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SCHUMANN, Clara - Composers

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Composer: SCHUMANN, Clara ((1819-1896))

Schumann - The Secular Choral Works (Complete) (4 CD Set)

Schumann - The Secular Choral Works (Complete) (4 CD Set)
ID: BRIL92148
CDs: 4
Type: CD
Collection: Choral Collection
Subcollection: Choir

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Schumann, Robert & Clara: Music for Oboe and Cor Anglais

Schumann, Robert & Clara: Music for Oboe and Cor Anglais
ID: CC2002
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Subcollection: Piano

The CD booklet contains an article by Keith Fraser (in English, French and German) on the relationship between Robert and Clara Schumann and a description of each piece, accompanied by session photographs.

How much do pictures reflect reality? The image on the front of this CD is an anonymous copy of a photograph taken of Robert and Clara Schumann in 1850, the year after most of the pieces here were written. Robert, standing soberly by the piano, was actually addicted to wine, women and song. His drinking was referred to by Clara's father Friedrich Wieck in his attempts to prevent their marriage, and Robert's affairs were a problem for Clara. Not so the songs, of which he wrote more than 100 in 1840, the year he married Clara. He was 40 years old in this picture, by this time a thoroughly respected composer, though more successful in some genres than others. His earlier intention, to be a concert pianist, had been thwarted by a (possibly self-inflicted) injury to his right hand. And what of Clara? She was 31 and an acclaimed pianist. She had already given birth to six of her eight children (of whom seven survived). At this period she was also performing, but her pregnancies (and Robert's encouragement) had led to a flowering of her compositional skills. Her face - in common with other photos of her - seems to express a kind of abstracted melancholy. But here the copyist has lied; in the original photograph she is almost smiling. Certainly the years from her marriage until Robert's physical and mental health began its final decline in 1852 contained much ecstatic happiness. As she wrote in her diary soon after their marriage: "I am supremely happy, and becoming more so all the time - if my Robert is as happy as I am, then I will wish for nothing further - because of my love I could sometimes hurt him with my kisses; instead of becoming quieter (as they say one gets to become in a marriage) I become more fiery! - my poor beloved husband! Their relationship was one of mutual love and mutual support, though perhaps Clara was able to support Robert more than the other way round. She encouraged him constantly, and by performing his works at her concerts brought them into the public domain. Robert sometimes described her as his own "right hand". She was sociable and outgoing, he more private and reserved outside his own circle of friends. He needed her support, and indeed sometimes felt inadequate and depressed on her concert tours when she was the star soloist and and he could no longer play the piano properly. Clara's encouragement of Robert was from a position of equality, and the anonymous illustrator has made a blatent distortion in the picture by moving the angle of her head from upright in the original photograph to a more submissive position - forward and down. Copyright Jeremy Polmear 2002
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Sous L'ear du Songe - Naria-Riccarda Wesseling -Clara Schumann - Lili Boulanger - Alma Mahler

Sous L'ear du Songe - Naria-Riccarda Wesseling -Clara Schumann - Lili Boulanger - Alma Mahler
ID: CLAVES502904
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Vocal Collection
Subcollection: Vocal and Piano

This is her third album for Claves. She is riding on the wave of a flourishing career, highlighted at the moment by brilliant performances at the Paris Opera in collaboration with conductor Marc Minkowski. Mezzo-soprano Maria Riccarda Wesseling from the Grisons in Switzerland has chosen the intimacy of song to spotlight another facet of her superb voice. Accompanied by pianist Nathalie Dang, she performs works by three exceptional women composers: Clara Schumann, Lili Boulanger and Alma Mahler. A work of pure poetry captured on recording by Radio Suisse Romande - Espace 2 in Geneva last spring, the CD is accompanied by liner notes penned by writer Etienne Barilier.

Clara Schumann
1. Ich stand in dunklen Träumen
2. Am Strande
3. Oh weh, des Scheidens, das er tat
4. Liebst du um Schönheit?
5. Walzer
6. Volkslied
7. Die stille Lotosblume
8. Liebeszauber
9. Warum willst du andre Fragen?
10. Sie liebten sich beide
11. Die gute Nacht, die ich dir sage
Lili Boulanger
12. Reflets
13. Attente
14. Dans l'immense tristesse
15. Le retour
Alma Mahler
16. Lobgesang
17. Ich wandle unter Blumen
18. Laue Sommernacht
19. Erntelied
20. Bei dir ist es traut
21. Ansturm
22. Die stille Stadt
23. Der Erkennende
24. Kennst du meine Nächte?
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Insomnia - A Nocturnal Voyage in Song - W.Berger, baritone - I. Burnside, piano

Insomnia - A Nocturnal Voyage in Song  - W.Berger, baritone - I. Burnside, piano
ID: DCD34116
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Vocal Collection
Subcollection: Vocal and Piano

William Berger baritone
Iain Burnside piano

For his solo debut on disc, William Berger has devised an ingenious sequence of seventeen songs describing a sleepless night experienced by a man who reflects on his love for an unnamed woman. From Viennese classicism to fin-de-siècle Romanticism, shadowy English pastoral to the contemporary worlds of Richard Rodney Bennett and Raymond Yiu, this wide-ranging programme is brought to nuanced life by this outstanding young baritone. The indefatigable Iain Burnside provides lucid and imaginative accompaniment. Together, their performances vividly capture the full gamut of nocturnal emotions.

Track listing

1 Abendempfindung
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)

2 Nuit d’étoiles
Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
3 Le grillon
Maurice Ravel (1875-1937)
4 Claire de lune
Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924)

5 The Night
Peter Warlock (1894-1930)
6 Tired
Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958)
7 Dream-Song
Richard Rodney Bennett (b. 1936)

8 Auf der Bruck
Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
9 Um Mitternacht
Hugo Wolf (1860-1903)

10 Schon streckt’ ich aus im Bett
11 Mandoline
12 Sérénade toscane
13 Nicht länger kann ich singen

14 Sonnet (2011)
Raymond Yiu (b. 1973)
15 Oh! quand je dors
Franz Liszt (1811-1886)
16 Und steht Ihr früh am Morgen auf

17 Morgen!
Richard Strauss (1864-1949)

18 Der Mond kommt still gegangen
Clara Schumann (1819-1896)
19 Viens! Les gazons sont verts!
Charles Gounod (1818-1893)

Total playing time [55:42]
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SCHUMANN - Recital - M. BOURGUE, oboe and oboe d'amore / J.-B. POMMIER, piano

SCHUMANN - Recital - M. BOURGUE, oboe and oboe d'amore / J.-B. POMMIER, piano
ID: GM701
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Chamber Music
Subcollection: Piano

Recorded in: La Maison de la musique de la ferte St. Aubin (Loiret, France) in 2000

GEGA NEW Music House has begun working in collaboration with the Swiss music organisation MUSIKÈ, founded on the initiative of Jean-Bernard Pommier and a group of musicians.
The first release of this series is a recording of Maurice Bourgue (oboe) and Jean-Bernard Pommier (piano).
Maurice Bourgue is one of today's leading oboists. He has won major international prizes and performs with the world's most prestigious orchestras and distinguished conductors: Claudio Abbado, Daniel Barenboim, Riccardo Chailly, etc. He also regularly conducts orchestras. As a soloist and chamber performer he has recorded for EMI, Decca, Nimbus, and many other well-known recording companies. In addition to his career as a musician, Mr. Bourgue is also a highly respected teacher. He holds permanent teaching positions in Paris and Geneva, and gives master classes in Budapest, Hanover, Moscow…
Jean-Bernard Pommier is renowned the world over as a pianist and conductor. He studied the piano under famous pedagogues and later joined E. Bigot's and E. Istomin's conducting classes. He is the youngest ever winner of the prestigious Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow. He has played with the greatest orchestras and conductors and worked in collaboration with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and Herbert von Karajan. An outstanding chamber player, he regularly performs with Isaac Stern, Pinchas Zukerman, Christian Ferras, the Guarneri and Vermeer Quartets, and many other famous musicians. Alongside his career as a pianist, Mr. Pommier is an increasingly busy conductor, and is invited by the most prestigious orchestras in Europe and the USA. He has recorded for Erato, Virgin, EMI... He has notably recorded the complete Mozart and Beethoven Sonatas, the Bach Toccatas and Inventions, Chopin's Waltzes, etc.
This first release will be followed by future interesting programmes, resulting from the collaboration of Gega New and Musikè.
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KOMPONISTINNEN - Orgelmusik - Baumgratz

KOMPONISTINNEN - Orgelmusik - Baumgratz
ID: IFO00040
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Organ Collection
Subcollection: Organ

D, Bremen, Dom St. Petri (Sauer-Orgel)

Cecilie Chaminade.
1.La Nef Sacree Op. 171: Offertoire In D-Moll (5:18)
2.La Nef Sacree Op. 171: Pastorale In A-Moll (3:39)
3.La Nef Sacree Op. 171: Marche Funebre In C-Moll (3:28)
4.La Nef Sacree Op. 171: Corege Nuptial In B-Dur (6:20)
5.Prelude Et Fugue (5:17)
Elsa Barraine.
6.Prelude Et Fugue (5:47)
7.Organ Symphony In H-Moll: Moderato (11:04)
Elfrida Andrée.
8.Organ Symphony In H-Moll: Fugato (2:49)
9.Organ Symphony In H-Moll: Cantabile (4:19)
10.Organ Symphony In H-Moll: Finale (5:45)
11.Praeludium Und Fuge In G-Moll: Praeludium (2:23)
Clara Schumann (Clara Wieck).
12.Praeludium Und Fuge In G-Moll: Fuge (2:40)
13.Praeludium Und Fuge In B-Dur: Praeludium (2:06)
14.Praeludium Und Fuge In B-Dur: Fuge (3:02)
15.Praeludium Und Fuge In D-Moll: Praeludium (2:26)
16.Praeludium Und Fuge In D-Moll: Fuge (3:16)

Wolfgang Baumgratz, organ: An der Sauer-Orgel des St. Petri Doms Bremen
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Musikalische Morgenunterhaltung - Chamber (Music of the Romantic Era on Period Instruments)

Musikalische Morgenunterhaltung - Chamber (Music of the Romantic Era on Period Instruments)
ID: RK3107
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Romantic Period
Subcollection: Chamber Ensemble

Becker, C F:
An das kleine Hannchen
Die Göttin der Blumen

Motiv aus der Ouverture 'Der Freischutz' nach Weber

Gade, N:
Fantasiestücke Op. 43: Andantino con moto
Fantasiestücke Op. 43: Allegro vivace

Kummer, G H:
Variations for Ophicleide

Marschner, H A:
Bagatelle Op. 4 No. 1

Andante (Tema con Variazioni) in E major, Op. 81 No. 1
Song without Words for Cello & Piano, Op. 109

Ten Preludes from Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier with cello part, Op. 137: Prelude No. 3

Romberg, B:
Albumblatt in E
Variationen and Rondo for harp or piano, Op. 18

Romance in A minor, Op. 94 No. 1
Adagio and Allegro in A flat major, Op. 70
Theme with Variations in E flat major WoO 24 ('Geistervariationen'): Theme version for glass harmonica

Schumann, Clara:
Ballade in D minor, Op. 6 No. 4 from Soirees Musicales

Sonata for flute and piano in G: Adagio

Der arme Minnesänge
Mein Schicksal
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Joseph Joachim, Klara Schumann, Johanes Brahms

Joseph Joachim, Klara Schumann, Johanes Brahms
ID: TLS064
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Subcollection: Violin

Brahms: Sonate für Klavier und Violine d-moll / D minor, Op. 108
Joachim: Drei Stücke für Violine und Klavier, Op. 2; Romanze C-Dur / C major, Bewegt
Schumann: Drei Romanzen für Violine und Klavier, Op.22
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