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ID: GD329 (EAN: 3800121303298)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2007
Gega New
ANGELOV, Ludmil (piano)
Other info:

Ludmil Angelov has always surprised the listener with the interesting programs he chooses to record. He has already recorded three programs on the Gega New label: Chopin’s complete rondos and variations (GD 135), works by Richard Strauss (GD 196) and together with the violinist Vesko Eschkenazy - works by Prokofiev, Shostakovich and Shchedrin (GD 269). Two of the releases received international awards. The CD with rondos and variations of Chopin won the Grand Prix du Disque Chopin of the 5th International Frédéric Chopin Competition in Warszaw, 2000, and the CD with Ludmil Amgelov and Vesko Eschkenazy performing received the Golden Muse award in 2003 by the Russian Cultural and Information Centre in Sofia. The present release is also expected to create great interest among music lovers, as Enrique Granados is one of the most distinguished Spanish composers. He began composing the Dances in 1883, but they took the completed form in which we know them today in 1900. According to the latest research of the composer’s works, the titles of only two of the pieces (No. 4 and No. 7) were given by the composer, and the rest were named by the publisher. The last two pieces - Moresque and Canción árabe, were published in 1890 and both have an oriental atmosphere about them.
It is not by chance that Ludmil Angelov has selected to record these works. He resides in Spain, where he has founded and is currently an artistic director of the International Music Festival in Toledo. The pianist began his artistic career in Bulgaria and he has also given concerts throughout Europe, the USA, South America, Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan. He has been performing under the baton of conductors such as L. Foster, J. DePriest, J.-B. Pommier, M. Andreae, G. Pehlivanian, F. Glushchenko, J. Pons, P. Halffter, E. Garcia Asensio, M. Boni, R. Raichev, M. Angelov, E. Tabakov, V. Ghiaurov, R. Milanov, etc. Ludmil Angelov has been awarded with prizes at international competitions, including Senigallia (Italy, 1976), Frédéric Chopin (Poland, 1985), Palm Beach International Competition (USA, 1990), Piano Masters (Monte Carlo, 1994) and World Piano Masters Tour (France, 1997). He has had successful recitals at the La Roque d’Anthéron International Piano Festival and the International Chopin Festival in Warsaw. In 2002 Ludmil Angelov made his debut at the Newport Festival in the U.S.A. and in 2005 his debut at “Rarities of Piano Music” Festival in Husum, Germany. The pianist has also recorded for RСА, France Classique, Pentatone and Danacord. His performances have been broadcast by radio and TV stations in Bulgaria, France, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Argentina and Korea.
GRANADOS Y CAMPINA, Enrique (1867-1916) 
Doce Danzas Españolas 
1. Danza No. 1 in G major ("Galante")3:03
2. Danza No.2 in C minor ("Oriental")5:05
3. Danza No.3 in D major ("Fandango")4:04
4. Danza No.4 "Villanesca", in G major6:06
5. Danza No. 5 in E minor ("Andaluza")4:16
6. Danza No. 6 in D major ("Rondalla aragonesa")3:03
7. Danza No. 7 "Valenciana", in G major4:04
8. Danza No. 8 in C major ("Sardana")3:03
9. Danza No. 9 in B blat major ("Romántica")4:04
10. Danza No. 10 in G major ("Melancólica")5:05
11. Danza No. 11 in G minor ("Arabesca")7:07
12. Danza No. 12 in A minor ("Bolero")5:05


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