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Anatoly Sheludyakov: Works For Piano by A. Arensky: 24 Characteristic Pieces Op. 36

Anatoly Sheludyakov: Works For Piano by A. Arensky: 24 Characteristic Pieces Op. 36 -Piano-Russe école de pianist
ID: RCD16179 (EAN: 4600383161792)  | 1 CD | DDD
Publi: 2020
Russian Compact Disc
Russe école de pianist
ARENSKY, Anton Stepanovich
SHELUDYAKOV, Anatoly (piano)
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Recording from the Concert hall of the Central Museum of musical culture named after M. I. Glinka on September 30, 1999.
Anatoly Sheludyakov has been reviving undeservedly forgotten Russian piano music of composer Anton Arensky (1861-1906). Nothing speaks on a composer more precisely than his music. Anatoly Sheludyakov gives us an opportunity to listen to it, breathing a new life to musical lines. As always, he plays brightly, graphically, in all power of his talent.
ARENSKY, Anton Stepanovich (1861-1906) 
24 Morceaux caractéristiques, (24 Characteristic Pieces) Op. 36 
1. I. Prelude. Adagio non troppo (C Major)4:08 
2. II. The Top. Vivace (C Minor)2:04 
3. III. Nocturne. Andante sostenuto (D-Flat Major)2:24 
4. IV. Little Ballade. Allegro (D-Flat Minor)2:00 
5. V. Consolation.Andantino (D Major)1:50 
6. VI. Duo. Tempo di Waltz (D Minor)1:50 
7. VII. Waltz. Allegro non troppo (E-flat Major)3:04 
8. VIII. In modo antico. Andante (E-Flat Minor)3:06 
9. IX. Butterfly. Vivace (E Major)1:27 
10. X. Forget Me Not. Andante (E Minor)2:16 
11. XI. Barcarole. Andantino (F Major)2:37 
12. XII. Intermezzo. Vivace (F Minor)4:29 
13. XIII. Etude. Moderato (F-Sharp Major)2:18 
14. XIV. Scherzino. Allegro (F-Sharp Minor)1:34 
15. XV. The Brook in the Forest. Allegro moderato (G Major)3:05 
16. XVI. Elegy. Adagio non troppo (G Minor)3:43 
17. XVII. The Dream. Andante (A-Flat Major)5:00 
18. XVIII. Anxiety. Allegro molto (G-Sharp Minor)2:30 
19. XIX. Springtime's Reverie. Allegro moderato (A Major)2:23 
20. XX. Mazurka (canon). Allegro moderato (A Minor)2:20 
21. XXI. March. Alelgro moderato (B-Flat Major)3:10 
22. XXII. Tarantella. Presto (B-Flat Minor)3:50 
23. XXIII. Andante and Variations. (in B Major)6:37 
24. XXIV. In the Field. Adagio (B Minor)3:17 
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