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Christus Natus Est - An Early English Christmas

Christus Natus Est - An Early English Christmas-Choir
ID: COR16027 (EAN: 828021602726)  | 1 CD | DDD
Publi: 2004
The Sixteen
Chef d'orchestre:
Pour plus amples dtails:
1. Verbum caro (chant)3:57 
2. Salutation Carol2:09 
3. Nowell sing we, both all and some2:31 
4. Gaudete1:22 
5. Hail Mary full of grace5:18 
6. Gloria in excelsis3:50 
7. There is no rose4:02 
8. Nowell, nowell: Out of your sleep2:03 
9. Remember O thou man3:24 
10. Quid petis, O fili?8:25 
11. Sweet was the song2:07 
12. Lullaby my sweet little babe6:28 
13. Ave rex angelorum2:07 
14. Drive the cold winter away2:04 
15. Nowell, nowell: The boars head3:33 
16. The old year now has passed away1:44 
17. Angelus ad virginem2:41 
18. Nowell, nowell: Dieu vous garde3:50 
19. Make we joy2:34 
20. Verbum caro6:52 


An Early English Christmas - A Medley of Carols ranging from the demure to the rustic. A simple expression of joy and wonder.

A medley of carols ranging from the demure to the rustic; a simple expression of joy and wonder. Some have an element of dance in them, including some of the ‘Devil’s best tunes given back to God’ in the form of carols. A collection of appropriate medieval instruments, including fiddles, harps, lutes and drums, accompanies the singers.
“A sublime Gloria by Sheppard ... and, finest of all, Byrd’s Lullaby in a masterly performance.” Gramophone


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