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Bulgarian Folk Heritage - Stefan Kanev

Bulgarian Folk Heritage - Stefan Kanev-Folk Music-Traditional
ID: GD352  | 1 CD | DDD
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Folk Music
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When referring to classical arrangement of Bulgarian folk music, the name of Stefan Kanev (1930-1991) is associated with some of the most exquisite songs and instrumental masterpieces. He received an academic education in music (opera singing, composition, theory of music and pedagogy) and entered the world of folk art by chance, but his creative biography was connected to folklore up to the end of his life. His name is also related to the most brilliant and beloved Bulgarian folk performers and ensembles. Almost every singer or instrumentalist from the second half of the 20th century had worked with Stefan Kanev. Thus the real masterpieces in folk art were created like: “Hei, Neda”, “Three nightingales are singing”, “Eyes, black eyes”, “Don’t be in a hurry, Sun”, and hundreds of others, some of which you will be able to hear in this original overview of beloved performers, songs and melodies.

Participating: Kalinka Zgourova, Bulgarian National Radio Folk Songs Ensemble,,
Kalinka Valcheva, Nikola Kostov - kaval, Boika Prisadova, Folk Choir of the “Philip Koutev”
National School of Folk Arts - Kotel, Petko Zhelyazkov - gadulka, Pirin Ensemble - Blagoevgrad,
Veneta Tsvetkova, Rhodopa Folk Ensemble - Smolyan, Stoyan Dechev - accordion,
Elena Gramatikova, Trakia Ensemble - Plovdiv, Yanka Rupkina, Olga Borissova,
Vassilka Andonova, Nikola Atanassov - gaida, Dobrin Panayotov, Krassimir Kyurkchiisky,
Alexander Kokareshkov, Dora Hristova, Dimitar Penev, Katya Barulova, Peter Krumov,
Kiril Stefanov, Stefan Mutafchiev, Boyan Nankov, Lyuben Botusharov, Kosta Kolev,
Vichka Nikolova, Emil Kolev, Dimitar Dinev
1. Stoyan Dragana dumashe (Stoyan was saying to Dragana)4:35 
2. Nedo lyo (Hei, Neda)1:30 
3. A piece for kaval and orchestra3:05 
4. Begala e Vena (Vena had run away)2:40 
5. Vecheryai, Rado (Have supper, Rada)2:15 
6. Rumenka went to fetch water2:50 
7. Ne burzai, Slancho (Don:t be in a hurry, Sun)3:18 
8. Kairyashka tropanka (Tropanka from Kairyak)2:10 
9. Tri byulbyula peyat (Three nightingales are singing)3:50 
10. Pile prez gora priforkna (A chicken flew across the forest)2:00 
11. Kraidunavska rachenitsa (Danube rachenitsa)1:54 
12. Otdolu mi ide hubava Rada (Beautiful Rada comes from down the street)2:53 
13. Beglik se sbira (Taxes are collected) 2 
14. Snoshti si minah, male le (I passed by last night, mother)2:10 
15. Zashto si, goro, kaharna (Forest, why are you worried)3:20 
16. Mur, momiche, mur gidiyche (You, girl, you devil girl)3:15 
17. Tezhko mu, mamo, koito lyubi dve momi (It is hard, mother, for the person who loves two maidens) 2 
18. Lele, Yane (Good heavens, Yana)3:06 
19. Star svekar Yanki dumashe (Old father-in-law was saying to Yanka)2:25 
20. Ochi, cherni ochi (Eyes, black eyes)3:30 


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