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Druva - Osimirag

Druva - Osimirag-Ethno-World Music
ID: SKMR045 (EAN: 4606085004825)  | 1 CD | DDD
Publi: 2007
Sketis Music
World Music
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Folk, Belarus
OSIMIRA - The ethno-show from Belarus, already well-known in Europe for their unusual views on archaic music. They succeeded to unite mysterious Kryvia (Belarus) ancient folk tunes with modern rhythms and new instruments sound.

There always is the atmosphere of cheerful pagan holidays and simultaneously of dense Baltic woods on their performances. Musicians being on a stage take each sound to heart and start to sound themselves. Everywhere, where they perform, public burns with a fire of primitive emotions and energy. Warsaw, Budapest, Moscow, Bratislava, Tallinn, Riga, Minsk … This is not the full list of places where people always impatiently wait for OSIMIRA.
1. Kankli dy dudka3:08 
2. Kupalk1:40 
3. Zhytsie2:52 
4. Chuta rut1:30 
5. Strala2:46 
6. Kusta1:35 
7. Yaryeu kon2:37 
8. Vayary3:49 
9. Pcholiki2:16 
10. Pasokha2:53 
11. Oy ty sieliazion3:08 
12. Liola1:26 
13. Patsukova Duda3:05 
14. Dziady2:34 
15. Oy staits yavar, tonki wysaki3:45 
16. bonus: Noch kola2:06 
17. bonus: Poklich dreva2:37 


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