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Elisabeth Lutyens - Choral and Chamber Works

Elisabeth Lutyens - Choral and Chamber Works-String instruments-Chamber Music
ID: NMCD124 (EAN: 5023363012423)  | 1 CD | DDD
Chamber Music
String instruments
LUTYENS, Elisabeth
KEEN, Helen (flute) | MAXWELL, Melinda (oboe) | O'NEILL, Robin (bassoon) | WIEL, Mark van de (clarinet)
Endymion | EXAUDI
Chef d'orchestre:
WEEKS, James
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A tribute to this radical and influential composer in the centenary of her birth, this CD presents a selection of Lutyens' varied and inspirational choral works - including the Motet setting of excerpts of Wittgenstein's Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, and the Chaucer setting The Country of the Stars - with a series of instrumental pieces includng the fearsomely difficult String Trio and the lyrical Presages for solo oboe.

1-9 - Melinda Maxwell, oboe
10, 20, 21, 31 - EXAUDI - James Weeks, director
11-19, 29, 30 - Endymion: Helen Keen, flute/ Mark van de Wiel, clarinet/ Robin O'Neill, bassoon
LUTYENS, Elisabeth (1906-1984) 
1. Presages for solo oboe, Op 53 (1963): Recitativo: Lento1:40 
2. Presages: Variation I: Allegro0:59 
3. Presages: Variation II: Moderato1:05 
4. Presages: Variation III: Allegro0:54 
5. Presages: Variation IV: Adagio1:39 
6. Presages: Variation V0:56 
7. Presages: Variation VI: Allegro0:47 
8. Presages: Variation VII: Liberamente1:14 
9. Presages: Coda1:21 
10. Motet (Excerpta Tractati Logico-Philosophici), Op 27 (1953)9:46 
11. Wind Trio for flute, clarinet and bassoon, Op 52 (1963): Improvisation I: Moderato1:14 
12. Wind Trio: Interlude I: Andante0:41 
13. Wind Trio: Improvisation II: Allegro1:22 
14. Wind Trio: Interlude II: Lento0:36 
15. Wind Trio: Improvisation III: Molto Allegro1:47 
16. Wind Trio: Interlude III: Adagio0:45 
17. Wind Trio: Improvisation IV: Commodo1:14 
18. Wind Trio: Interlude IV: Moderato0:34 
19. Wind Trio: Improvisation V: Alla breve1:39 
20. Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (1965): Magnificat5:01 
21. Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (1965): Nunc dimittis2:40 
22. String Trio, Op 57 (1964): I Molto moderato - Poco allegro - Meno mosso3:13 
23. String Trio: II Lento1:37 
24. String Trio: III Poco presto1:56 
25. String Trio IV: Allegretto1:21 
26. String Trio V: Recitativo: Lento - Intro.: L'istesso tempo - Molto allegro -4:17 
27. Verses of Love (1970)6:07 
28. Fantasie Trio for flute, clarinet and piano , Op 55 (1963): I4:15 
29. Fantasie Trio: II4:01 
30. Fantasie Trio: III3:34 
31. The Country of the Stars (1963)8:23 


Not as tuneful as Mozart, true; nor as resonant as Shostakovich. Yet the neglected music of Elisabeth Lutyens (born 1906) fully deserves celebrating. In her hands serial composition never produced cold fish: take the plangent Présages for solo oboe (Melinda Maxwell, very powerful), or the gravely beautiful Wittgenstein Motet, lyrically dispatched by the choir Exaudi. The String Trio is the knottiest piece, but in all they play Endymion make every texture sing.

"The centenary of Elisabeth Lutyens's birth this year has been passing almost unnoticed, just as her stature in British music went unappreciated for much of her composing career. This mixture of a cappella choral and instrumental works from the 1950s and 1960s is a timely and beautifully performed tribute."
The Guardian 2006


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