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COUPERIN, François - Composers

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Composer: COUPERIN, François ((1668-1733))

Confluence - Ronald Moelker, recorded - Niels Bijl, saxophone

Confluence - Ronald Moelker, recorded - Niels Bijl, saxophone
ID: ACDBA091-2
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Baroque
Subcollection: Saxophone

The year is 1996. Classically trained saxophonist Niels Bijl is at the end of his Conservatorium education. In a record shop in the centre of Enschede: in a spare hour he is trawling the cd racks, looking for unknown music, new inspiration. Ronald Moelker walks past him, purposefully, towards the counter. With a clear question: do you also have recordings of classical music on saxophone? A conversation quickly follows, a friendship is born.

What follows; more than 20 years of research, collaboration and a shared passion for enjoying life. Niels and Ronald, managing to remain unfettered by the apparently different worlds of their chosen instruments, take on all challenges together. The 15th Century British complexity of Baldwine’s A Duo, the light-footedness of Francois Couperin’s Tic-Toc-Choc. Bach as uniting thread, with highlights such as the two-part canon from the Kunst der Fugue and the flute sonata BWV 1035. Aided by the expert mastery of recorder builder Adriana Breukink, the saxophone and recorder come ever closer to each other. The romance of young love is reflected in Tandernaken. The festive cadans of the early middle ages are celebrated in the Estampie Petrone. In an unknown duo, referred to as No. 3, harsh dissonant sounds are continuously replaced with beautiful harmonies, ending in a perfect unison. Ronald Moelker’s composition Ithaca, written for Niels, is the perfect introduction to the heart of the collaboration and friendship: Two fantasies by Telemann.
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Amor Vincit - Musica del Cuore

Amor Vincit - Musica del Cuore
ID: ACDHJ028-2
CDs: 1
Type: SACD
Subcollection: Voices

AMOR VINCIT -- “Love conquers” or, to quote the full verse, Omnia vincit amor, nos et cedamus amori, “Love conquers all, let us too yield to love” (Vergil, 70 BC - 19 BC, Eclogae 10.69).
Today, these words by Vergil are as inspiring as ever, witness the 277,000 hits they yield when used as a search term in Google. Referring to such diverse cultural manifestations
as a painting by Caravaggio, a chamber choir, a song by Deep Purple, the title of a movie, these universal words clearly express an essential part of our daily experience. Anne and Caroline now contribute the music of their choice. Does it speak of the eternal love of music? The love of their intense teamwork? Your love as a listener? The present selection of songs is a result of the combined tastes of the performers, weighing notes and words, contrast and intensity.
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Tatiana Sergeeva, piano - Les sentiments (Chuvstva)

Tatiana Sergeeva, piano - Les sentiments (Chuvstva)
ID: ART175
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Russian Virtuosos 21th century

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Tatiana Sergeeva, piano - At the Sea

Tatiana Sergeeva, piano - At the Sea
ID: ART242
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Collection: Instrumental

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The mandolin. The magic of Baroque - The Neapolitan ensemble "Serenade" - T. ALBIONI - D. SCARLATTI - D. CASTELLO

The mandolin. The magic of Baroque - The Neapolitan ensemble "Serenade" - T. ALBIONI - D. SCARLATTI - D. CASTELLO
ID: ART375
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Baroque
Subcollection: Ensemble

Record 2016 (Moscow)
Sound producer - Victor Osadchev

Soloists, the winners of international competitions:
Alexey Balashov (oboe) - 2-4, 6-8, 19-21
Anastasia Rubina (mandolin) - 10-12, 13-15, 16-18
Ekaterina Pripuskova (mandolin) - 5, 6-8, 9
Daria Mosyagina (guitar) - 13-
Alexey Potapov (guitar) - 5
Ksenia Antonio (piano) - 16-18
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ID: ATH23026
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Baroque
Subcollection: Harpsichord

Period-instrument specialist Joanna Leach takes us on a journey through the development of keyboard instruments used in wealthy homes, from a spinet through three square pianos; each contemporary with the music played.
1 - 15: Spinet (Barton, 1727)
16 - 20: Square Piano (Longman & Broderip, 1787)
21 - 29: Square Piano (Stodart, 1823)
30 - 34: Square Piano (Clementi, 1832)
Musically both educational and extremely entertaining - a fine and unique recital.
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Rarities for Double - Bass - Rossini, Haydn, Couperin, Vanhal

Rarities for Double - Bass -  Rossini, Haydn, Couperin, Vanhal
ID: AV2100196
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Chamber Music
Subcollection: Quartet

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Crossing Musical Boundaries - The Sheba Sound - 2 Oboes, Bassoon and Harpsichord

Crossing Musical Boundaries - The Sheba Sound - 2 Oboes, Bassoon and Harpsichord
ID: CC2014
CDs: 2
Type: CD
Subcollection: Bassoon

The 24-page CD booklet has a 6,000 word programme note in English containing the interview below, plus a detailed track-by-track description, including interviews with Gordon Langford about his arrangements and David Matthews about Toccatas and Pastorals. There are many photographs.

Jeremy Polmear talks to Catherine Smith about The Sheba Sound:

The Sheba Sound was founded in 1975 by Catherine Smith, and ran for an impressive 22 years. I asked her how it came about. "I was a freelance oboist working in London, and, to be honest, I felt that life was getting a bit repetitive. I needed a challenge, I needed to break out of the orchestral rut. I love making experiments, and exploring new areas of life.

"My starting point for the new group was two oboes, bassoon and harpsichord to play trio sonatas. I approached the oboist Deirdre Lind and the bassoonist Deirdre Dundas-Grant because they had both played in the BBC Concert Orchestra, and therefore had experience in playing all kinds of music. Neil Black [a prominent London oboist] suggested I contact the harpsichordist Harold Lester, who not only played early music with Alfred Deller, but contemporary music with Cathy Berberian and the London Sinfonietta. Our horizons were limitless. The name of the group reflects this - 'Sheba', in reference to the best-known baroque piece for two oboes, 'The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba' by Handel, - and 'Sound', being the kind of name you wouldn't use in strictly classical circles. All future members of the group shared this eclectic experience of musical styles. I am particularly grateful to the first members, who made financial sacrifices until we had established ourselves.

"As I wanted the group to be unique in every respect, I decided that we would play, if possible, unpublished Baroque music, so I spent hours and hours in libraries looking for interesting scores. Harold Lester brought his extensive knowledge of early harpsichord music, and arranged some of it; and I also wanted a more jazzy arranger. Brian Kay of the King's Singers suggested Gordon Langford, who had written beautifully for them; he wrote a Folk Song Suite for us [Kaleidoscope CD, tracks 15 -19], the first of many arrangements. Our subsequent commissions were not only contemporary serious music, but also jazz and rock.

"I decided that our presentation was very important. Our dresses were glamourous, shot silk, in bright reds, and the men had cummerbunds to match. Each work was introduced by a member of the group, which was unusual at that time. We commissioned special music stands from the furniture department of the Royal College of Art, and draped the funiture on the platform in red velvet.

"We played all over the UK, in concert halls, at music clubs and festivals, and we did regular London concerts at the Wigmore Hall. One was recorded, and is the source of several tracks on these CDs. We often worked with well-known actors such as Gabriel Woolf [The Bassoon Song, Kaleidoscope CD, track 7], Derek Jacobi, Nicolas Parsons and Spike Milligan, on whose TV programmes we appeared. We did lots of Children's Concerts too, at which the greatest success was a special story, 'The Key to the Zoo', written by humourist Miles Kington, with music by Stephen Oliver. In the story we each became an animal character, with an appropriate hat.

"We toured abroad too, especially in Germany, Italy and Arabia. In Italy they preferred to have a singer with the group, and we took people such as the contralto Margaret Cable and the tenor Christopher Underwood. We also played in Holland, and on TV in Flanders. We broadcast in the UK too - on the BBC music channel Radio 3, but I was also on the talk channel Radio 4, on 'Woman's Hour'. At the time I had three children under eight as well as my career - quite a new thing back in 1975 - and this created quite a lot of interest among the listeners, who then wanted to know what our music sounded like. This led to the BBC financing a recording, many of whose tracks appear here."
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Les Plaisirs Les Plus Charmants -Works for French Baroque Guitar - Gordon Ferries

Les Plaisirs Les Plus Charmants -Works for French Baroque Guitar - Gordon Ferries
ID: DCD34011
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Baroque
Subcollection: Guitar

From its earliest beginnings, the five course Baroque guitar was associated - for better or worse - with dance music, becoming the sensuous younger cousin of the lute or vihuela. In this mélange of music from seventeenth-century France, Gordon Ferries weaves a tapestry of sound that is at once elegant, earthy, and utterly timeless.

Praise for Gordon Ferries
"Delicately poised playing" - BBC Music Magazine
"Full of vitality and will soon have your foot tapping" - Early Music News

Track listing

1. Francesco Corbetta (1615-81) Prelud
2. Chiacona in C major

[3-10] Robert de Visée (c.1650-c.1725) Suite in C major

[11-17] Henri Grénerin (c.1668-c.1748) Suite in D major

[18-22] Rémy Médard (fl.17th C.) Suite in G minor

23. Francesco Corbetta Caprice de chacone

[24-29] Francesco Corbetta Suite in A minor

30. Robert de Visée Masquerade
31. Marin Marais (1656-1728) Air
32. André Campra (1660-1744) Musete
33. Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687) Entrée d'Isis
34. Jean-Baptiste Lully Entrée d'Apollon
35. François Couperin (1668-1733) Sœur Monique

[36-41] Antoine Carré (fl.17th C.) Suite in G minor
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La Paix du Parnasse - L. Carolan and J. Kitchen (harpsichords)

La Paix du Parnasse - L. Carolan and J. Kitchen (harpsichords)
ID: DCD34012
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Collection: Baroque
Subcollection: Harpsichord

Lucy Carolan and John Kitchen (harpsichords)

Track listing

Francois Couperin
1 Allemande à deux clavecins (Ordre no. 9)
2 Solo: L'Evaporée (Ordre no. 15)
3 Solo: Le Dodo, ou l’amour au Berceau (Ordre no. 15)
4 Muséte de Choisi (Ordre no. 15)
5 Muséte de Taverni (Ordre no. 15)

La Paix du Parnasse: Sonade en trio
6 Gravement
7 Saillie: Vivement
8 Rondement
9 Vivement

10 Solo: Le Rossignol en amour (Ordre no. 14)
11 La Julliet (Ordre no. 14)
12 Solo: Le Carillon de Cithére (Ordre no. 14)
13 Solo: Le Petit-Rien (Ordre no. 14)

Concert Royal no. 3 in A
14 Prélude
15 Solo: Allemande
16 Solo: Courante
17 Sarabande grave
18 Muzette

19 Grande Ritournéle (Concert Royal no. 8)
20 Solo: Le Drôle de Corps (Ordre no. 16)
21 Solo: La Distraite (Ordre no. 16)]
22 La Létiville (Ordre no. 16)
23 Menuet en Trio (Concert Royal no. 1)

La Steinquerque
24 Bruit de Guerre: Gayement
25 Air: Lentement
26 Gravement
27 Legerement
28 Mouvement de fanfares
29 Lentement
30 Gravement
31 Gayement
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