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THE ‘SVETILEN’ - Ensemble of Folklore Spiritual Music - My Soul, Rise Up

THE ‘SVETILEN’ - Ensemble of Folklore Spiritual Music - My Soul, Rise Up-Choral-Russe musique spirituel
ID: VOL.33.0 (EAN: 4603377001593)  | 1 CD | ADD
Publi: 2001
Production Centre Igor Matvienko
Russe musique spirituel
THE ‘SVETILEN’ Ensemble of Folk and Religious Music
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1 CD, colour booklet, 16 pages
1. 'My soul, O my soul, rise up! Why art thou sleeping?'4:06 
Penitential spiritual verse. Soloist: Ye.Safronova 
2. A parable Folklore spiritual verse3:46 
3. 'The soul, like a white swan, will fly away…'4:52 
Penitential spiritual verse. Soloist: D.Garkavi 
4. 'O Gladsome Light…' From Vespers2:31 
5. 'By the waters of Babylon…' Spiritual verse. Soloists: L.Shagalova, D.Garkavi3:24 
6. 'Like Peter, I am drowning in the sea' Spiritual verse2:52 
7. 'From the East to the West…' Spiritual verse. Soloist: D.Garkavi4:30 
8. 'Mellow chimes throughout Holy Russia…' Hymn to the Resurrection of Christ1:44 
9. 'O white-winged doves…' Hymn at the parting of the soul from the body2:18 
10. 'Woe is me, a sinner…' Penitential song of the lyre-players5:27 
11. Psalm 1031:45 
12. 'Rejoice, Peter'1:47 
13. 'Triumph, O Patriarchs!' Spiritual verse to the Entrance into the Temple of the Holy3:56 
Virgin. Text of the 17th c 
14. 'Christ is born: give ye glory' Irmos of Canticle 1 of the Canon0:52 
15. 'Heaven and Earth' Glorification of Christ2:15 
16. 'The Land of Russia' Orthodox patriotic hymn2:41 
17. 'My soul cried out…' Funeral spiritual verse. Soloist: L.Shagalova3:59 


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