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Raga Khan - Ustad Nishat Khan

Raga Khan - Ustad Nishat Khan-New Music-World Music
ID: ARNR1997 (EAN: 657711199723)  | 1 CD | DDD
Publi: 1998
World Music
New Music
KHAN, Ustad Nishat
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World Music, India, Ustad Nishat Khan

Classical Music from Northern India: Ustad Nishat Khan, India's finest among the new generation of sitar players, evokes the very essence and magical spirit of the mythical Mogul court in a unique recording of Raags from the Khan family lineage, a family whose musical tradition has been handed down from father to son for centuries in their native Calcutta.
This recording features internationally acclaimed tabla player Sarvar Sabri and also includes a breathtaking new composition by Ustad Nishat Khan.

It's an ethereal experience to hear this recording for the first time, the latest delight from international sitar star Nishat Khan.
He is an artist who never ceases to surprise and strike awe with his entrepreneurial and individualistic flair; a man who creates new genres that take this beautiful, intricate and ancient instrument to ever more sublime and unimaginable highs. Superlatives cannot describe Nishat's unsurpassed skill; the sitar's very vibe and every essence are his flesh and blood.
Indeed, the instrument's woven history is wrapped around the story of his own family, for Nishat comes from an unbroken dynasty of celebrated classical Indian musicians that trace their origins to the court of India's greatest of rulers: the sixteenth century Mogul Emperor Akbar.

Nishat's musical training came from his father Ustad Imrat Khan. Both his father and his uncle Ustad Vilayat Khan were great sources of inspiration that helped him master his ancestors' style and mould his own distinctive and unique technique.
1. Raga Gaoti8:51 
2. Raga Bageshiri28:44 
3. Raga Jogia5:27 

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