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PentaTone The First Ten Years • A box with 10 SA-CDs to celebrate PentaTone's 10th anniversary

PentaTone The First Ten Years • A box with 10 SA-CDs to celebrate PentaTone's 10th anniversary
ID: PTC5186500
CDs: 10
Type: SACD
Subkolektion: Violin

Multichannel Hybrid SACD - DSD

This is a box with 10 SACDs to celebrate PentaTone's 10th anniversary. From each year of PentaTone's existence we have taken one SA-CD. Not necessarily the best sellers and award winners, but a fine selection presenting as much as possible all the artists PentaTone is/has been working with. As a bonus we have added a sampler SA-CD with tracks of other PentaTone albums (so the box includes 11 SA-CDs). On this sampler you will also find surround sound effects and test tones (which enable to adjust the position of the speakers of a HiFi set into the ideal position).

and a bonus sampler '70 minutes of classical surround sound'
* excerpts from works by Glazunov, Brahms, Taneyev, Corelli, Loewe, Haydn, Beethoven, Stamitz, Mozart, Fauré, Homilius and Wagner
* plus test tones and surround sound effects on SACD layer
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Treasures of World Music performed by Dmitri Kitayenko

Treasures of World Music performed by Dmitri Kitayenko
ID: MELCD1002320
CDs: 6
Type: CD
Kolektion: Orchestral WorksSubkolektion: Orchester

Firma Melodiya presents a boxed set dedicated to the 75th anniversary of one of the outstanding contemporary Russian conductors, Dmitri Kitayenko.

“Today he can be undoubtedly considered one of the five or six best conductors of the world. This phenomenon is out of the ordinary”, Herbert von Karajan wrote about Kitayenko after the young Soviet conductor gave a brilliant performance at the international competition in Vienna, receiving the second prize and winning the hearts of the Viennese audience and media. Evgeny Svetlanov also greeted his younger colleague on the pages of the Soviet press as a talented and promising conductor.

A graduate of the Leningrad Conservatory who also completed a postgraduate course at the Moscow Conservatory and a training course at the Vienna Academy of Music, Dmitri Kitayenko had a brilliant start to his conducting career. From 1976 to 1990 he headed the Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Moscow Philharmonic Society. Under his leadership the celebrated orchestra substantially expanded its repertoire and actively toured.

During recent decades, the conductor worked with the orchestras of Western Europe, Japan, South Korea and the United States and regularly recorded.

This 6 CD set includes recordings made by Dmitri Kitayenko in the studio and in the concert hall between 1975 and 1987 with the orchestra of the Moscow Philharmonic Society and the USSR State Academic Symphony Orchestra. The repertoire included showcases the conductor’s stylistic diversity and highest mastery.

These recordings will be of interest to those who remembers Kitayenko’s performances of the past years and to a new generation of listeners as well.

Brahms -Ein Deutsches Requiem, Op. 45
Corelli -Suite for Strings
Donizetti - Miserere
Grieg - Holberg Suite, Op. 40
Prokofiev - Symphony No. 1 in D major, Op. 25 'Classical'
Puccini - Messa di Gloria
Rachmaninov - The Bells, Op. 35
Respighi - Ancient Airs and Dances, Suite No. 3, P. 172
Shostakovich - Symphony No. 10 in E minor, Op. 93
R. Strauss - Tanzsuite aus Klavierstücken von François Couperin
Tchaikovsky - Concert Fantasy, Op. 56

Choir of the Latvian Philharmonic Society, The State Republican A Yurlov Russian Choir, Latvian SSR State Academic Choir, Choir of the USSR Bolshoi Theatre, Dmitri Kitayenko
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R. Vaughan Williams - Symphonies Nos. 1-9 - USSR State Symphony Orchestra, USSR Ministry of Culture - Gennady Rozhdestvensky

R. Vaughan Williams - Symphonies Nos. 1-9 - USSR State Symphony Orchestra, USSR Ministry of Culture - Gennady Rozhdestvensky
ID: MELCD1002170
CDs: 6
Type: CD
Kolektion: SymphonySubkolektion: Orchester

Box set
R. Vaughan Williams - Symphonies No.1, No.2, No.3, No.5, No.6, No.8 and No.9

Melodiya presents a complete set of Ralph Vaughan Williams’s symphonies conducted by Gennady Rozhdestvensky.Vaughan Williams was one of the largest figures of the English Musical Renaissance, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A composer, conductor, organist, folklore student and publicist, Vaughan Williams today is mostly known for his large-scale symphonic works. The English composer’s nine symphonies sequentially reflect the evolution of his creative style (the first one was composed in 1903, and the last one not long before he died in 1958). Each of them seems to be a continuation, a development of the previous one (a sort of “chapters of one novel”), but neither repeats any other one in structure, composition, concept or music. Some of the symphonies are closely connected with national poetry (Walt Whitman), episodes from the English history or pictures of native countryside.Absorbing a wide range of sources realized in Vaughan Williams’s style - from old folk songs and religious hymns to musical impressionism and jazz - his symphonies are notable for expressive figurativeness and melodic resourcefulness, and open to any keen ear.The recordings of Vaughan Williams’s symphonies performed by the prominent conductor and recognized master of interpretation of 20th century music were made at concerts in 1988-1989 in Leningrad.
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40 ans de passion - Jahre Leidenschaft - Years of passion

40 ans de passion - Jahre Leidenschaft - Years of passion
ID: CLAVES502820-24
CDs: 5
Type: CD
Subkolektion: Piano and Cello

40 years… that calls for a celebration! And as thanks to those who have made this fantastic adventure possible - you! -as well as in order to spark the interest in others about this passion, Claves Records has released an anniversary box at a very special price. It contains five exceptional productions in their original attire, five milestone recordings that mark a history rich in music and artistic encounters that will live on for years to come. Thomas Friedli, Teresa Berganza, the Duo Crommelynck, Cédric Pescia, Alexandra Soumm: a great history and the promises of the future come together in recordings of the music of Mozart, de Falla, Brahms, Bruch and Bach, so that the spirit of “Claves” should live on and on. Happy birthday… to you!

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G. MAHLER - Symphonies Nos. 1, 5, 9 - K. Kondrashin - A.Sladkovsky

G. MAHLER - Symphonies Nos. 1, 5, 9 - K. Kondrashin - A.Sladkovsky
ID: MELCD1002475
CDs: 7
Type: CD
Kolektion: Orchestral WorksSubkolektion: Orchester

Melodiya presents a set of selected symphonies by Gustav Mahler interpreted by Kirill Kondrashin and Alexander Sladkovsky. Almost fifty years separate the recording of these interpretations. The name of Kirill Kondrashin is linked with the everlasting glory of the “Moscow philharmonics” - the orchestra that became one of the best collectives of the former Soviet Union under his leadership. Kondrashin not only resumed the tradition of “Russian Mahleriana” that had been interrupted by the Soviet ideologists of music for three decades - he actually rediscovered the world of Mahler’s music for the domestic audience.
People’s Artist of Russia Alexander Sladkovsky is among the best known conductors of modern Russia. He was the one who resuscitated the State Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Tatarstan (former Tatar ASSR) and won the recognition in this country and overseas during his six-year leadership. Just as Kondrashin did, Sladkovsky possesses an extensive repertoire, devotes much attention to contemporary music and achieves the highest technique and combination of emotional uplift with academic strictness in his interpretations. Mahler and Shostakovich take a special place in the modern maestro’s music pantheon. While Mahler’s First, Fifth and Ninth symphonies recorded by Sladkovsky and his orchestra in 2016 preserve the traits of Kondrashin’s tradition, they also capture the conductor’s distinction as his art is addressed to today’s listeners.
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P.I. Tchaikovsky - Ballets - USSR State Academic Symphony Orchestra - E. Svetlanov

P.I. Tchaikovsky - Ballets - USSR State Academic Symphony Orchestra - E. Svetlanov
ID: MELCD1001951
CDs: 8
Type: CD
Kolektion: Ballet MusicSubkolektion: Orchester

The repertoire of any ballet company always has three performances penned by the same author - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. These are Swan Lake (1877), The Sleeping Beauty (1889) and The Nutcracker (1892). If now these works are not only known to the whole world but have become a tradition, in Tchaikovsky’s time they opened a new era of the Russian ballet. Tchaikovsky was one of the first Russian composers who turned to the genre of ballet adding a self-reliant artistic value to the music. The Firma Melodiya programme titled “P.I. Tchaikovsky - Ballets” features the music by the greatest Russian composer performed by the USSR State Academic Symphony Orchestra lead by the prominent conductor of modern time Evgeny Svetlanov. The wealth of Tchaikovsky’s scores performed by the celebrated orchestra allows the listeners to get immersed in the magical world of the characters of Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker, literally visualizing it.

CD 1 53:35
CD 2 47:33
CD 3 52:38
CD 4 71:25
CD 5 48:08
CD 6 50:10
CD 7 48:17
CD 8 43:15
8 CD’s: Total time: 363.01
68.00 eur Temporarily out of stock
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