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A. Scriabin - Mazurkas Op. 3 and Op. 25 - Samuel Feinberg (piano)

A. Scriabin - Mazurkas Op. 3 and Op. 25 - Samuel Feinberg (piano)
ID: MELCD1002192
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Mazurkas
Subcollection: Piano

Firma Melodiya presents an album of mazurkas composed by Alexander Scriabin and performed by Samuil Feinberg.

Samuil Feinberg’s artistic career was a remarkable phenomenon of 20th century domestic music life. A pianist, distinctive composer and educator who created his own performing school, he showed his worth in each of these roles, being notable for the integrity of his personality and creative aspirations. In 1911, when he was about to graduate from the Moscow Conservatory, he struck the examination board with the scope of his repertoire and depth of his interpretations. Samuil Feinberg made his last recordings not long before his death in the early 1960s.

The musician’s performing interests were truly grandiose, but as a composer and performer, Feinberg was close to Scriabin and to the feel of his music. When the author of 'The Poem of Ecstasy' heard young Feinberg play, he fully appreciated his pianistic art.

The pianist’s peculiar techniques of phonation noted by his contemporaries - “the way he moves his fingers, never striking, as if fondling the keys, a transparent and at times velvety tone of his instrument, contrasting sounds, finesse of his rhythmic patterns” - were to a degree an extension of Scriabin’s tradition. Samuil Feinberg’s repertoire included all piano sonatas and most of the small scale compositions by Scriabin.

These recordings of nineteen mazurkas, Op.3 and Op.25, from Scriabin’s early period were made in the 1950s.

Ten Mazurkas, Op. 3
Nine Mazurkas, Op. 25
Samuel Feinberg (piano)
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F.F. Chopin - Complete Mazurkas Nos. 1 - 51. Yakov Flier (piano)

F.F. Chopin - Complete Mazurkas Nos. 1 - 51. Yakov Flier (piano)
ID: MELCD1002093
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Collection: Mazurkas
Subcollection: Piano

Firma Melodiya presents a complete set of recordings of Frédéric Chopin's mazurkas performed by Yakov Flier.

Chopin's mazurkas are an inexhaustible wealth of images and moods, which is attractive for both a not that knowledgeable lover of music and a sophisticated connoisseur. Images of a distant and dear homeland, lyrical contemplation, a gross folk dance, poetic sketches, the rustle of ballroom gowns and the rattle of spurs - Chopin put his whole soul, inspired fantasy and artistic skills into these miniatures, many of which are as deep and serious as his sonatas and ballads. A lot of pianists included Chopin's mazurkas in their repertoire, but only few of them had the courage to play them all.

Yakov Flier was one of the most prominent representatives of the Soviet pianistic school and a successor of the Russian Chopinists' tradition. A performer and professor who educated a whole galaxy of bright students, Flier combined romantic spirituality with classical commensurateness, virtuosic freedom with a genuine artistic prowess. Chopin's mazurkas became Yakov Flier's last recording, his swan song where the artist achieve a new degree of musical depth, bright figurativeness and fine realization of "chamber' romantic pianism.
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