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ID: GD343 (EAN: 3800121303434)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2010
Gega New
Folk Music
Svoge Group
Other info:

Performers: Svidnya Troika: Vaska Ilkova (77), Ivanka Dinkova (79), Filatka Sokolova (68) Svoge Group: Tsvetanka Panchova (78), Elitsa Simeonova (72), Slavka Angelova (64), Vena Yordanova (65), Tsenka Krasteva (81), Evdokia Velkova (72), Nadejda Nikolova (68), Temenuzhka Kirova (39), Paraskeva Marinkova (64)

Art Manager - Snejanka BORISSOVA

Svoge and Svidnya are located on the northern border of the polyphonic Shope region. Situated on both banks of the Iskar River, they strive to preserve their unique folk heritage. The singers of the Svoge Group have worked together since 1980, and those from the Svidnya Troika - since 1981. Their age ranges from 64 to 81 years. Many of the singers remember the time when these songs were part of their way of living: ritual songs, songs for harvest time, pastoral, working-bee, horo, at the table songs. For this reason they sound so authentic! The singers perform in antiphony to present the local polyphonic tradition (both groups alternate). One of the singers (a “whooper”) sings the song, while the rest drag the bourdon voice (“draggers”). The songs are very effective; they also employ trill-like quavers and yelling. Some monophonic songs are also included in the album, but they are not so many. They resemble the polyphonic songs in their ornamentation, melody and rhythmic structure. The Svoge Group and the Svidnya Troika often participate at different folk festivals and celebrations, TV and radio programmes. During the past few years they have been working with the famous folk singer Snejanka Borissova. “We know that these songs are ancient and beautiful. But we are the only ones who know this ... There is nobody to sing them now - nobody would set to do this. We feel very sorry about that…” These revelations of the grannies from Svoge and Svidnya speak of the value of this release.
1. Mori, momche dava1:30 
2. Gyurgelena kon vodila1:22 
3. Pushka pukna2:56 
4. Niz selo odat lazarki1:05 
5. Uruglitsa trepere1:40 
6. Lazarski pesni1:30 
7. Piltsi peyat1:49 
8. Poshli sa momi1:04 
9. Bu'al bu'a1:29 
10. Gyache yore3:21 
11. Pil Bogdan1:31 
12. Deka Yana prominala1:21 
13. Napred, napred, kumitse1:12 
14. Zalyulia se zlatna lyulkya1:17 
15. Dobar vecher, Eleno nevesto1:05 
16. Dude le, devokyo1:53 
17. Sede sedenkya1:43 
18. Na komu sa dremka dreme1:15 
19. Nagore, nagore2:07 
20. Rano rani Irina1:26 
21. Pavlina voda naliva1:12 
22. Sedi, mome, da sedime1:09 
23. Mori, Tana boli belo garlo1:48 
24. Dve nevesti yoro vodat0:57 
25. Poide Doina1:25 
26. Site sa momi na sedenkyata1:38 
27. Pladne doide2:07 
28. Eh, ti, goro, goro0:51 
29. Chereshchitse, goro le1:06 
30. Vetar veye1:59 
31. Nishna se zlatna yabalka2:23 
32. Shto sakahme1:31 
33. Shetna se zlatna yabalka1:33 
34. Slantse, se, Stano, nadnosi0:53 
35. Golem se sabor praveshe1:04 
36. Zvanche mi drunka1:30 
37. Nasadila baba1:29 
38. Karai, Rayo1:34 
39. Ogreyala mesetchina1:24 
40. Velo le1:02 


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