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Pure Handel - European Union Baroque Orchestra

Pure Handel - European Union Baroque Orchestra
ID: ERP6212
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Kolektion: BaroqueSubkolektion: Voices and Orchestra

Even though the full title of this album indicates that it contains George Frederick Handel's Water Music, potential purchasers need to know that only the Suite No. 1 in F major from Water Music is included, along with other works. This misleading title should not detract from appreciation of the quality of the music, for the period style performances by the European Union Baroque Orchestra of the Overture to Admeto, the Concerto Grosso in F major, and vocal works that feature soprano Maria Keohane, are certainly attractive and worth having in their own right. Led by harpsichordist Lars Ulrik Mortensen, the small Baroque orchestra plays with clean lines and crisp articulation, and the ensemble's sound is convincingly authentic. Keohane sings with grace and elegant phrasing, and demonstrates a fine sense of embellishment and tonal production in her dramatic interpretations of the solo cantatas Ero e Leandro and Ah! Che troppo ineguali, as well as the aria Tu del Ciel ministro eletto from the oratorio Il trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno. On the whole, this is a representative sampler of Handel's instrumental and vocal music that is definitely worth hearing, though any listeners who seek the complete Water Music need to look elsewhere. ˜ Blair Sanderson, Rovi
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Johann Friedrich Fasch - Sonatas for Oboe

Johann Friedrich Fasch - Sonatas for Oboe
ID: CP030
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Kolektion: BaroqueSubkolektion: Oboe

Johann Friedrich Fasch is primarily known to modern audiences through a few trumpet pieces that have served for weddings and other assertions of respectability like public television programs. But, as with his somewhat older contemporary Telemann, he left a great deal of music, and it may be that he has been underestimated simply because performers haven't known where to begin with it. This 1987 disc of oboe and bassoon music from the former East Germany, with performers working from manuscripts held in the Saxon State Library in Dresden (Fasch's longtime residence), reveals a composer whose music blended old and new. The overall mood is a bit less free and easy than with Telemann, and there's a facility of contrapuntal writing, erupting at times into full-fledged fugues, which can make you think you're listening to Bach. But Fasch's emphasis on melody points to the influence of Vivaldi, and some of the music even suggests Fasch as a forerunner of the Classical style. Sample the Sonata in F major for two oboes and two bassoons, without continuo (tracks 18-21) -- it's delightful from start to finish. Fasch's part-writing, with the two bassoons gracefully filling the dual role of harmonic support and full member of the texture, is the height of elegance. And the slightly dancelike, pastoral mood of the work tells us that the divertimenti and Feldparthien of the mid century were not far away; indeed it wouldn't be a surprise if music like this turned out to have been known by the young Haydn. The performances are technically confident and perfectly attuned to Fasch's slightly sober idiom, but those new to historical instruments should note that the Baroque oboe, even more so than other early instruments, takes some getting used to. The situation is not helped by the Communist-era sound, which puts the emphasis on all the wrong places (including the group breathtaking at the beginning of each movement), but this is nevertheless a worthwhile disc for Baroque collections.
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J.S. Bach - Choral Music for Easter - BWV 4, 56, 106, 134,

J.S. Bach -  Choral Music for Easter - BWV 4, 56, 106, 134,
ID: CP009
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Kolektion: Baroque

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NELLA ANFUSO - Mottetti del Primo Seicento

NELLA ANFUSO - Mottetti del Primo Seicento
ID: SN8815
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Kolektion: Vocal Collection

1. Gabriello Puliti - Anima Mea Liquaefacta Est 6:07
2. Paolo Nodari - In Tribulatione Mea 4:33
3. Ottavio Durante - Aspice Domine 4:52
4. Francesco Severi - Falsi Bordoni - I Tuono - Gloria Patri - Sicut Erat 2:22
5. Francesco Severi - Falsi Bordoni - II Tuono - Gloria Patri - Sicut Erat 1:57
6. Francesco Severi - Falsi Bordoni - IV Tuono - Gloria Patri - Sicut Erat 2:18
7. Francesco Severi - Falsi Bordoni - V Tuono - Sicut Erat 1:15
8. Francesco Severi - Falsi Bordoni - VII Tuono - Sicut Erat 1:34
9. Francesco Severi - Falsi Bordoni - VIII Tuono - Gloria Patri - Sicut Erat 2:30
10. Antonio Brunelli - Salve Corpus Christi 4:23
11. Antonio Brunelli - Anima Mea Liquaefacta Est 8:07
12. Antonio Brunelli - O Dolce Nomen Iesu 6:35
13. Ottavio Durante - Filiae Ierusalem 4:30
14. Gabriello Puliti - Parvulus Filius Datus Est 3:23
15. Gabriello Puliti - Paratur Nobis Mensa Domini 3:50
16. Ottavio Durante - Magnificat III Toni 7:15
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ID: SN8813
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Kolektion: Opera & Vocal CollectionSubkolektion: Voice and Organ

C. Monteverdi
1. Il ritorno d'Ulisse in patria, opera in 3 acts, SV 325: Lamento di Penelope
2. La favola d'Orfeo, opera, SV 318: Ninfa
3. Lamento d'Olimpia, madrigal in 3 sections for soprano, SV A2
4. La favola d'Orfeo, opera, SV 318: Proserpina
5. Se i languidi miei sguardi (Lettera amorosa), madrigal for soprano (from Book 7), SV 141: Lettera Amorosa I
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J.S. Bach - Small Preludes and Fughettas: Ulrich Urban, piano

J.S. Bach -  Small Preludes and Fughettas: Ulrich Urban, piano
ID: AV2100150
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Kolektion: Instrumental

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Music from the age of Louis XV: J.Kitchen plays the 1769 Taskin Harpsichord

Music from the age of Louis XV: J.Kitchen plays the 1769 Taskin Harpsichord
ID: DCD34112
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Kolektion: BaroqueSubkolektion: Harpsichord

John Kitchen harpsichord (1769 Taskin Harpsichord)

John Kitchen - uniquely familiar with Edinburgh's internationally acclaimed collections of early keyboard instruments - turns his attention to the world's most famous harpsichord, the Taskin harpsichord. The reign of Louis XV was the period during which the harpsichord gained its greatest popularity in France, and this glorious 1769 instrument by Pascal Taskin would have been the preferred choice of any composer. Here its opulent lushness is captured in the ideal acoustics of Scotland's oldest concert hall St Cecilia's Hall. The Hall is also home to the Raymond Russell Collection of Early Keyboard Instruments, which houses the Taskin harpsichord. The combination of instrument, venue, programme and performer creates a unique listening experience.

This is John Kitchen's fourteenth solo recording on Delphian. Since his appointment in 2002 as Edinburgh City Organist, he has curated a busy series of concerts in the city's iconic Usher Hall. Recent recital series in the USA and Germany complement his busy programme of activities in the UK. Having studied seventeenth century French harpsichord music whilst Organ Scholar at Clare College, Cambridge, John is now Senior Lecturer at Edinburgh University, Conductor of Edinburgh University Singers, and Director of Music of Old Saint Paul's Episcopal Church in Edinburgh.

Track listing

1 François Couperin (1668-1733): Ordre no. 6 in B flat
1 Les Moissonneurs
2 Les Langueurs-Tendres
3 Le Gazoüillement
4 La Bersan
5 Les Baricades Mistérieuses
6 Les Bergeries
7 La Commére
8 Le Moucheron
Antoine Forqueray (1672-1745)
9 La Du Breüil
10 La Leclair
11 La Léon
12 La Boisson
Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764)
13 La Triomphante
14 Fanfarinette
15 Les Sauvages
16 L’Enharmonique
17 L’Egiptienne
Jacques Duphly (1715-1789)
18 La Forqueray
19 Médée

Total playing time [66:26]
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An Emerald in a Work of Gold - Music from the Dow Partbooks

An Emerald in a Work of Gold - Music from the Dow Partbooks
ID: DCD34115
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Kolektion: Renaissance

The Marian Consort
Rose Consort of Viols
Rory McCleery, conductor

For its second Delphian recording, The Marian Consort have leafed through the beautifully calligraphed pages of the partbooks compiled in Oxford between 1581 and 1588 by the Elizabethan scholar Robert Dow, to present a deeply satisfying sequence of some of their brightest jewels. Sumptuous motets, melancholy consort songs and intricate, harmonically daring viol fantasies are seamlessly interwoven, all brought to life by seven voices and the robust plangency of the Rose Consort of Viols in the chapel of All Souls College, Oxford - where Dow himself was once a Fellow.

The Marian Consort is a young, dynamic early music vocal ensemble founded in Oxford in 2007. Combining academic insight with high levels of performance practice, the ensemble predominantly explores the repertoire of Renaissance and early Baroque music with its director Rory McCleery. They are joined by the Rose Consort of Viols, which takes its name from the celebrated family of viol makers, whose work spanned the development of the English consort repertoire.

Track listing

1 William Mundy (c.1528-c.1591)
Sive vigilem

2 Nicholas Strogers (fl. 1560-75)
A doleful deadly pang

3 Nicholas Strogers
In Nomine a 5 (No. 2)

4 (?)Robert Mallory (d. 1572)
Miserere a 5

5 Nathaniel Giles (c.1558-1633/34)
Vestigia mea dirige

6 Robert White (c.1538- 1574)
In Nomine a 5

7 William Byrd (1539/40-1623)
O Lord, how vain

8 Robert White
Justus es, Domine

9 Christopher Tye (c.1505-1572/73)
In Nomine

10 Thomas Tallis (c.1505-1585)
O salutaris hostia

11 Robert Parsons (c.15351572)
Retribue servo tuo

12 anon.
Come Holy Ghost

13 Vincenzo Ruffo (c.15081587)
La gamba

14 William Byrd
La verginella

15 anon. ['Roose']
Dum transisset Sabbatum

16 Jean Maillard (c.1515-after 1570)
Ascendo ad Patrem meum

17 Nicholas Strogers
Non me vincat, Deus meus

18 (?)Philippe Verdelot (1480s-c.1530)
Madonna somm'acorto

19 Philip van Wilder (c.15001553)
Je file quand Dieu me donne de quoy

20 Philip van Wilder
Pour vous aymer j'ay mis toute ma cure

21 Robert Parsons
Ave Maria

Total playing time [72:49]
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Handel - Song for St Cecilia's Day - Look Down, Harmonious Saint - Concerto Grosso Op. 6 No. 7

Handel - Song for St Cecilia's Day - Look Down, Harmonious Saint - Concerto Grosso Op. 6 No. 7
ID: DCD34110
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Kolektion: BaroqueSubkolektion: Voices and Orchestra

Mary Bevan soprano
Ed Lyon tenor
Ludus Baroque
Richard Neville-Towle director

Following the widespread critical acclaim of their debut recording, Alexander's Feast, Ludus Baroque brings their celebrated verve to Handel's Song for St Cecilia's Day. Coupled with his miniature cantata for tenor, Look Down, Harmonious Saint, which Handel wrote to supplement performances of Alexander's Feast, and with the Concerto Grosso in B flat, written in his fruitful autumn of 1739, Handel approaches the setting of this second text by John Dryden with the same extraordinary vividness of detail and metrical virtuosity as Alexander's Feast. 'What passion cannot music raise and quell?' the answer is that it can raise and quell them all: martial, erotic, sacred ... but as music had, in the beginning, been the divine principle of cosmic order, so, on the Final Day, it will be the force that dissolves the universe.

Track listing

Ode for St Cecilia’s Day
1 Ouverture
2 From harmony, from heav’nly harmony
3 From harmony, from heav’nly harmony
4 What passion cannot music raise and quell?
5 The trumpet’s loud clangour
6 La Marche
7 The soft complaining flute
8 Sharp violins proclaim
9 But oh! what art can teach?
10 Orpheus could lead the savage race
11 But bright Cecilia rais’d the wonder high’r
12 As from the pow’r of sacred lays

Concerto Grosso in B flat Op. 6 No. 7
13 Largo - Allegro
14 Largo e Piano
15 Andante
16 Hornpipe

Look Down, Harmonious Saint
17 Look down, harmonious saint Musick! That all-persuading art Sweet accents all your numbers grace

Total playing time [79:55]
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La Royalle- Music for Kings & Courtiers - G.Ferries guitars, lute, theorbo

La Royalle- Music for Kings & Courtiers -  G.Ferries guitars, lute, theorbo
ID: DCD34111
CDs: 1
Type: CD
Subkolektion: Guitar

Gordon Ferries guitars, lute & theorbo

Gordon Ferries’ fifth solo disc for Delphian spans two centuries of music for kings and courtiers. Performing on four instruments matched to the periods in question, and captured in sumptuous recorded sound, Ferries takes in the chansons and elegant counterpoint of sixteenth-century France’s cultivated humanist courts and the exquisite melancholy and refined dance forms from the private chambers of Louis XIV’s Versailles, and investigates the place of guitar music at the heart of the decadence, sexual intrigue and Baroque splendour of Charles II’s Restoration court.

Gordon Ferries has established himself as one of the UK’s leading exponents of the baroque guitar. He has performed in venues and festivals across the UK and in Europe both as a soloist and in ensembles including The Scottish Ensemble, The Scottish Early Music Consort and the Edinburgh Quartet.

Track listing

Robert de Visée
1 Allemande ‘La Royalle’

Adrian Le Roy
2 Pavane ‘Est il conclud’
3 Gaillarde plus diminuée

Francesco Corbetta
4-8 Suite in D major

Gregor Brayssing
9 Fantasie des Grues
10 Fantasie no. 5
11 Fantasie no. 6

Claudin de Sermisy, arr. Pierre Attaingnant anon., arr. Attaingnant
12 Une bergerote 1
13 Une bergerote 2

Charles Hurel
14-18 Suite in C majorn

Francesco Corbetta
19 Allemande ‘La Royalle’
20 Sarabande ‘La Stuarde’

Jean-Baptiste Lully, arr. Hurel
21 Les Pellerins
Pierre Certon, arr. Guillaume Morlaye
22 ‘Robin’

Adrian Le Roy
23 Almande

Pierre Sandrin, arr. Morlaye
24‘Jay veu que j’estoys franc et maistre’
[?]Guillaume Le Heurteur, arr. Morlaye
25 ‘Regretz soucy et peine’

Robert de Visée
26-34 Suite in D minor
35 Allemande ‘La Royalle’

Total playing time [72:51]
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