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Puccini - La fanciulla del West (complete opera)

Puccini - La fanciulla del West (complete opera)
ID: OPD7036
Disk: 2
Type: CD
Podkolekce: Opera

Franco Corelli, Tito Gobbi, Gigliola Frazzoni, et al.: vocal soloists / Orchestra and Chorus of La Scala, Milan / Antonino Votto: conductor

Live performance, Milan, April 4, 1956. Puccini made a big hit with the American public when his new opera, The Girl of the Golden West, had its fi rst performance, not in Italy but at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, with Emmy Destinn and Enrico Caruso in the leading roles, and Toscanini conducting. The enthralled audience called out the composer and cast forty-seven times and placed on Puccini’s head a silver crown bearing the national colors of Italy and the US. When Franco Corelli died recently in Milan at the age of eighty-two, the opera world lost one of its most colorful figures, and the most thrilling Italian tenor of his generation. With his powerful voice and movie-star looks, Corelli became an opera matinee idol from the 1950s until his retirement in 1976. Opera d’Oro’s Grand Tier series presents the best-selling Opera d’Oro titles with libretto and deluxe new packaging at mid-price!

Ilustration © Rafal Olbinski
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Carlson: Anna Karenina - An Opera in two acts

Carlson: Anna Karenina - An Opera in two acts
Disk: 2
Type: CD
Kolekce: Opera Collection

An Opera in two acts by David Carlson. Libretto by Colin Graham
World Premiere Recording

Synopsis: Anna Karenina
Prolog, Moscow, December. Anna visits her brother Stiva and his wife Dolly, hoping to save their marriage. A man falls under the train. When Anna meets Vronsky, she is so disturbed by the accident that she hardly notices him. He's very taken with her. 1.1 Stiva's house. Anna persuades Dolly to forgive Stiva's infidelity. 1.2 The ball at Betsy's, St. Petersburg, New Year, 1875. Levin proposes to Kitty and is refused because she is infatuated with Vronsky. Anna is compromised by Vronsky's too-obvious attentions. She is affected by his declarations but resists him. Karenin notices others' reactions. 1.3 At Karenin's. Karenin insists that Anna make an effort to preserve appearances for the sake of society. Trying to persuade her to open her heart to him, he discovers that it is locked against him. 2.1 - 2 Stiva's home, next spring/Levin's house in the country. Dolly, comforting Kitty, tries to persuade her that Vronsky is not worthy of her. She also asks about Kitty's feelings for Levin. Even the feeling of life reborn in the spring is not enough to comfort Levin. Stiva visits and gives him news of Kitty and of Vronsky's dangerous infatuation with Anna. 2.3 Karenin's country house. Anna reveals to Vronsky that she is to bear his child. He tries to persuade her to leave her husband, but she refuses because the Russian divorce laws would cause her to lose her son Seriosha. 3.1 A box at the races that afternoon. Vronsky suffers a severe accident. Karenin insists that the distraught Anna comport herself properly. She informs him that she cannot bear the sight of him and that she loves Vronsky. 3.2 Karenin's study some days later, night. Karenin cannot decide what to do. While hoping to preserve his marriage to Anna, who, he tries to persuade himself, is evil and corrupt, he must at all costs preserve his reputation. He writes to her insisting that she return to him and continue as before: He will not consider a divorce. 3.3 Anna, incensed, realizes that she must choose between her lover and her son. She tells Vronsky of her recurring death-dream, connected with the accident at the station. He is unable to comfort her, and she suspects him of selfishness when he again urges her to go away with him. She goes to Karenin and tells him she cannot continue as before, but begs him to let her have her son. Consumed with rage and disgust, he refuses.
4.1 The Admiralty Gardens, St. Petersburg, early autumn. Levin cannot reconcile the problems and ironies of life and longs for death. Dolly insists that he come to meet Kitty at their house. Stiva learns with horror from Karenin of his impending divorce and begs him to talk to Dolly. Yashvin tries to persuade Vronsky to give up Anna for the sake of his career. He refuses. 4.2 A supper party at the Oblonskys'. Levin and Kitty meet for the first time since Betsy's ball and are both very moved. Karenin is angered by the general conversation concerning unfaithful wives and luckless husbands, and Dolly is unable to persuade him to forgive. Levin and Kitty declare their love for each other during a game of solitaire. "Not time to die yet!" exclaims a delighted Stiva. 4.3 Anna's bedroom that night. Karenin returns home to find Anna near death after a miscarriage. He is reconciled to Vronsky at her bedside and promises forgiveness. 5.1 Levin's house six months later. Although Levin is now happily married to Kitty, who is pregnant, he remains dissatisfied with what he regards as a useless and unproductive life, exemplified by news from Dolly that Anna, now recovered, has left Karenin for Vronsky and that Seriosha is being looked after by his aunt Lydia. 5.2 Letters. Anna writes to Karenin asking to be allowed to see Seriosha one last time, on his birthday. Lydia urges Karenin to forbid this. He does so, against his better judgment. 5.3 Seriosha's bedroom two days later. Anna forces her way into her son's bedroom. Since he had been told she was dead, he is overjoyed to see her. He does not realize that this is the last time he will see his mother, but he is distraught when Anna has to leave. 6.1 Anna's apartments at a hotel that evening. Anna, now addicted to opiates, is at the end of her tether: She doubts Vronsky's fidelity. Death is always on her mind: She is like a train hurtling to destruction. Dolly and Stiva are appalled at her condition when they bring Levin to meet her. Levin is much struck with this beautiful, sad woman and her situation. She asks him to tell Kitty not to forgive her, for to be able to do so, Kitty would have to suffer what Anna has herself suffered. When left alone with Vronsky, her jealousy leads to a schismatic quarrel. Vronsky leaves to visit his mother, and Anna is certain that he is in fact leaving her forever. She contemplates an overdose of morphia and then decides to follow Vronsky to the station to beg his forgiveness. 6.2 At the station. Everything passes like a dream. Anna has missed Vronsky and waits to follow him on the next train. She reviews her situation and the tortured life before her: She realizes, as if a light had suddenly illumined her soul, that death would release her from the pain and responsibility of life. When the train comes into the station, she throws herself beneath it. 6.3 Levin's country estate months later, in spring. In the aftermath of Anna's death, Levin cannot come to terms with the irony of life. Through the wisdom of his old nurse, he at last understands the reason for living: To live, love, and be loved; not to judge or envy others, nor to bewail their suffering; life is everything in itself. His blind eyes have been opened. -Colin Graham
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NELLA ANFUSO - Antonio Vivaldi - Cantate (Opera Omnia) II.

NELLA ANFUSO - Antonio Vivaldi - Cantate (Opera Omnia) II.
ID: SN8808
Disk: 2
Type: CD
Podkolekce: Opera

Antonio Vivaldi
1. Aure Voi Piu Non Siete: Recitativo
2. Il Povero Mio Cor: Aria (Largo)
3. Si Levi Dal Pensier: Aria (Allegro)

CD 2
1. Nel Partir Da Te Mio Caro: Aria (Largo)
2. All'ombra DUn Bel Faggio: Recitativo
3. Del Suo Natio Rigore: Recitativo
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Britten - Peter Grimes - The Aldeburgh Centenary Production

Britten - Peter Grimes - The Aldeburgh Centenary Production
Disk: 2
Type: CD
Podkolekce: Opera

Alan Oke
Alexandra Hutton
Britten-Pears Orchestra
Catherine Wyn-Rogers
Charles Rice
Charmian Bedford
Chorus Of Opera North
Chorus Of The Guildhall School Of Music & Drama
Christopher Gillett
David Kempster
Gaynor Keeble
Giselle Allen
Henry Waddington
Robert Murray
Stephen Richardson
Steuart Bedford

[1] Peter Grimes (Hobson, Swallow, Peter) 1.32
[2] You sailed your boat round the coast
(Swallow, Peter, Mrs. Sedley, Hobson, Ellen,
Chorus) 3.20
[3] Peter Grimes, I here advise you (Swallow,
Hobson, Peter, Chorus) 2.10
[4] The truth - the pity - and the truth (Peter,
Ellen) 1.55
[5] Interlude I: Dawn 2:47
Scene 1
[6] Oh, hang at open doors (Auntie, Boles,
Balstrode, Chorus) 4.21
[7] Good morning, good morning! (Rector,
Nieces, Mrs. Sedley, Ned, Swallow, Auntie,
Boles, Balstrode, Chorus) 1.05
[8] Hi! Give us a hand (Peter, Boles, Balstrode,
Ned, Auntie, Hobson) 3.22
[9] I’ll have to go from pub to pub (Hobson,
Ellen, Ned, Chorus) 1.54
[10] Let her among you without fault (Ellen,
Hobson, Mrs. Sedley, Ned) 3.00
[11] Look! The storm cone! (Balstrode, Ned,
Boles, Chorus) 2.35
[12] And do you prefer the storm (Balstrode,
Peter) 3.24
[13] They listen to money (Peter, Balstrode) 1.35
[14] What harbour shelters peace (Peter) 1.02
[15] Interlude II: Storm 4.05
Scene 2
[16] Past time to close (Auntie, Mrs. Sedley,
Balstrode, Boles, Nieces) 2.22
[17] Loud man (Auntie, Nieces, Mrs. Sedley)
[18] There’s been a landslide up the coast
(Fisherman, Boles, Balstrode, Auntie) 0.59
[19] No, I mean love (Boles, Balstrode, Chorus)
[20] Pub conversation should depend (Balstrode,
Chorus) 1.19
[21] Have you heard the cliff is down (Ned,
Auntie, Mrs. Sedley, Chorus) 1.34
[22] Now the Great Bear and Pleiades (Peter,
Nieces, Boles, Balstrode, Auntie, Chorus) 3.34
[23] For peace sake (Balstrode, Peter) 2.29
[24] The bridge is down (Hobson, Ned, Ellen,
Boles, Auntie, Nieces, Peter) 1.27
[25] Interlude III: Sunday Morning 2.26
Scene 1
[26] Glitter of waves (Ellen) 1.29
[27] Now that the daylight fills the sky (Ellen,
Rector, Chorus) 3.39
[28] Child you’re not too young (Ellen, Rector,
Peter, Chorus) 3.11
[29] This unrelenting work (Ellen, Peter, Chorus)
[30] Fool to let it come to this (Auntie, Ned,
Boles, Mrs. Sedley, Balstrode, Swallow, Nieces,
Rector, Chorus) 3.13
[31] People ... No! I will speak! (Boles,
Balstrode, Rector, Auntie, Ellen, Chorus) 2.09
Total time - 73.32
Scene 1 (continued)
[1] We planned that their lives (Ellen, Rector,
Mrs. Sedley, Boles, Ned, Nieces, Auntie,
Balstrode, Hobson, Swallow, Chorus) 2.15
[2] Shall we go and see Grimes in his hut?
(Rector, Swallow, Balstrode, Mrs. Sedley, Boles,
Chorus) 0.47
[3] Now gossip is put on trial (Chorus) 2.02
[4] From the gutter (Nieces, Auntie, Ellen) 4.01
[5] Interlude IV: Passacaglia 5.29
Scene 2
[6] Go there (Peter) 1.54
[7] They listen to money (Peter) 5.02
[8] Now! Now! (Peter, Chorus) 2.09
[9] Peter Grimes (Rector, Swallow, Ned) 2.50
[10] Interlude V: Moonlight 3.39
Scene 1
[11] Assign your prettiness to me (Swallow,
Nieces, Ned) 3.12
[12] Mr. Keene (Mrs. Sedley, Ned) 1.27
[13] Murder most foul it is (Mrs. Sedley, Ned) 1.24
[14] Come along, Doctor (Burgess, Burgesses,
Rector, Mrs. Sedley, Ellen, Balstrode) 2.43
[15] Embroidery in childhood was (Ellen,
Balstrode) 4.47
[16] Mr. Swallow (Mrs. Sedley, Auntie, Swallow,
Hobson) 1.55
[17] Who holds himself apart (Chorus) 3.27
[18] Interlude VI 2.08
Scene 2
[19] Grimes! (Voices, Peter) 5.09
[20] Peter, we’ve come to take you home (Ellen,
Peter, Balstrode) 2.23
[21] To those who pass the Borough (Swallow,
Fisherman, Auntie, Boles, Chorus) 5.13
Total time - 63.47

Britten’s powerful and masterful evocation of the North Sea in all its moods has to audiences all over the world become inextricably linked with the Aldeburgh that was home to George Crabbe (author of the ‘The Borough’ from which the story originates) in the eighteenth century and Britten in the twentieth.
Steuart Bedford leads a vast and accomplished ensemble on this new live recording, created shortly before the group’s unique staging of the work on the beach at Aldeburgh as part of the town’s world-renowned festival.

(Physical product booklet includes the full libretto to the opera, however this not available in the linked booklet below for copyright reasons.)
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W.A. MOZART - Il sogno di Scipione - Classical Opera - Ian Page, conductor

W.A. MOZART - Il sogno di Scipione - Classical Opera - Ian Page, conductor
Disk: 2
Type: CD
Podkolekce: Opera

26.00 eur Temporarily out of stock

NELLA ANFUSO - Antonio Vivaldi - Cantate (Opera Omnia) I

NELLA ANFUSO  - Antonio Vivaldi - Cantate (Opera Omnia) I
ID: SN8807
Disk: 2
Type: CD
Podkolekce: Opera

Antonio Vivaldi
Recitativo - Aria (Largo) -Recitativo - Aria (Allegro) [15'14'']
Aria (Adagio) - Recitativo - Aria (Larghetto) [17'07'']
Aria (Andante) - Recitativo - Aria (Allegro) [12'40'']
Recitativo - Aria (Larghetto) - Recitativo - Aria (Allegro non molto) [12'44'']

Aria (Larghetto) - Recitativo - Aria (Allegro) [13'44'']
Aria (Allegro) - Recitativo - Aria (Allegro) [11'40'']
Aria (Andante molto) - Recitativo - Aria (Largo) [16'45'']
Aria (Allegro non molto) - Recitativo - Aria (Allegro ma poco) [14'09'']
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Mozart - Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebots

Mozart - Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebots
Disk: 2
Type: CD
Podkolekce: Opera

Allan Clayton, tenor
Andrew Kennedy, tenor
The Orchestra of Classical Opera
Cora Burggraaf, mezzo-soprano
Ian Page, conductor
Sarah Fox, soprano
Sophie Bevan, soprano

CD 1 (52’52) Page
1. Sinfonia 3’20 32
2. Recitative: “Die löblich’ und gerechte Bitte” 1’46 32 (Gerechtigkeit, Christgeist, Barmherzigkeit)
3. No. 1, Aria: “Mit Jammer muß ich schauen” (Christgeist) 6’05 33
4. Recitative: “So vieler Seelen Fall” (Barmherzigkeit, Gerechtigkeit) 1’59 34
5. No. 2, Aria: “Ein ergrimmter Löwe brüllet” (Barmherzigkeit) 6’14 36
6. Recitative: “Was glaubst du” (Barmherzigkeit, Gerechtigkeit, Christgeist) 0’51 36
7. Accompanied recitative: “Wenn aus so vieler Tausend Mund” 2’20 37 (Christgeist, Barmherzigkeit, Gerechtigkeit)
8. No. 3, Aria: “Erwache, fauler Knecht” (Gerechtigkeit) 7’36 38
9. Recitative: “Er reget sich” (Christgeist, Barmherzigkeit, Gerechtigkeit) 0’18 39
10. Accompanied recitative: “Wie, wer erwecket mich?” 3’56 39 (Der Christ, Weltgeist, Christgeist)
11. No. 4, Aria: “Hat der Schöpfer dieses Leben” (Weltgeist) 7’14 41
12. Accompanied recitative: “Daß Träume Träume sind” (Der Christ) 1’28 42
13. No. 5, Aria: “Jener Donnerworte Kraft” (Der Christ) 9’37 42
CD 2 (31’50) Page
1. Recitative: “Ist dieses, o so zweifle nimmermehr” 1’43 44 (Weltgeist, Der Christ, Christgeist)
2. No. 6, Aria: “Schildre einen Philosophen” (Weltgeist) 5’14 45
3. Recitative: “Wen hör’ ich nun hier” (Weltgeist, Der Christ, Christgeist) 4’06 46
4. No.7, Aria: “Manches Übel will zuweilen” (Christgeist) 7’29 49
5. Recitative: “Er hält mich einem Kranken gleich” 2’26 50 (Der Christ, Christgeist, Weltgeist)
6. Recitative: “Hast du nunmehr erfahren” 1’11 52 (Barmherzigkeit, Christgeist, Gerechtigkeit)
7. No. 8, Trio: “Laßt mir eurer Gnade Schein” 9’36 53 (Christgeist, Barmherzigkeit, Gerechtigkeit)
Additional Bonus Features:
Film - ‘The Making of the Recording’
French and Italian translations of the notes, synopsis and libretto This additional content can be viewed by playing CD 2 through a CD-Rom or DVD-Rom drive on a computer

The first release in a new partnership between Classical Opera and Signum Records begins with Mozart’s remarkable sacred singspiel Die Schuldigkeit des ersten Gebots, composed when he was just eleven. The music is full of tender beauty, dynamism and descriptive flair, and the young composer’s innate sense of understanding and sympathy for the human condition already shines through.

The story follows the efforts of The Spirit of Christianity (Andrew Kennedy) - aided by Divine Justice (Cora Burggraaf ) and Divine Mercy (Sarah Fox) - to win back the heart of a Lapsed Christian (Allan Clayton) as he lies fast asleep. In opposition to this however stands The Spirit of Worldliness (Sophie Bevan), who urges the Christian to forget what The Spirit shows him and to follow her pleasure-seeking philosophies. As Justice and Mercy withdraw to observe, The Spirit of Christianity seeks to win back the lapsed Christian, but will this lost soul be able to resist the temptations of indulgence and short-term satisfaction that Worldliness offers?

The second disc in this 2CD Set is an Enhanced CD, with an exclusive 10-minute feature on the making of the recording additional libretto and programme note translations. Full German to English translations included in the booklet.
26.00 eur Temporarily out of stock

Kendlinger - Die schönsten Opernchöre - K & K Opernchor / K&K Philharmoniker

Kendlinger - Die schönsten Opernchöre - K & K Opernchor / K&K Philharmoniker
ID: DVD916
Disk: 1
Type: DVD
Kolekce: Opera CollectionPodkolekce: Opera

Region Code: Region 0, Plays in all territories
Color mode: Colour
Screen Format: 16:9
DVD Format: DVD 5
Duration: 65 mins
Subtitles: none
Sound Format: Dolby Digital Stereo
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Rossini - Early One Act Operas Vol. 1- IL Signor Bruschino - Soloists - I Filarmonici Di Torino - Viotti

Rossini - Early One Act Operas Vol. 1- IL Signor Bruschino - Soloists - I Filarmonici Di Torino - Viotti
ID: CLAVES508904-5
Disk: 2
Type: CD
Podkolekce: Voices and Orchestra

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Boris Tishchenko - Music of the ballet Yaroslavna

Boris Tishchenko - Music of the ballet Yaroslavna
ID: NFPMA9931_32
Disk: 2
Type: CD
Kolekce: St. Petersburg Musical ArchivePodkolekce: Opera

CD series “St. Petersburg Musical Archive”
“St. Petersburg Musical Archive” is a series dedicated to St. Petersburg’s 300th anniversary. Many of the works in this series will be CD premieres, and many of the recordings will introduce famous St. Petersburg musicians, composers and ensembles as well as new performing artists. The “St. Petersburg Musical Archive” series includes rediscovering forgotten works - both of the 19th and 20th centuries.
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