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M. Lysenko - Taras Bulba (Highlights)

M. Lysenko - Taras Bulba (Highlights)-Choir and Orchestra-Opera & Vocal Collection
ID: MELCD1001800 (EAN: 4600317118007)  | 1 CD | ADD
Ausgefolgt: 2010
Opera & Vocal Collection
Choir and Orchestra
Choir and orchestra of the Taras Shevchenko | National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet of Ukraine
SIMEONOV, Konstantin
Andere Infos:

Nikolay Lysenko was the founder of the Ukrainian national composer school and his works combine the traditions of the Ukrainian folk theatre and the Russian classics. The premiere of Taras Bulba, a deeply national work, took place on 4th October 1924. This recording of highlights was made in 1972 and was conducted by Konstantin Simeonov , an outstanding Soviet conductor.

Fragments from the opera Taras Bulba in the Ukrainian language.
Libretto by Mykhailo Starytsky.
Literature edition by N. Rylsky.
LYSENKO, Mykola (1842-1912) 
Taras Bulba 
1. Overture4:34 
Act I. 
2. Scene and Song of Kobzar4:48 
3. Scene and Aria of Taras2:48 
4. Arioso of Andriy, Scene and Duet of Andriy and Ostap3:35 
Act II. 
5. Recitative and Aria of Nastya7:59 
6. Praising Choir Glory1:40 
7. Scene and Songs of Taras3:56 
8. Kazatchok Dance1:41 
9. Arioso of Ostap1:36 
10. Scene of Nastya Lamentation, Finale4:38 
Act III. 
11. Introduction and Choir of Zaporozhian Kossaks2:55 
12. Recitative and Aria of Andriy, Andriy and Ostap Duet4:25 
13. Scene with Stafette, Finale5:57 
Act IV. 
14. Introduction, Recitative, and Aria of Andriy6:35 
15. Aria of Maryltsya with Choir5:21 
Act V. 
16. Aria of Taras1:49 
17. Scene of Battle and Death of Andriy2:28 
18. Aria of Ostap3:26 
19. Scene of Dubno Assault and Opera Grand Finale2:51 
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