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Pachelbel Vespers - The King's Singers - Charivari Agréable

Pachelbel Vespers - The King's Singers - Charivari Agréable-Choir-Vocal Collection
ID: SIGCD198 (EAN: 635212019825)  | 1 CD | DDD
Ausgefolgt: 2010
Signum Records
Vocal Collection
KERLL, Johann Caspar | KRIEGER, Johann | PACHELBEL, Johann
Charivari Agréable | The King's Singers
NG, Kah-Ming
Andere Infos:

The music contained in this CD represents a selection of Vespers movements written by the organist Johann Pachelbel. They have in common the distinctively sonorous scoring of four or five-part choir, accompanied by a six-part string orchestra to which is added, at the composer’s express request, a bassoon.
‘Charivari Agréable is one of the most versatile Early Music groups around at the moment; under its benign director, Kah-Ming Ng, it appears to be infinitely adaptable, finding musicians who can fit into any of its many and varied programmes’ International Record Review. They represent ‘a new and very exciting phase of the early music revival, one that enriches the existing repertory and can bring us ever closer to the spirit of the original music’ Gramophone.
Described by The Times as a group that has “stayed in character over four decades, yet retuned itself to the times” and by Gramophone as “enchanting the ear from first to last note” The King’s Singers are truly remarkable. They continue to be one of the most sought-after and critically acclaimed vocal ensembles in the world, performing a rich and varied repertoire from Gesualdo to György Ligeti and Michael Bublé. Internationally recognised for their work in the classical field, they retain the sparkle that delights so many fans when they perform much loved numbers from the lighter end of the repertoire. Whatever the music The King’s Singers are instantly recognisable for their spot-on intonation, their impeccable vocal blend, the flawless articulation of the text and incisive timing.
PACHELBEL, Johann (1653-1706) 
Ingressus in C minor [originally in D minor] P92 
1. Sonata0:57 
2. Deus in adiutorium1:37 
3. Gloria patri2:12 
4. Sicut erat3:02 
Magnificat in C major [orig. E-flat major] P250 
5. Sonata1:04 
6. Magnifica0:52 
7. Et exultavit1:46 
8. Quia respexit1:34 
9. Et misericordia2:33 
10. Fecit potentiam2:51 
11. Suscepit Israel1:59 
12. Gloria4:14 
13. Sicut erat2:53 
KRIEGER, Johann (1652-1735) 
Sonata a 5 in A minor 
14. Allegro3:19 
15. Adagio0:54 
16. Allegro0:59 
17. Presto0:44 
18. Adagi0:04 
PACHELBEL, Johann (1653-1706) 
Ingressus in E minor [G minor] P96 
19. Sonata1:06 
20. Deus in adiutorium1:17 
21. Domine ad adiuvandum1:14 
22. Gloria1:45 
23. Gloria Patri, Sicut erat3:47 
Ingressus in G major [A major] P97 
24. Sonata1:50 
25. Gloria Patri1:22 
26. Sicut erat3:15 
Ingressus in G minor [A minor] P98 
27. Sonata1:50 
28. Deus in adiutorium1:24 
29. Gloria1:22 
30. Sicut erat0:49 
31. Et in secula seculorum3:21 
KERLL, Johann Caspar (1627-1693) 
Sonata a 5 in G minor 
32. Allegro1:06 
33. [Vivace]0:36 
34. [Andante]1:02 
35. Allegro1:17 
PACHELBEL, Johann (1653-1706) 
Magnificat in F major [G major] P253 
36. Magnificat2:36 
37. Deposuit0:50 
38. Sicut locutus est0:52 
39. Sicut erat, Amen1:53 
Ingressus in B-flat major [C major] P88 
40. Deus in adjutorium1:21 
41. Sicut erat1:58 


“… joined together [The King’s Singers] bond into a bright rainbow of colours - just right for the music’s sunny demeanour.”
The Sunday Times
“For those who know Pachelbel only through the Canon, this disc will be revelatory … Each piece is beautifully served by the ensemble.”
The Sunday Times
Classic FM Magazine Disc of the Month, May 2010
Classical Music Magazine Recording of the Fortnight, April 2010


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