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Rouzanna and Karina Lisitsian - Romances of Russian Composers

Rouzanna and Karina Lisitsian - Romances of Russian Composers-Vocal and Piano-Russe musique amoureux
ID: RCD16030 (EAN: 4600383160306)  | 1 CD | ADD
Publi: 1999
Russian Compact Disc
Russe musique amoureux
Vocal and Piano
BULAKHOV, Pyotr Petrovich | DARGOMYZHSKY, Alexander Sergeyevich | GURILYOV, Alexander L'vovich | KUSS, Margarita Ivanovna
ALEKSANDROVA, Elena (piano) | LISITSIAN, Karina | LISITSIAN, Rouzanna (soprano)
Russian National Orchestra of named Osipov
Chef d'orchestre:
GNUTOV, Vitalij
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(1 - 25) - Aleksandrova, Elena (piano)
(26, 27) - Russian National Orchestra of named Osipov - Gnutov, Vitalij (conductor)

Boris Shlyater (1-5, 15-22),
Rouzanna and Karina Lisitsian (6-14)
Vera Gorodovskaya (26-27)

Recordings: 1983 (1-10),1981 (11-14), 1988 (15-25), 1974 (26-27)
BULAKHOV, Pyotr Petrovich (1822-1885), (Arr.Boris Shlyater) 
1. Do not stir up memories3:12 
2. You did forget me2:14 
3. No, I do not love you1:56 
4. I love you, over the years have not forgotten2:14 
5. Your silken tresses1:19 
6. You do not understand my sadness (Arr. Ruzanna and Karina Lisitsian)3:57 
GURILYOV, Alexander L'vovich (1803-1858), (Arr. Ruzanna and Karina Lisitsian) 
7. The age of young, beautiful1:56 
8. Inside Music2:09 
Lyric by Nikolay Ogarev 
9. And boring, and sad2:14 
Lyric by Michail Lermontov 
10. Bell2:28 
Lyric by I.Makarov 
Recordings: 1983. 
11. Joy-darling2:28 
Lyric by Pyotr Vyazemskij 
VARLAMOV, Aleksandr Yegorovich (1801-1848), (Arr. Ruzanna and Karina Lisitsian) 
12. Mountain peaks2:36 
Lyric by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Translated by Mikhail Lermontov 
13. What do you too early, the grass, which, yellowed3:49 
Lyric by Nikolay Tsyganov 
14. You are my darling1:51 
Lyric by A.M. 
Recordings: 1981. 
DARGOMYZHSKY, Alexander Sergeyevich (1813-1869), (Arr.Boris Shlyater) 
15. I loved you2:03 
Lyric by Alexander Pushkin 
16. Parted, we proudly1:47 
Lyric by Vasily Kurochkin 
17. I still love him2:51 
Lyric by Yulia Zhadovskaya 
18. Night zephyr2:52 
Lyric by Alexander Pushkin 
19. I'm sad1:50 
Lyric by Michail Lermontov 
20. Vertograd2:09 
Lyric by Alexander Pushkin 
21. I'm in love, fair miden1:17 
Lyric by Nikolay Yazykov 
22. She dressed mists Sierra Nevada2:45 
Lyric by Valerian Shirkov 
KUSS, Margarita Ivanovna (1922 - 2009) 
23. Lit moon high2:13 
24. Green cherry, red flower2:24 
25. Like our own, at the gates1:22 
Recordings: 1988. 
Russian Folk Song (Arr. Vera Gorodovskaya) 
26. Duck Meadow2:11 
27. Eh, I'll go to the river2:21 
Recordings: 1974. 
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