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Club Musical Oriente Cubano - Orchestre

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Caña Tabaco y Ron (Sugarcane, Tobacco and Rhum) - Club Musical Oriente Cubano - World, Latin, Cuba

Caña Tabaco y Ron (Sugarcane, Tobacco and Rhum) - Club Musical Oriente Cubano - World, Latin, Cuba
ID: ARCD0602
CDs: 1
Type: CD
World Music

After the worldwide success of the "Buena Vista Social Club", "Caña tabaco y ron" interpreted by Club Musical Oriente Cubano is the production of east cuban "Son".

From the soul comes music for the body, for dancing or simply for listening.
A brilliant mix of traditions and brotherhood makes "Caña tabaco y ron" an album that grants the possibility to truly enter inside Cuba's culture.

The album, born in Santiago, country of "Son", is the result of a meeting of the best eastern Cuban musicians reunited together in a single Conjunto.

Magisterially interpreted by artists such as Victor Lussòn and Jose Luis Cheo Lasada, "Caña tabaco y ron" represents the voice of a region that wants to let the whole world discover its warm melodies and rhythms.

Light a "puro" and drink some good rum, then let yourself to be carried off to the dicovery of real "Son".

Club Musical Oriente Cubano
After the huge worldwide success of the Buena Vista Social Club project, here comes a new club, Club Musical Oriente Cubano (Eastern Cuba's Music Club), founded in Santiago de Cuba, the capital of the East of the island, the region where the son and all the so called cuban traditional music were born.

On their debut Caña, tabaco y ron (Sugarcane, Tobacco and Rhum), they offer cuban old and new traditional music son, afro, montuno, trova, bolero, conga, cha cha cha intensely and lively played, "with an eastern flavour", by such talented musicians as Làzaro Rosabal, Cheo Losada, el Villy, Victor Lussòn, Paolo Franco, Guzmàn Plaza and many more.

Paolo Franco (vocals), producer, creator of the Club Musical Oriente Cubano project, also sung in a few tracks, selected the songs to be recorded and contributed with his ideas to the arrangements.
Ismael Borges (vocals and maracas) is a fantastic singer and one of the best maracas player of all times. He is a great sonero, a formidable guarachero, and a member of the Septeto Santiaguero.
José Luis “Cheo” Losada: (vocals and guitar) is a very good singer, guitarist and composer, former member of Sones de Oriente, Estudiantina Invasora and many other groups. He wrote one track, the previously unedited Ojos Perdidos, and contributed to most of the arrangements.
Grisselles Gómez (vocals) is a talented singer, member of the famous Coro Orfeón de Santiago de Cuba. On one track, La Mazucamba, she sings all three female vocals, just listen to it and judge for yourselves!
Victor Lussón (vocals), of Congolese origins, is the Afro - side of the project;
Felix Reyes (double bass, choir) swings! He should be named el ciego maravilloso (the wonderful blind man) if Arsenio Rodríguez had not already taken - and indeed deserved - that name.
Lázaro Rosabal (trombone), musician, composer and former musical director of the well known group Son 14, arranger of many tracks, presently lives in Havana where he leads his big band, Lázaro Rosabal y su Banda Tropical.
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Algo Ritmo - CLUB MUSICAL ORIENTE CUBANO - World, Latin, Cuba

Algo Ritmo - CLUB MUSICAL ORIENTE CUBANO - World, Latin, Cuba
ID: ARNR0208
CDs: 1
Type: CD
World Music

CLUB MUSICAL ORIENTE CUBANO is meant to be a reply-project from the East of Cuba to the Havana based BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB, a reply in the spirit of the "contestaciones" (replies) in vogue in Cuba in the 1930's, when the lyrics of Sindo Garay's and Manuel Corona's teams' songs replied to each other, a spirit, therefore, of emulation rather than of imitation. With Algo Ritmo, the Eastern Cuba's Club is still digging deep into the roots of Afro-Cuban music.
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