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TANDALAI "Erdine" - Woman voice of Altay

 TANDALAI "Erdine"  - Woman voice of Altay-Ethno-Throat Singing
ID: SKMR041 (EAN: 4606464026646)  | 1 CD | ADD
Released in: 2009
Sketis Music
Throat Singing
Other info:

Ethno, Altay - Woman throat singing and folk melodies from Altay

Tandalai - is the unique singer from Ust-Kanskogo area of Altai republic
with a voice of surprising force and beauty, a range in five octaves. In her
repertoir there are ceremonial songs of Mountain Altay people, along with
imitation of sounds of the animals and birds. She also plays on the big
range of tuvian national instruments: topshuur, khomus, igil, doshpuluur,
1. Kaj (otryvok iz eposa "Maadaj-Kara")3:28 
2. Kunuk (Pesnya strannika)4:21 
3. Vechnyj Altaj (Narodnaya pesnya Chujskoj doliny)2:29 
4. Igra na komuse7:26 
5. Vidy kaya (Gorlovoe penie)3:57 
6. Ekho v gorakh (Igra na shoore)4:01 
7. Dolya zhenskaya (Narodnaya pesnya Karakol'skoj doliny)4:52 
8. Kojonok (Altajskaya shutochnaya pesnya)1:30 
9. Ojojym (Altajskoe narodnoe pesnopenie)3:40 
10. Kolybel'naya4:05 
11. Nochnoj plach4:17 
12. Buben shamana4:25 
13. Zhuravlinyj krik7:15 


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