)5:15 
3. Gar Buse Mikhahi (Baraka - Simin Behbabani)4:54 
4. Dareh Kamarab (Traditional song from Tajikistan arr. Baraka)5:04 
5. Ay Yare Narenji Joonom (Arya Aziminejad arr. Baraka)4:43 
6. Dar Intizori Yoram [Waiting For My Beloved] (Baraka)4:50 
7. Mastom Mastom (Traditional Persian Song arr. Baraka)4:12 
8. Halalash Bad (Baraka - Forough Farokhzad)4:08 
9. Shekare Ahou (Traditional Persian Song, arr. Baraka)7:48 
10. Dareh Kamarab reprise (Traditional Tajik song, arr. Baraka)1:48 
11. Bibi Sanam Jonam (Traditional Afghan song, arr. Baraka)6:32 
12. Gole Goldoone Man (Fereidoon Shahbazian - Farhad Sheybani, arr. Baraka)5:30 
13. Drum solo (Baraka)3:00 
14. Gofti, Goftam (Baraka - Simin Behbabani)4:38 


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