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Tony Palmer's Film About Callas - M. Callas: La Divina - A Portrait: 30th Anniversary:

Tony Palmer's Film About Callas - M. Callas: La Divina - A Portrait: 30th Anniversary:
CDs: 1
Type: DVD
Kolektion: Documentary

Region Code: NTSC Plays in all territories
Medium:DVD Video
Presentation: Wide Screen
Sound: Dolby Digital Stereo
Language: English
Subtitles: French, Italian, German, Spanish
Color mode: Colour
Screen (Picture) Format: 16:9, Aspect Ratio
Duration: 92 mins

There are so many astonishing facts about Maria Callas...

First, she was born not in Greece but in Manhattan and went to school there. Second, considering her colossal influence and in contrast to the pumped-up, preposterous, overpaid pipsqueak divas of today, her actual international career was tiny - 18 years at most. Third, and in spite of her reputation, her cancellation record was the lowest of any great singer of her day. Fourth, she rarely looked at the conductor during an opera, simply because she could not see him - she was very short-sighted, and often appeared (partly as a result) to be in a trance while on stage. Fifth, she was betrayed by most of those intimate with her throughout her life, and eventually abandoned by many of those who should have known better and who claimed to have loved her. Sixth, she died almost penniless - even her grotesquely rich long-time lover, Onassis, whose marriage to Jackie Kennedy she only discovered by watching the 6 o'clock news, had invested her money in half a cargo boat, which sank. Paradoxically, although she died 30 years ago, her records today outsell every other recorded classical artist, and single handedly keep EMI Classics afloat. Last, hers was not the most beautiful voice of her time, as she frequently admitted. Some days it worked; other days it just didn't.

In the end, those who met her in Paris in the seventies agree that she was one of the loneliest, most desperate of women they had ever encountered, slowly drugging herself to death. "Every day, thank God, is one day less", she told Di Stefano. A summons to tea (for half an hour at most) often lasted until the early hours, with the guest or guests pleaded with not to leave.

It was pathetic and horrible, but it was Callas. It was always Callas, and that was the secret and the magic. We witness on stage a broken woman who sings nakedly from her heart, about herself and her life, who acts with such incredible power and unashamed truth that we stagger back before what we know, in our hearts, is all of her. No artifice here; no vulgar posturings to which her absurd imitators - and there are many - aspire. Gheorghiu, Battle, Garrett - they cannot touch her hem.

Maria - just a woman, who often spoke of Callas in the third person, in trouble, asking, begging sometimes, for our understanding and our love. She deserves it, because there was no greater singing actress in our time. And she was only 53 when she died.Tony Palmer
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1941-1945 - Wartime Music Vol. 17 - Wartime Songs

1941-1945 - Wartime Music Vol. 17 - Wartime Songs
ID: NFPMA99101
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Kolektion: Vocal CollectionSubkolektion: Orchester

The new CD in the “Wartime Music” collection includes songs written by the most outstanding Soviet composers and poets in the days of the Great Patriotic War. The fourteen songs by M.Blanter, V.Solovyov-Sedoy, T.Khrennikov, B.Mokrousov, A.Novikov, M.Fradkin, K.Listov, and N.Bogoslovsky were recorded in colorful arrangements for soloists, chorus, and symphony orchestra.
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Sonetti Romani - Viacheslav Ivanov in music of Miaskovsky, Lourié, Shebalin, Gretchaninov

Sonetti Romani - Viacheslav Ivanov in music of Miaskovsky, Lourié, Shebalin, Gretchaninov
ID: NFPMA99103
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Kolektion: St. Petersburg Musical Archive

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Schubert - Die Schöne Müllerin - The legendary 1951 recording

Schubert - Die Schöne Müllerin - The legendary 1951 recording
ID: RRC1383
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Subkolektion: Legendary Voices

Fischer-Dieskau’s first recording of Die Schone Mullerin with Gerald Moore displays the singer in his youthful prime. He recorded the work several times again but without the same level of spontaneity which is the hallmark of this reading. A ‘must buy’ for lovers of both Fischer Dieskau and lieder singing. Super-budget price.

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (baritone), Gerald Moore (piano)
10.00 eur Temporarily out of stock

Verdi - Requiem

Verdi - Requiem
ID: RRC1372
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Kolektion: Vocal Collection

The legendary Toscanini performance of the Verdi Requiem from 1951 is currently available only as part of a large box set. Regis presents this electrifying performance as a single, super budget CD.

Herva Nelli (soprano), Fedora Barbieri (mezzo-soprano), Giuseppe Di Stefano (tenor) & Cesare Siepi (bass)
Robert Shaw Chorale & NBC Symphony Orchestra, Arturo Toscanini
10.00 eur Temporarily out of stock

F.P. Schubert, Wihelm Muller - Die schoene Muellerin. Hans Jorg Mammel Arthur Schoonderwoerd.

F.P. Schubert,  Wihelm Muller - Die schoene Muellerin. Hans Jorg Mammel Arthur Schoonderwoerd.
ID: RK3104
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Kolektion: Classical Period

Wilhelm Müller (October 7, 1794 - September 30, 1827) was a German lyric poet.

Schubert sits at the piano in the circle of his friends, and it may well be that this company of authors, artists, and other illustrious personalities is listening to the songs of the “Schoene Muellerin” being sung by Johann Michael Vogl, Schubert’s favorite singer. In his drawing, Moritz von Schwind affords us a glance into the convivial atmosphere of the Schubertiades at which some of Schubert’s works may first have been heard.
The song cycle tells of an unrequited love for the beautiful maid of the mill. The mill stream is the constant companion and dialogue partner of the unhappy journeyman miller, who at the end finds his final resting place in the shallow waters of the creek.
In addition to concerts and opera, Hans Jörg Mammel has made a name for himself above all through his interpretations of the songs of Schubert and the composers of the second Berlin school. He is accompanied in this intimate interpretation by Arthur Schoonderwoerd, one of the most prominent fortepiano players of our time.
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Britten - Song Cycles - P.Pears, tenor - B.Britten, piano, etc... Peter Pears (tenor)

Britten - Song Cycles - P.Pears, tenor - B.Britten, piano, etc...
Peter Pears (tenor)
ID: RRC1365
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Subkolektion: Voices and Orchestra

Serenade for Tenor, Horn & Strings; Winter Words; Seven Sonnets of Michelangelo. Pears tenor, Brain horn, Britten piano, NSO/ Goossens (Regis) "..Peter Pears has perhaps never done anything finer than his performance of Winter Words."

Vintage recordings of Peter Pears and Benjamin Britten (Winter Words and The Seven Sonnets of Michelangelo) and the 1953 recording of the Serenade with Dennis Brain.

Newly re-mastered.

Serenade for Tenor, Horn & Strings, Op. 31

Dennis Brain (horn)
New Symphony Orchestra of London, Eugene Goossens

Winter Words, Op. 52
Benjamin Britten (piano)

Seven Sonnets of Michelangelo, Op. 22
Benjamin Britten (piano)

Peter Pears (tenor)
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Great British Sopranos

Great British Sopranos
ID: RRC1374
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Kolektion: Vocal CollectionSubkolektion: Voices and Orchestra

Regis presents a selection of pre-war performances by Great British sopranos in repertoire which secured their reputation. Familiar figures such as Maggie Teyte, Isobel Baillie, Margaret Sheridan and Eva Turner feature alongside less well known artists - Mary Garden, Elsie Suddaby, Miriam Licette, Joan Cross, Dora Labette, Gwen Catley and Agnes Nicholls.

1. Weber: Ocean, thou mighty monster! (from Oberon - Act II)
Sung in English, recorded 19th December, 1911
Agnes Nicholls
2. Mozart: Misera Elvira..... Mi tradi quell’alma ingrate (from Don Giovanni - Act II)
Sung in Italian, recorded 2nd May, 1929
Miriam Licette
Verdi: Otello, Act IV, Boito
3. Willow Song
4. Ave Maria
Recorded, 8th October, 1937
Orchestra conducted by Lawrence Collingwood, Joan Cross
5. Puccini: One fine day (from Madam Butterfly, Act II)
Sung in English, recorded 10th June, 1933.
Eva Turner
6. Debussy: Mes longs cheveux (from Pelleas et Melisande, Act III)
Sung in French, recorded before 1904
Mary Garden
7. Paladilhe: Psyche
Sung in French, recorded 26th March, 1941
Maggie Teyte
8. Hahn: Ce n’etait pas la meme chose
Sung in French, recorded 20th May 1946
Piano accompaniment by Gerald Moore, Maggie Teyte
9. Bizet: Chanson d’Avril
Maggie Teyte
10. Debussy: La flute de Pan
Recorded 12th March 1936
Maggie Teyte
11. Duparc: Phidyle
Recorded 31st July 1940
Maggie Teyte
12. Chausson: Le temps des lilas
Maggie Teyte
13. Handel arr. Sir Henry Wood: Ne’ trionfa d’Alessandro . . Lusinghe piu care (from Alessandro)
Sung in Italian, recorded 16th February 1949
London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sir Malcolm Sargent, Isobel Baillie
14. Handel: O Sleep! Why dost thou leave me? (from Semele)
Sung in English, recorded June 1927
Elsie Suddaby
15. Purcell: Hark! The echoing air (from The Fairy Queen, Act V)
Sung in English, recorded 11th July 1924
Elsie Suddaby
16. Delius: Cradle Song
Recorded 24th June 1929
17. Delius: The Nightingale
Recorded 24th June 1929
18. Delius: Evening Voices (Twighlight Fancies)
Recorded in 10th July 1929
Sung in English
Piano accompaniment by Sir Thomas Beecham, Dora Labette
19. Adam: Variations on a Nursery Theme ‘Listen Mother, to my tale’
Sung in English, recorded 7th March 1949
Flute obligato by Lionel Solomon, orchestra conducted by Eric Robinson, Gwen Catley
Puccini: Madam Butterfly
20. Bimba dagli occhi (Love duet: Act 1)
Sung in Italian, recorded 1927
Orchestra of La Scala, Milan conducted by Carlo Sabanjo, Aureliano Pertile (tenor), Margaret Sheridan
21. Un bel di vedrimo (Act !!)
Sung in Italian, recorded November 1926
Margaret Sheridan
22. E questo? (Act II)
Sung in Italian, recorded November 1927
Orchestra conducted by Eugene Goosens, Margaret Sheridan
23. Puccini: Si, mi chiamano Mimi (from La Boheme, Act I)
Sung in Italian, recorded 1926
Margaret Sheridan
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Richard Lewis - The Great Welsh Tenor

Richard Lewis - The Great Welsh Tenor
ID: RRC1375
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Subkolektion: Legendary Voices

Richard Lewis was one of the most successful British tenors of his generation who enjoyed a truly international career. He had a particular affinity with Handel and Elgar and while he made numerous ensemble recordings, his solo output was relatively small. Regis presents two LP recordings on one CD - Handel Arias and Folksongs of the British Isles - the only recital disc of Richard Lewis available in today’s market.

Handel Arias
1. Recit: So long the memory shall last;
Air: While Kedron’s brook (from Joshua)
2. Recit: Deeper, and deeper still;
Air: Waft her, angels (from Jephtha)
3. Air: Would you gain the tender creature (from Acis and Galatea)
4. Arietta: For ever blessed (from Jephtha)
5. Recit: My arms!
Air: Sound an alarm (from Judas Maccabaeus)
6. Air: War, he sung, is toil and trouble (from Alexander’s Feast)
7. Air: Total eclipse! (from Samson)
8. Air: Where’er you walk (from Semele)
9. Recit: Thanks to my brethren
Air: How wain is man (from Judas Maccabaeus)
London Symphony Orchestra / Sir Malcolm Sargent
Recording first published in 1958
Folksongs of the British Isles (trad. arr. Dorumsgaard)
10. Bingo
Sung in English
11. Ar hyd y nos (All through the night)
Sung in Welsh
12. King Arthur’s servants
Sung In English
13. Grad gael mo chridh (Eriskay Love Lilt)
Sung in Gaelic
14. The Helston Furrry Dance
Sung In English
15. Dafydd y garreg wen (David of the White Rock)
Sung in Welsh
16. The foggy, foggy dew
Sung in English
17. Mo nigheann chruinn, donn (My brown-haired maid)
Sung in Gaelic
18. The shuttering lovers
Sung in English
19. The Maypole Song
20. Leezie Lindsay
21. I will give my love an apple
22. O love, it is a killing thing
23. Buy broom buzzems
24. O Waly, waly
25. Fine Flow’rs in the valley
26. She moved thro’ the Fair
27. There’s none to soothe
28. The briery bush

Chamber Orchestra / Charles Mackerras, Tina Bonifacio (harp)
Recording first published in 1960
Richard Lewis (tenor)
London Symphony Orchestra, Sir Malcolm Sargent & Charles Mackerras
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Nat King Cole - The Velvet Voice

Nat King Cole - The Velvet Voice
ID: FRC6114
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Kolektion: Vocal CollectionSubkolektion: Nostalgie

26 tracks incl. Unforgettable, Mona Lisa, Smile (Though Your Heart Is Aching), Paper Moon, For All We Know (Forum)

Nat 'King' Cole, Stan Kenton, Woody Herman, Les Baxter, Johnny Mercer, Frank Devol & Pete Rugolo
10.00 eur Buy
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