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Vox In Rama - Il Secondo libro de motetti - Giaches de Vert - Collegium Regale, Stephen Cleobury

Vox In Rama - Il Secondo libro de motetti - Giaches de Vert - Collegium Regale, Stephen Cleobury -Choir-Choral Collection
ID: SIGCD131 (EAN: 635212013120)  | 1 CD | DDD
Ausgefolgt: 2008
Signum Records
Choral Collection
WERT, Giaches de
Collegium Regale
Andere Infos:

The Flemish-born Giaches de Wert was one of many foreigners to dominate the Italian music scene in the mid to late sixteenth century, therefore to this day his music is largely unknown to many. It is the second of three books of Motets which appears on this disc, written when his skill as a madrigalist had reached its height.

As part of the Kings College Choir, the choral scholars of Collegium Regale perform independently of the choir, singing a repertoire that encompasses 15th Century sacred music, jazz, folksongs and pop. Directed by Kings College’s and the BBC Singer’s renowned director Stephen Cleobury.
WERT, Giaches de (1535-1596) 
Il Secondo libro de motetti (1581) 
1. O crux ave spes unica3:35
2. Providebam Dominum (Acts 2:25-28)6:58
3. Hoc es praeceptum meum (John 15:12-15)8:01
4. Benedicta sit sancta Trinitas (Introit for Trinity Sunday)1:57
5. Hora est iam nos (Romans 13:11-14)8:31
6. Hoc enim sentite in vobis (Philippians 2:5-11)7:15
7. Gaudete in Domino (Philippians 4:4)1:42
8. Obsecro vos fratres (Romans 12:1-2)7:47
9. Jerusalem, Jerusalem (Luke 13:34-35)5:14
10. Angelus Domini astitit (Acts 12:7)3:51
11. Amen, amen dico vobis (John 16:20-21)5:58
12. Domine, tu es qui fecisti (Acts 4:24-26)5:25
13. Vox in Rama (Matthew 2:18 from Jeremiah 31:15)4:42


“If anything points to Flemish-born Giaches de Wert's undersung influence on the great Monteverdi it is the title track of this exquisite new release by that sublime subset of Stephen Cleobury's Kings College Cambridge Chapel Choir, Collegium Regale.”
***** thescottsman.com


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