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Hosanna in Exelis - Sofia Boy`s Choir

Hosanna in Exelis - Sofia Boy`s Choir-Choir-Choral Collection
ID: GD188  | 1 CD | DDD  | Total time: 47:16
Released in: 1998
Gega New
Choral Collection
BORTNIANSKY, Dmitri Stepanovich | DINEV, Peter | HRISTOV, Dobri
Sofia Boys' Choir
Other info:

The Sofia Boys' Choir is one of the most prestigious Bulgarian choirs of its kind, winner of many awards at international and national competitions. Under the guidance of the talented Adriana Blagoeva, during the past few years the choir has widened the range of its repertoire by including masterpieces of sacred music - both Catholic and Orthodox.
In their present release the Sofia Boys' Choir perform liturgic chants by Bulgarian and Russian composers. Of particular interest for the fans of religious music are the monodic chants - by authors or anonymous, such as Svyatii Boje or Slava Otsu (an old composition by the famous singer and composer John Koukouzeles). The performances are distinguished by the unique beauty of sounds of the boys' voices led by the conductor with great skill. Each song features not only the professionalism of the great choirs, but also precision of dynamics, accents and gradation, typical of religious singing. The singers and their musicality, the perfectly performed tunes, the crystal sounds, as well as the characteristic reverberation of the recordings that recreates the atmosphere in the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral leave a deep impression.

Interprets: Blagoeva, Sofia Boy`s Choir
Blagoeva, Adriana - conductor and producer
21 - soloist: Petrova, Petya - mezzosoprano
24 - soloist: Markov, Stefan - bass
1. Voskresenya Den - mus. Neofit Rilski2:36 
2. Slava Otsu - mus. Yoan Kukuzel1:35 
3. Dostoino Est - mus. P. Efeski2:41
4. Vozlyublyu, Tya, Gospodi - anonym0:57 
5. Voskresenie Tvoe - anonym1:05 
6. Svyatii Boje - anonym2:05 
Bortnyansky, Dmitry Stepanovich (1751-1825) 
7. Da Ispravitsya Molitva Moya1:12
8. Angel Vopiashe - mus. V. Makarov1:31 
9. Tebe Poem - mus. G. Lomakin1:41 
10. Heruvimska Pesen - mus. G. Lomakin 2:44 
11. Otche Nash - mus. N. Kedrov2:40 
12. Edin Svyat - mus. V. Orlov0:51 
13. Razboinika Blagorazumnago - mus. Vorotnikov2:03 
Bortnyansky, Dmitry Stepanovich (1751-1825) 
14. Sei Narechenii I Svyatii den2:53
Dinev Peter (1889-1980) 
15. Dostoino Est3:28 
16. Vo Tsarstvii Tvoem1:32 
17. Hristos Voskrese1:03 
18. Svyatii Boje1:38
19. Hvalite Gospoda S Nebes1:22 
Hristov, Dobri (1875-1941) 
20. Tebe Poem2:10 
21. Vo Tsarstvii Tvoem1:45 
22. Elitsi Vo Hrista2:20 
23. Heruvimska Pesen3:18 
Bortnyansky, Dmitry Stepanovich (1751-1825) 
24. Mnogya Leta2:23


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