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THYEPOLEO - Orphic Mysterial Rites - Music by Georgi Arnaoudov

THYEPOLEO - Orphic Mysterial Rites - Music by Georgi Arnaoudov -Voices and Orchestra-Vocal Collection
ID: GD223 (EAN: 3800121302239)  | 1 CD | DDD
Released in: 2000
Gega New
Vocal Collection
Voices and Orchestra
CHOBANOV, Marko (tenor) | DARLEV, Dimitar (bass) | ENCHEV, Jassen | HRISTOVA, Snejina | IVANOV, Milen (tenor) | KAZANDJIEVA, Tania (soprano) | PAVLOV, Stojan | PAVLOVA, Mila | TUTURILOVA, Maria (harp)
Chamber Ensemble
Other info:

The famous Bulgarian scholar and explorer of the culture of old Thrace, Prof. Alexander Fol, and the composer Georgi Arnaoudov, who has already released a CD for Gega New (GD 187, have tried to make past and present meet. Prof. Fol, an investigator of Thracian Orphism and an expert on Orphic hymns and rites, introduced Arnaoudov into the world of Thracian Orphism and gave the ideas for the emotional content of the twelve hymns-prayers in the CD. The composer has revealed his feeling and his ideas of musical recreation of different hymns. In some of the pieces the human voice is leading, in others, the "action" is done by the instruments, but everywhere the energy of the timbres, of the different volumes and pitches of sound, and its resources to create pictures and exert emotional influence are used. In the very beginning Prof. Fol stresses that "music is the universal cosmic language. The cosmos is rhythm and sound!" Led by this maxim Georgi Arnaudov has created original music in the literary context of Alexander Fol. It possesses a brightly individual character and a typical rhythmic and melodic structure, which carries the spirit of a distant and at the same time, comprehensible age. An age when the striving to be initiated and to perfect oneself spiritually while climbing the steps towards True Knowledge, is combined with purifying wisdom, with searching for interrelations with the Cosmos and the Divine.
This CD is a unique phenomenon and a successful attempt to penetrate into an abstract matter that has always been attracting the people of the Spirit, created more than three thousand years ago by some of the inhabitants of Thrace.

Soloists: Tania Kazandjieva (soprano), Milen Ivanov (tenor), Marko Chobanov (tenor), Dimitar Darlev (bass), Mila Pavlova (aulos), Jassen Enchev (aulos), Maria Tuturilova (harp, lyra, psalterion), Snejina Hristova (percussions), Stojan Pavlov (tympanon, percussions)

Chamber Ensemble conducted by Theodora Pavlovich
Orphic Mysterial Rites 
Based on original texts from G. Quandt's "Orphei Hymni" (1955) 
1. Prayer to All Gods I3:49
2. Hymn to Protogonos (No. 6)5:52
3. Hymn to Helios (No. 8)4:07
4. Hymn to the Mother of the Gods (No. 27)4:20
5. Hymn to Dionysus (No. 30)5:34
6. Hymn to Semele (No. 44)3:06
7. Hymn to Sabazius (No. 48)3:50
8. Hymn to Hypta (No. 49)4:29
9. Prayer to All Gods II1:37
10. Hymn to Satyr Silenus (No. 54)4:59
11. Hymn to Eros (No. 58)6:10
12. Prayer to All Gods III5:10


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