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Fabrizio Carlone - Bonjour M. Gauguin

Fabrizio Carlone - Bonjour M. Gauguin-Opera-World Premiere Recording
ID: CSWCD1 (EAN: 5060129670022)  | 2 CD | DDD
Released in: 2006
World Premiere Recording
CARLONE, Fabrizio
Divertimenti Ensemble
GORLI, Sandro
Other info:

A chamber opera profiling the life and art of Paul Gauguin. The work, conceived and achieved by Fabrizio Carlone, appears truly intriguing, based as it is on original texts by Gauguin himself and in some cases of his famous contemporaries. This extraordinarily intense opera is sung and acted entirely in French.


Welcome to a celebration of the life and art of Paul Gauguin. You are invited to discover the many facets of a complex and insightful man. Paul Gauguin is unveiled through what we learn about his life, his struggles and the soul of a brilliant man celebrated by a chamber opera which stages his progressive and innovative essence.

“Bonjour M. Gauguin” is a unique combination of paintings and music which brings to life the beauty unexpectedly discovered in the painter’s insights, correspondence and artistic commentary. These rare and largely unknown writings, which expose Paul Gauguin’s literary talent as well as his artistic brilliance, were recovered after extensive research and shed light on the complexity, controversy and poetry of Gauguin. His very words gave birth to the opera and libretto itself, perhaps the first time in musical history that a theatrical portrayal is self-defined by the subject: Paul Gauguin in his own words set to music by composer Fabrizio Carlone.

The music, written in constant confrontation with these marvelous texts, dense with poetic imagery and artistic vision, gives life to an opera with a distinctive relationship between music and texts. By means of this opera, the extraordinary experience of full immersion into a comprehensive universe of art, music and poetry is extended to the listener. In participating in this great human and artistic adventure, one is lured into sharing individual feelings with those of Gauguin, opening one’s mind to a new musical landscape.

Of the five vocalists, both baryton and soprano interpret the character of Gauguin. The rich variety of the painters’ writing inspired the creation of the two roles portraying Gauguin, at times full of bold sarcastic controversy and at others full of carefree, artistic vision.

Through this device the full range of literary colours have been voiced with this innovative portrayal. The other three voices (mezzo-soprano, tenor and bass) depict Gauguin’s contemporaries, at times narrating the artistic world of the painter.

The scene is set with multi-layered screens on which a video artist will provide fresh, original images created from the colours and details of Gauguin’s paintings. The stage is set for Gauguin’s words with a full sensory experience of sounds, lights and colour.


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