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CHELA RE -Fabrica Musica, Vol. 3 - A. Loe Dadzie - M. Jehlen - D. Meilman - N. Nayak - R. Sweeten

CHELA RE -Fabrica Musica, Vol. 3 - A. Loe Dadzie - M. Jehlen - D. Meilman - N. Nayak - R. Sweeten-Ethno-Alternative Rock
ID: STR70003 (EAN: 8011570700032)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2004
Alternative Rock
NAYAK, Nandlal (NANDU)
DADZIE, Anthony Joe (percussion) | MEILMAN, Derek (bass) | NAYAK, Nandal (drums / vocal) | SWEETEN, Ray
Other info:

Wendy Jehlen
Nandal Nayak drums, vocal
Derek Meilman, bass • USA
Ray Sweeten, computer • USA
Anthony Joe Dadzie, percussion • GHANA

Chela Re is the outcome of the experimentation of five artists belonging to different cultural backgrounds merging their own traditional lyrics and tales into one articulated melody. Their main issue was bringing together rhythms and styles which apparently couldn't match into a new way of expressing emotion through sounds. Ethnic percussions, double bass, voices, keyboards and computers for the first Fabrica Musica attempt to go beyond musical genres.

Nayak was born (b. 1988) into the folk cultural and musical tradition of the Ghasi tribe of Jharkhand, India. He is highly trained in the traditional drumming, singing and dance forms of this region. In addition to vocals, he plays all the drums of this musical tradition, including the nagara, the mandar and the dholak.

Nayak's work as a Contemporary composer is innovative yet grounded in his tradition. Nayak has collaborated with musicians, dancers, theater and film and video artists from India, the United States, Japan, Ghana, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Great Britain.

He has composed and performed music in collaboration with contemporary composer Michael Galasso for the Monte Carlo Ballet in a work choreographed by Carole Armitage, and for The Lady from the Sea, directed by the internationally acclaimed theater director Robert Wilson. Nayak also composed music for numerous media projects of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, including a video and music project which was presented in 220 countries around the world. His music is featured in the travelling Giorgio Armani exhibit that opened in October 2000 at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

Nayak is a recipient of one of seven 2002 Creative Artist Fellowships from the US-Japan Friendship Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts and one of two 2003 Senior Performing Artist Fellowships from the American Institute of Indian Studies.
NAYAK, Nandlal (NANDU) (b. 1988) 
1. Chela re4:36 
2. Jel Je Srista Kar5:29 
3. River and Path6:44 
4. Sangi Re5:13 


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