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Guerrero: Missa de la batalla escoutez - Janequin: La Guerre

Guerrero: Missa de la batalla escoutez - Janequin: La Guerre-Choir-Choral Collection
ID: COR16067 (EAN: 828021606724)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2009
Choral Collection
GUERRERO, Francisco | JANEQUIN, Clément
The Sixteen
Other info:

This brand new recording by Harry Christophers and The Sixteen is dedicated to the works of Spanish Renaissance composer Francisco Guerrero and includes his exquisite Missa de la Batalla Escoutez. The Mass is a parody on Janeuqin's famous chanson 'La Guerre' which also features on this disc. Janequin’s La Guerre, was so popular in the 16th century that it led to numerous composers, including Janequin himself, writing parody mass settings on it. Missa de la Batalla Escoutez is one of the finest of those settings.

Guerrero is a quite astounding and varied composer with a wide expressive range. Heralded in the Renaissance as ‘the most extraordinary of his time in the art of music’, he was more famous than Victoria and Morales. Despite being a master of expression and sublime melodic invention - skills exemplified by his Missa de la Batalla Escoutez and the other fine works on this disc - Guerrero’s work has often been overlooked in favour of that of his contemporaries. With this brand new recording The Sixteen aims to redress the balance.
JANEQUIN, Clément (1485-1558) 
1. La Guerre (La Bataille de Marignan)6:13 
GUERRERO, Francisco (1528 -1599) 
2. Lauda mater ecclesia3:36 
3. Tota pulchra es, Maria7:18 
4. Hymn: Vexilla Regis9:22 
5. Song of Songs-Ego flos campi3:28 
6. Pange lingua8:58 
Missa de la batalla escoutez 
7. Kyrie4:08 
8. Gloria6:52 
9. Credo7:25 
10. Sanctus2:50 
11. Benedictus2:32 
12. Agnus Dei6:36 


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