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Russian Easter -Choir of the Trinity-St. Sergius

Russian Easter -Choir of the Trinity-St. Sergius -Choir-Russische geistliche Musik
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Ausgefolgt: 2012
Russische geistliche Musik
Choir of the Moscow Theological Academy
Andere Infos:

The name Archimandrite Matfei belongs among the most prominent figures of the Russian Sacred Music tradition. A composer, arranger and professor of the Moscow Ecclesiastical Academy and a member of the Synodal Commission of the Russian Orthodox Church for divine services, for 30 years he headed the choir of the Trinity Lavra of St Sergius that was a centre for religious culture in Russia.
1. The Laura's Bell-Ringing and Procession0:42 
2. The Easter Beginning (Moscow time)5:30 
3. The Easter Canon (Moscow tune of the Kiev chant)4:26 
4. The Collect-Hymn of Easter (Tune of the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius2:30 
5. The Ikos of Easter (Valaam tune)2:30 
6. The Angel Cried "Shine, Shine" (A. Makarov)2:06 
7. The Exapostilarion of Easter (Greek chant)2:03 
8. The Canticles of Easter (Tune of the Zosima hermitary)5:14 
9. Chris is Risen (A. Kastalsky)1:57 
10. Come, O Ye People, Let Us Worship the Godhead2:59 
11. The Great Litany3:29 
12. Dogmatik, the 7th tone (Znamenny chant)2:00 
13. The Great Gradual: What God Is So Great As Our God2:27 
14. The Stanza for the Assumption of the Most Holy Birth-Given of God2:18 
15. Lord, Now Lettest Thou (Demestvenny chant)3:09 
16. Praise Ye The Name of the Lord3:07 
17. The Exaltation of Pentecost (Znamenny chant)1:51 
18. The Assembly of the Angels (Znamenny chant)8:34 
19. In That We Have Beheld the Ressurection of Christ (Kiev chant)2:57 
20. Chosen by the Lord of Hosts (Hieromonk Nafanail)1:48 
21. A Prayer to St Sergius (S. Zubachevsky)5:41 
22. An Exaltation to St Sergius (Putevoi chant)1:48 
23. The Lord is My Light (A. Nikolsky)4:41 
24. Many Years (Tune of the St. Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod)2:32 


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