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ID: GD191 (EAN: 3800121301911)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 1996
Gega New
Folk Music
ALEKSOVA, Radka | CHARAKCHIEVA, Ruzhka (piano) | DYAKOVSKI, Lyubomir (tenor) | GEORGIEVA, Ginka (voice) | IBRAHIMOVA, Yildiz | KAUFMANN, Maria (flute) | RUPKINA, Yanka | SIMEONOVA, Evgenia (piano) | VULCHEVA, Kalinka | ZDRAVKOVA, Siika (voice)
Alteratsia Mixed Choir | Bulgarian National Radio Folk Choir | Polyphonia Ladies' Choir | Thracian Folk Ensemble
DIMITROV, Ivelin | GEROVA, Lyudmila | HRISTOVA, Dora | ILIEVA, Iliana | KYURKCHIISKI, Krassimir | MARKUSHEVA, Maria | SHTIGLICH, Irina | TODOROV, Kiril | VULEV, Ivan
Other info:

Nikolai Kaufmann is not only among the most adept Bulgarian musical scholars, a folklorist who has dedicated his life to the preservation, classification, tracing down and popularising the enormous national legacy, but also a composer who has created hundreds of songs - choral, solo, folk-song arrangements, as well as chamber-instrumental works. The CD presents Kaufmann's multi-faced talent with a varied selection of his works. Together with the Three dances (for piano) from "Anthology of Bulgarian Rhythms" and the Dilmano, Dilbero Variations for Piano, one can also hear two pieces for flute and piano, all of them based on Bulgarian metres and rhythms. The release also includes Kaufmann's arrangements of Sephardic and Ashkenazi songs from the Balkans, masterfully re-created by the author as splendid pieces. Folk-music lovers will relish the folk songs from different regions in Bulgaria.

Performing artists: Radka Aleksova, Yanka Rupkina, Kalinka Vulcheva, Maria Kaufmann (flute), Evgenia Simeonova (piano), Lyubomir Dyakovski, Yildiz Ibrahimova, Siika Zdravkova, Ginka Georgieva, Ruzhka Charakchieva (piano)
Bulgarian National Radio Folk Choir, Severnyashki Folk Ensemble - Pleven, Polyphonia Ladies' Choir, Vassil Arnaudov Ladies' Choir, Alteratsia Mixed Choir, Thracian Folk Ensemble - Yambol
Conductors: Lyudmila Gerova, Dora Hristova, Krassimir Kyurkchiiski, Ivan Vulev, Ivelin Dimitrov, Irina Shtiglich, Maria Markusheva, Kiril Todorov, Iliana Ilieva
1. Bezrodna nevesta (The Barren Bride) - Dupnitsa region (Western Bulgaria)3:01
2. Ne razlivai taz voda (Don't Spill that Water) - Thracian region (Southern Bulgaria)1:42
3. Jo, igra oro (Jo, You Danced the Horo) - Vidin region (North-western Bulgaria)1:46
4. Horoto tropom tropkashe ( Stomping the Horo) - Bulgarian song from Besarabia2:39
5. Shepherds' tunes from the Sofia region5:34
6. Zaro, mome Zaro (Zara the Maiden) - Pirin region (South-western Bulgaria)3:17
7. Sefaradska oplakvatelna pesen (15th century Sephardic Lament)5:24
8. Sefaradska vokaliza (Sephardic singing)2:18
9. En Este Mundo - Sephardic song from the Balkans4:04
10. Song without words -Freilehs (Ashkenazi song)1:57
11. Noches, Noches - Sephardic song from the Balkans6:18
12. Ashkenazka vokaliza (Ashkenazi singing)3:49
13. A Buno, Buno - Sephardic love song from the Balkans5:03
14. Three dances from Anthology of Bulgarian Rhythms3:45
a.7/16 & 5/16; b.9/8 & 9/16; c.11/16 & 7/16 
15. Zaspalo e chelebiiche (The Young Master is Asleep) - Rhodope Mountains2:36
16. Tsurni Tseko (Black Tseko) - North-western Bulgaria2:08
17. Folk dance in 8/16 time - Sofia region4:31
18. Three songs from the Rhodope Mountains.5:12
19. Dilmano, Dilbero - Variations for piano in the Bulgarian folk style from the Shopluka region3:02
20. Gyul, gyul mome, pod byal gyul zaspala (Gyul, Gyul, the maiden asleep under the white rose) - Kyustendil region (Central-western Bulgaria)3:15


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