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Tony Palmer's Film About Henry Purcell - England, My England

Tony Palmer's  Film About Henry Purcell - England, My England
CDs: 1
Type: DVD

Actors: Michael Ball, Simon Callow, Vernon Dobtcheff, Corin Redgrave, James Bowman
Directors: Tony Palmer
Writers: John Osborn, Charles Wood
Producers: Simon Flind

Format: Classical, Color, DVD, Subtitled, NTSC
Screen (Picture) Format: 16:9
Language: English
Subtitles: English, Deutsch, Italian, Spanish
Region: All Regions
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Number of discs: 1
Rated: NR (Not Rated)
Studio: Tony Palmer Films
DVD Release Date: September 15, 2009
Run Time: 152 minutes

Tony Palmer directs this prize-winning film about the great English composer Henry Purcell. Very little is known about his life, but the script - by Charles Wood and the late John Osborne - solves this problem by launching a group of actors in the 1960s on a voyage of discovery into the 1660s & late-17th century England, the extraordinary period in which Purcell lived. But it is Purcell’s music which is the driving force of the drama, with a stunning soundtrack conducted by John Eliot Gardiner.
Features an all-star cast with Simon Callow as Charles, Michael Ball as Henry Purcell, Letitia Dean as Barbara, Nina Young as Mrs Purcell, Corin Redgrave as William III, Lucy Speed as Nell, John Shrapnel as Pepys, Robert Stephens as Dryden, Murray Melvin as Shaftesbury, Terence Rigby as Cooke, Peter Woodthorpe as Kiffen, John Fortune as Clarendon, Edward Michie as young Harry and Bill Kenwright as Bill.

Performance Credits
The Monteverdi Choir, English Baroque Soloists - (Films) Participant
Susan Graham - Participant
Stephen Varcoe - Participant
Lynne Dawson - Participant
Nancy Argenta - Participant
James Bowman - Participant
Michael Chance - Participant
Paul Agnew - Participant
Peter Harvey - Participant
Robert Johnston - Participant
Teresa Shaw - Participant
Jennifer Smith - Participant
Michael Ball - Harry Purcell
Simon Callow - Charles II
Joseph David - Actor
Antonia de Sancha - Actor
Letitia Dean - Barbara
Vernon Dobtcheff - Spratt
Simon Flind - Draghi
John Fortune - Clarendon
Rebecca Front - Mary
Constantine Gregory - Wharton
Guy Henry - James
John Hibbs - Blacksmith
James Hicks - Blow
Bill Kenwright - Bill
Murray Melvin - Shaftesbury
Edward Michie - Young Harry
Bernard Padden - Blackwell
Patricia Quinn - Elizabeth Purcell
Corin Redgrave - William
Terence Rigby - Cooke
James Saxon - Vyner
John Shrapnel Pepys
Lucy Speed - Nell
Robert Stephens - Dryden
David Thomas - Gostling
Rebecca Tremain - Catherine
Brook Williams - Priest
Peter Woodthorpe - Kiffen
Nina Young - Frances
John Eliot Gardiner - Conductor

Technical Credits
Tony Palmer Director, Editor
Rob Ayling Executive Producer
Mike Bluett Producer
Alan Cridford Sound/Sound Designer
Simon Flind Executive Producer
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Tony Palmer's Classic Film: Warren Mitchell as Brahms and the Singing Girls

Tony Palmer's Classic Film: Warren Mitchell as Brahms and the Singing Girls
CDs: 1
Type: DVD
Subcollection: Biography Movie

Region Code: NTSC, Plays in all territories
Screen (Picture) Format: 16:9
Color mode: Colour
Digital re-mastering: Isolde Films 2009
Presentation: Wide Screen
Sound: Dolby Digital Stereo
Language: English
Duration: 90 mins

Warren Mitchell as Johannes Brahms
Lori Piitz as Clara

Tony Palmer

Music conducted:
Peter Leonard with NDR Symphony Orchestra and Choir

90 minute film directed by the acclaimed, award-winning director Tony Palmer and starring Warren Mitchell.

Brahms’ first musical experience had been playing an upright piano in the brothels of Hamburg; at the end he lived a bachelor in Vienna

I had long admired Warren Mitchell as an actor. In spite of being crippled to some extent by his most famous creation, Alf Garnett in 'Til Death Us Do Part, brilliant though he was, one always felt instinctively there was an extraordinary actor struggling to get out. And sure enough, when I saw him as Willy Loman in Miller's Death of a Salesman at the National Theatre, I knew (as did everyone else who was lucky enough to see him) that I was in the presence of greatness.

He threw himself into the part of Brahms will enormous gusto. He recognised that this was to be no ‘ordinary' composer portrait, and when the shit hit the fan as the English critics initially rubbished the film, he was its most vigorous advocate, for which I have always been grateful. What had offended more-or-less everyone was the film's affirmation that the familiar image of the stodgy old Brahms was a million miles from the truth. His first musical experience had been playing an upright piano in the brothels of Hamburg where he had grown up, and at the end of his life (in fact for the last 15 years) he had lived a bachelor in Vienna having his every need satisfied by the prostitutes of the city whom he always affectionately described as his ‘little singing girls'. None of this was thought either factually correct or (worse) relevant to his music - which of course is nonsense.

"Palmer at his most ridiculous",was one of the kinder reviews. Of course, the musical establishment was outraged. The Head of Music at the BBC (which of course refused to show the film) was heard to say "the film was disgusting."

Indeed it is, and I am glad it is so because it helped explode the myth of ‘stodgy old (bearded) Brahms' as perpetuated by dreary films such as Song of Love with Robert Walker, or Spring Symphony with Nastassja Kinski, or all those turgid, mawkish documentaries about the supposed ‘love affair' between Clara Schumann and Brahms. I've counted three made by the BBC alone. In spite of some success around the world, this film has still never been shown in Britain.

And, surprise surprise, some years after the film was finished, a new biography of Brahms by Jan Swafford, the American composer and musicologist at Boston Conservatory, was published ‘proving' (if that is the word) that everything I had ventured about Brahms' life turned out to be essentially true.

But this film is not about scoring points; rather it is a celebration of unabashed, life-enhancing, sexually explosive music. Warren Mitchell, who was more-or-less the same age as the Brahms he portrays in the film, rose to the challenge with fire in his belly. He loved all the naked girls, and who would not? Brahms did, and that's what made him the great composer he is.
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Tony Palmer’s Film About The Wagner Family

Tony Palmer’s Film About  The Wagner Family
CDs: 1
Type: DVD

Tony Palmer - Director, Editor
Rob Ayling - Executive Producer
Region: 0 (All Regions)
Rating: E (Exempt from Certification)
Picture Format: NTSC (all)
Language: English
Number of discs: 1
Studio: Tony Palmer Films
DVD Release Date: May 17, 2011
Duration: 106 minutes

New DVD from director Tony Palmer telling the story of the Wagner family.

This brand new DVD from the acclaimed director Tony Palmer tells the controversial story of the Wagner family. It was originally broadcast in September 2009 on ITV1 as one of the final programmes of The South Bank Show and is now being made available in an extended version.
This is a film about a family, a family which has ruled the theatre in Bayreuth in southern Germany for the last 140 years, some say still the greatest theatre in the world. There's no doubt that Richard Wagner who built it was the most influential composer in the whole of the 19th Century. But his family has survived a mixture of lies, deception, fraud and dangerous political alliances. The story of this family is a soap opera that makes Coronation Street look like Noddy-in-Toyland. It’s a family - in many ways the Royal family of Germany - at war with itself.
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Shostakovich - Theatre and Cinema Music

Shostakovich - Theatre and Cinema Music
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Subcollection: Orchestre

1 - 15 Nina Romanova, mezzo-soprano / Leningrad Orchestra of old and modern music - Edward Serov, conductor
16 - 23 St. Petersburg Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra - Vladimir Altschuler, conductor
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Michael Nyman - The Libertine

Michael Nyman - The Libertine
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Subcollection: Film Music

Working alongside director Laurence Dunmore, Nyman has composed the music for his latest film - The Libertine. The film is a version of the celebrated Stephen Jeffreys play and stars Johnny Depp, John Malkovich and Samantha Morton. It tells the story of the 17th century Earl of Rochester (Depp), his friendship with King of England Charles II (Malkovich) and his affair with actress Elizabeth Barry (Morton).

The Earl of Rochester was a legendary rake of the era and the film has been described as "outrageously sexy". He managed to reconcile being a sensitive poet and a pornographer, was simultaneously a republican and friend of King Charles II and was passionately in love with both his wife and mistress. The film captures the sense of new possibilities at the dawn of the age of enlightenment.

Nyman has been fortunate to work with directors who understand that music can add greatly to the overall impact of a film, directors who have allowed the music to have a solid presence in their films rather than simply act as background filler. Director Laurence Dunmore has wanted to work with Michael since he first heard his music in 'A Zed and Two Noughts'. For Nyman, there's a direct link back to his first major soundtrack The Draughtsman's Contract as both films are 17th Century based, visually stunning, comedies of manners. Once again the composer and his long-standing band deliver a stunning score, rich in detail with driving, baroque influenced tunes counter-balanced by a series of haunting, elegiac melodies of the sort that has made Nyman's work familiar to millions.

Composed, conducted and produced by Michael Nyman
Performed by the Michael Nyman Orchestra
Hillary Summers contralto
Capital Voices

Music composed by Michael Nyman
Performed by the Michael Nyman Orchestra
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Britten on Film - Coal Face, Night Mail and other Film Scores

Britten on Film - Coal Face, Night Mail and other Film Scores
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Subcollection: Popular Classical Music Melodies

Coal Face (first recording)
Night Mail (first complete recording)
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Beat Furrer - Begehren

Beat Furrer - Begehren
ID: KAI0012792
CDs: 1
Type: DVD

Region Code: PAL.Region 0, Plays in all territories
Menu screens: English, German
Color mode: Colour
Screen Format: 4:3, 16:9
DVD Format: DVD 5
Duration: 94 mins + Interview 15mim 36 sec
Subtitles: none
Sound Format: Dolby 5.1

Beat Furrer’s opera Begehren was the opening stage production for Graz 2003, with stage design by famous London-based architect Zaha Hadid, and was very well received by national and international press. The opera takes the well-known Orpheus & Euridike theme and transfers it into a contemporary setting.

Libretto according to texts of Ovid, Vergil, Hermann Broch,
Cesare Pavese and Günter Eich.
With the co-operation of Christine Huber and Wolfgang Hofer.

Beat Furrer music director
Reinhild Hoffmann stage direction and choreography
Zaha Hadid, Patrik Schumacher stage design
Anna Eiermann costumes
Reinhard Traub lighting
Thomas Fiedler dramaturgy

Fabien Chas, Annabel Cuny
Corinna D’Angelo, Michaela Isabel Fünfhausen
Ziv Frenkel, Johanna Hegenscheidt Bibiana
Jimenez Przemyslaw Kubicki, Oliver Meyer, Ronaldo Navarro
Lorenz Orth, Marco A. Queiroz, Remo Rostagno
Yoshiko Waki, Elisa Zucchetti
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Tchaikovsky - His Life and Work - 'My Good Genius'

Tchaikovsky - His Life and Work - 'My Good Genius'
CDs: 1
Type: DVD
Subcollection: Biography Movie

This short film (In German and English) is about the relationship between Tchaikovsky and Nadezhda von Meck. She supported the composer financially for many years but they never met. The concert performance is in Tchaikovsky’s House Museum in Klin.

Region Code: PAL, 0, Plays in all territories,
Screen (Picture) 4:3
Sound Format: Dolby Digaital
Time: 40 min.
18.00 eur Buy

Gilbert and Sullivan: A Motley Pair - Directed by Tony Britten

Gilbert and Sullivan: A Motley Pair - Directed by Tony Britten
ID: CAP107
CDs: 2
Type: DVD

Composer Arthur Sullivan (1842-1900) and librettist W. S. Gilbert (1836-1911)
Written and Presented by Sinon Butteriss
Producted and Directed by Tony Britten

Over five 30 minute episodes, produced in 2010 for Sky Arts, internationally renowned G&S performer and authority Simon Butteriss explores the topsy turvy world created by W.S Gilbert and so memorably set to music by Arthur Sullivan, through narration, specially filmed dramatic excerpts and conversations with devotees of G&S.

Contributors to the series include Michael Ball, Germaine Greer, Sir Nicholas Hytner, Dame Felicity Lott, Sir Charles Mackerras, Valerie Masterson and Sir Jonathan Miller. It contains archive extracts from performances at the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival in Buxton as well as over sixty staged extracts performed by well loved G&S stars: Victoria Byron, Bruce Graham, Gareth Jones, Charlotte Page, Jill Pert, Oliver White and, of course, Simon Butteriss himself. They are joined by a specially selected chorus and studio orchestra, conducted by Tony Britten, who also produced and directed the series.

Disc 1: Episode 1: If you want to know who we are
Episode 2: The very models of the modern major musical
Episode 3: Monarchs of all they Savoy
Episode 4: Night after night to the wicked Theayter
Episode 5: Deputy Deities (2h 30min)
Disc 2: Bonus Disc: A Salaried Wit - Grossmith, Gilbert and Sullivan (59 min)

Region Code: NTSC all regions
Screen (Picture) Format: 16:9
DVD Format: DVD 9 and DVD 5
Menu screens: English
Color mode: Colour
Sound Format: AC3 5.1, stereo
Duration: 5 x 30 min, 150 mins
19.00 eur Buy

Touch the Sound - From the Director of River with Tides, A Sound Journey with Evelyn Glennie , A Film by Thomas Riedelsheimer

Touch the Sound - From the Director of River with Tides, A Sound Journey with Evelyn Glennie , A Film by Thomas Riedelsheimer
CDs: 1
Type: DVD

Region Code: PAL.Region 0, Plays in all territories
Menu screens: English
Color mode: Colour
Screen Format: 16.9
DVD Format: DVD 9
Duration: 98 mins
Subtitles: none
Sound Format: AC3 5.1, Dolby Stereo
DDD - 24 bit digital recording

"A mystical exploration of the sensory world as experienced by a renowned musician" (San Jose Mercury News), Touch the Sound passionately and delightfully shatters the way we think about sound. Gracefully guided by Grammy Award-winning percussionist Evelyn Glennie, who also happens to be deaf, this groundbreaking film opens the door to a world where sight, sound and touch magically converge to elevate our everyday sensory experiences.
21.00 eur Temporarily out of stock

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