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SLANTSETO TREPERI DA ZAIDE- A female vocal group from the village of Beli Iskar

SLANTSETO TREPERI DA ZAIDE- A female vocal group from the village of Beli Iskar-Folk Music-Traditional
ID: GD314 (EAN: 3800121303144)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2006
Gega New
Folk Music
Other info:

A female vocal group from the village of Beli Iskar, Samokov Municipality

Choir leader: Lyudmila Stoikova

Recorded at the Library of the Stoine Angelov Cultural Center, the village of Beli Iskar, Samokov Municipality

11 women from the village of Beli Iskar, Samokov Municipality have recorded 21 authentic songs the way they remember them from their mothers and grand-mothers. The village is a part of the big folklore region of West Bulgaria, which is characterized by the two-part singing. The famous researcher of Bulgarian folklore Vassil Stoin collected 1115 songs from this region (1935). He even hinted that the Bulgarian two-part singing precedes and forms the base of the European multi-part singing style. A part of these songs are no longer performed today. But what has been preserved gives a clear idea of how the music had accompanied all these moments of the lives of our ancestors. By listening to these songs we can follow the calendar year and the traditions of the people of this region.
These are songs which are performed at weddings, working-bees, at the village dance, at the dining table, at harvest, on the eve of St. Basil’s Day, during berry-picking, and in the field. The recording for this CD has an interesting story behind it. A team of ecology adherents from the USA visited Bulgaria in 2003 to support nature conservation in Rila National Park. They heard the women of Beli Iskar and were fascinated by their authentic singing. The team leader proposed sponsorship for a studio release and thus the preparation of the group began. At that time some of the women didn’t sing for various reasons, but a group of 11 was formed and they revived the traditional songs of the village. Thus, with the financial support of the US Norbert H. Hardner Foundation, these songs will take us back to our roots.
1. Bel mi Gradou, shto se ne Beleesh4:04
2. Branko Yunak Elen Goni3:03
3. Tsar Murad Maro Dumashe2:02
4. Devoikya e Rusi Kosi Plela5:05
5. Ei, Sokolo, Ei, Pile Shareno4:38
6. Ima Lelya Arna Moma2:02
7. Si Argak’e Izkaraya3:03
8. Nad k’Vecher se Robe Sgovaraya4:04
9. Pisa se Patar, Pisa se1:01
10. Polegnala e Maria1:01
11. Puna Gradina Beli Laleta2:02
12. Sedenka se Klade2:02
13. Slezni, Mari, ot Vranata Konya2:02
14. Slantseto Treperi, da Zaide2:02
15. Stoine Mome, Stoine Dyulgersko Libe le1:01
16. Trista sa Pushki Puknale3:03
17. Omraknala Gizdava Devoikya2:02
18. Zastanalo e Slantse Nasred Nebo5:05
19. Dva sa Brakya Verno Zhivuvale3:03
20. Dva se Mladi Zalibile2:02
21. Dva sa Zmeya na Planina Biyat4:04


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