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TANEV, Alexander - Composers

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Composer: TANEV, Alexander

Bulgarian National Radio Children`s Choir - Nedyalkov, Hristo

Bulgarian National Radio Children`s Choir - Nedyalkov, Hristo
ID: GD220
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Choral Collection
Subcollection: Choir

The CD of the world famous Bulgarian National Radio Children's Choir, conducted by Hristo Nedyalkov, is dedicated to the choir's 40th anniversary. It includes 16 of the best performances of this ensemble with a huge repertoire worthy of respect. During the past 40 years many Bulgarian and foreign composers have created hundreds of songs for it. The choir became a vital part of the Bulgarian culture, as well as a focal point for children's musical education. Wide audiences have had the chance to enter the world of art under the guidance of these sincere and spontaneous messengers.
The qualities of the Radio Choir have always been emphasized, in every place where it toured. Its visits to Japan for example are 14 and it has given about 350 concerts in 150 towns! Such figures inspire respect and give an idea about the interest and the value of the art of the Bulgarian National Radio Children's Choir and its founder and conductor Hristo Nedyalkov, an exceptional personality in Bulgarian musical life.
This CD gives an idea about the varied talents and the choir's high artistic achievements. It contains pearls both from the Bulgarian and the world choral legacy, like Schubert's Serenade and Tchaikovsky's Little Nightingale, some virtuoso songs by Georgi Kostov, Alexander Tekeliev, the humorous compositions by Nikolai Kaufmann and the poetic impression Winter Song by Hristo Nedyalkov. Children from the choir perform the solo parts. The works are arranged with taste along with the desire to present the performing abilities of the ensemble from all sides.

Interprets: Bulgarian National Radio Children`s Choir, Nedyalkov
Ognyanova, Milena ( 2, 4, 12 )
Koleva, Stiliana ( 6 )
Ilkova, Mariana ( 6 )
Peeva, Milena ( 6 )
Vajarov, Stanislava ( 7 )
Vateva, Anna ( 9 )
Petrova, Petia ( 14 )
Mekki, Blagovesta ( 14 )
Accompanied by:
Vaglenova, Iva - piano (5, 11)
Ivanova, Detelina - piano (13, 15)
Pavlova, Milena - piano (9)
Dimitrova, Theodora - organ (2, 7)
Bulgarian National Radio Light Music Orchestra (1)
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ID: GD234
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Contemporary music
Subcollection: Piano

The present release is a wonderful proof of Ivan Eftomov's appeal for contemporary Bulgarian music. The programme creates interest with its selection of composers and works, arranged in chronological order according to the date of their creation.
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ID: GD252
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Orchestral Works
Subcollection: Orchestra

The second CD of the series presenting the contemporary Bulgarian composers, project of the Soros Center for the Arts, includes music by five representatives of three generations of tonal masters. Their compositions demonstrate a rich palette of ideas and aesthetic preferences, so characteristic of the Bulgarian school from the last three decades of the 20th century. Alexander Tanev, known for his excellent choral works and cantatas, often combines in his symphonic works academic principles of construction with the most modern resources of our century, while the younger Alexander Kandov looks for a new expressiveness and has directed himself to original themes in his symphonic works. Simeon Pironkoff's Night Music is among the author's most representative and bright opuses, appealing to the listener with the refined sound and elegant melodic line. The same can be said about the Fantasia by Plamen Djouroff, a prominent Bulgarian composer and conductor. Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Haendel are representative of Krassimir Kyurkchiiski's art of composing. The author demonstrates his mastery of handling the Baroque forms, introducing in them the outlook and interpretation of a contemporary musician.
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Vassil Arnaudov and Sofia Chamber Choir - Bulgarian Composers

Vassil Arnaudov  and Sofia Chamber Choir - Bulgarian Composers
ID: GD284
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Choral Collection
Subcollection: Choir

The conductor Vassil Arnaudov is an example of high musical culture and mastership in the development of Bulgarian conductor art. Even today, 12 years after his death, we still remember his top achievements. During his creative art he visited many places in Bulgaria so as to help a lot of conductors and choirs. He passed his knowledge with deep love to his students, and a number of them have become famous choir conductors. His greatest achievement is with the Sofia Chamber Choir and the “Rodina” Choir in Rousse. Part of the magnificent performances of the Sofia Chamber Choir have been included in the present release, which is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Vassil Arnaudov’s birth. The programme features Bulgarian composers, whom the conductor had a great respect for. His collaboration with different composers has often provoked the creation of works specially written for the Sofia Chamber Choir. Admirers of choral singing will find some of them in the present release.
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ID: GD354
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Opera & Vocal Collection
Subcollection: Choir

The Bulgarian National Radio Children’s Choir was founded in 1960. Its founder and conductor since the beginning has been academician Hristo NEDYALKOV. During these 50 years the choir has been on 80 tours and it has given over 2000 concerts in 32 countries. Its repertoire includes about 800 songs written by Bulgarian and foreign composers. They have been recorded and released on many vinyl records and compact discs.
The young singers in the choir receive real vocal mastership schooling. It is thus natural that some of them choose singing as a profession, while the rest cherish their love for music throughout their whole life.
In this jubilee release, the children’s choir presents an interesting and varied programme, which includes songs by Bulgarian composers, opera choruses and works from the world music classics.

Soloists: Venetsia Netsova, Maria Radoeva, Plamena Girginova,
Lyubov Vasileva, Darina Kandulkova, Anna Notovska,
Svetlina Stoyanova

Piano accompaniment: Svetlana Ananievska, Silvia Galabova
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