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Ave Maria: Praise To The Mother Of God - The Male Choir Of Valaam Singing Culture Institute - I. Ushakov, conductor

Ave Maria: Praise To The Mother Of  God - The Male Choir Of Valaam Singing Culture Institute - I. Ushakov, conductor-Choir-Sacred Music
ID: RCD15118 (EAN: 4600383151182)  | 1 CD | DDD
Ausgefolgt: 2020
Russian Compact Disc
Sacred Music
Anonymous | CHESNOKOV, Paul Grigor'yevich | GRETCHANINOV, Alexander Tikhonovitch | NIKITIN, Konstantine | NIKOLSKY, Alexander Vasilievich | TRUBACHEV, Sergey Zosimovich 
Male Choir of the Valaam Singing Culture Institute
Andere Infos:

It is sung in Old Slavonic Language.
CHESNOKOV, Paul Grigor'yevich (1877-1944) 
1. The Pre-Eternal Council3:39 
Soloist: A. Ushakova, voice 
2. O, Theotokos and Virgin, Rejoice…1:02 
Valaam Monastery Chant 
Anonymous / (Arr.) NIKITIN, Konstantine 
3. It Is Truly Meet Ans Right1:19 
Valaam Monastery Chant 
TRUBACHEV, Sergey Zosimovich (1919-1995) 
4. From Above The Prophets Foretold Of You, O, Maiden…3:22 
(It sung during the Vesting of a Bishop before the Service) 
5. The Eyewitnesses Of The Word Had To See3:29 
Sticherion at the Litia of the Service to the Dormotion of the Most 
Holy Theotokos, in tone I. / Solovki Monastery Chant 
6. The Tomb And Death…2:03 
Kontaktion of the Dormotion, in tone II / Solovki Monastery chant 
Anonymous(Deciphered by by N. Uspensky) 
7. Glorification To The Assumption Of The Theotokos1:43 
Traditional melody of Solovki Monastery "Putevoi" chant 
8. Zadostoinik (Hymn to the Theotokos, Replaces "It Is Truly Meet…")1:52 
From Service Ofthe Dormotion of the Most Holy Theotokos / Valaam Monastery Chant 
9. Entrust Me Not To The Help Of Man3:06 
From the Moleben (Prayer Service) to the Most Holy Theotokos 
Valaam Monastery Chant 
GRETCHANINOV, Alexander Tikhonovitch (1864-1956), (Arr. For male choir CHESNOKOV, Paul Grigor'yevich (1877-1944)) 
10. It is Truly Meet And Right1:53 
Anonymous / (Arr. Ushakov, Igor) 
11. Joy of the Heavenly Hierarchies…1:28 
A service to the Tikhvin icon of the Theotokos At Small Vespers / Stanza, in tone I. 
Anonymous / (Arr. Ushakov, Igor) 
12. What Spiritual Songs…2:58 
A service to the Tikhvin icon of the Theotokos / Stanza, in tone II. 
Anonymous / (Arr. Ushakov, Igor) 
13. O Marvelous Wonder!1:52 
A service to the Tikhvin icon of the Theotokos / Stanza, in tone VIII. 
Anonymous (Deciphered by by N. Uspensky) 
14. O Mother Whom All Men Sing…2:08 
Early two-part singing 
TRUBACHEV, Sergey Zosimovich (1919-1995) 
15. O Mother Of God, Thy Sweet Voice2:32 
From the "Life of St. Sergey" 
16. Come The Lawful Canopy2:27 
Dogmatic, in tone II. / Valaam Monastery Chant 
17. Under Thy Shelter, Sovereign2:02 
Dogmatik, in tone III. / Valaam Monastery Chant 
Anonymous / (Arr. Ushakov, Igor) 
18. The House Of Ephrathah3:22 
The service of the Virgin's Cover / Sticheron, in tone II. 
Anonymous / (Arr. Ushakov, Igor) 
19. The Mother Of Christ Is Help To The Helpless2:11 
Service to Russian Newlymartyrs and Confessors / Sticheron, in tone VI.. 
Anonymous / (Arr. TRUBACHEV, Sergey Zosimovich (1919-1995)) 
20. The Patroness Of Christian Mankind Electing From All Kin1:49 
Traditional song of Ipatiev Monastery 
Anonymous / (Arr. Ushakov, Igor) 
21. Rejoice, Joachim And Anna…5:32 
The Naivity of the Theotokos / Little Vespers. Stanzas, in tone II. 
NIKITIN, Konstantine 
22. Zadostoinik (Hymn)2:09 
Service to the Naivity of the Blessed Virgin / Valaam Monastery Chant 
NIKITIN, Konstantine 
23. The Exaltation Of The Konev Icon Of The Theotokos1:36 
24. Who Is There Thatdoth Not Bless Thee, O All-Holy Theotokos3:07 
Dogmatic, in tone VI. / Valaam Monastery Chant 
NIKOLSKY, Alexander Vasilievich (1874-1943) 
25. The Pre-Eternal Council2:58 
Anonymous, (Arr. Smolentsky, Stepan Vasil'evich) 
26. In Thee Rejoiceth3:08 
Greek Chant 
CHESNOKOV, Paul Grigor'yevich (1877-1944) 
27. The Most Holy Theotokos3:10 
Anonymous, / (Arr. TRUBACHEV, Sergey Zosimovich (1919-1995)) 
28. The Most High Then The Heavens…5:40 
At the Moleben (Prayer Service) to the Most Holy Theotokos 
Solovki Monastery Chant 


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