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SHIROKOV, Igor - Skladatelé

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Skladatel: SHIROKOV, Igor ((b. 1949))
Jeho/jej ivot:
Was born 1949 in Novosibirsk, West Siberia. Ever since he played at that very first international USSR Jazz Festival, in Tallinn 1967, he has been one of the most requested big band soloists, and a frequent guest at all major festivals, in the country. At the age of twenty he was considered one of the best jazz trumpet players in the former Soviet Union. But it was not until in 1991 - six years after the Perestroika - that he finally was allowed to leave the USSR, though he had already been invited out several times before. Since 1992 he is living in Germany creating new, different formations and successfully making his western career.
This "newcomer" - to us in the West, that is - has, during a career with 30 years of professional musicianship, created an original and clear sound built on a very personal style of his own, sometimes showing his great love of Miles Davis from his sixties period. Other trumpet players as Clifford Brown, Art Farmer and Freddie Hubbard also plays an important part in Shirokov..s still very individual approach.

Two Trios - Igor Shirokov

Two Trios - Igor Shirokov
ID: ART280
Disk: 1
Type: CD
Podkolekce: Drums

Igor Shirokov - music, fluegelhorn (1-7)
Sandro Gulino - bass (1-5)
Giovani Gulino - drums (1-5)
Claudia Helmers - flute (6, 7)
Vladimir Petrovsky - Church bells (6, 7)
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