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M. Glinka - Songs - Sergej Koptchak, bass - M. Lapsansky, piano

M. Glinka - Songs - Sergej Koptchak, bass -  M. Lapsansky, piano-Voices and Orchestra-Songs and Romances
ID: UP0020 (EAN: 8594029810204)  | 1 CD | DDD
Publi: 1999
Songs and Romances
Voices and Orchestra
GLINKA, Mikhail Ivanovich
KOPTCHAK, Sergej (bass) | LAPSANSKY, Marian (piano)
GLINKA, Mikhail Ivanovich (1804-1857) 
1. Say Not that it Grieves the Heart ('Ne govori, chto serdtsu')2:25 
2. I Love You was your assurance (Ya lyublyu, ti mne tverdila)2:39 
3. Tell Me Why ('Skazhi zachem')2:39 
4. Do Not Tempt Me Needlessly (Ne iskushay menya bez nuzhdi)3:05 
5. To Molly: Do Not Demand Songs (K Molli) 3:32 
6. The Night Review (Nochnoy smotr)4:56 
7. Cavatina (Kavatina)4:16 
8. I Recall that Wonderful Moment ('Ya pomnyu chudnoye mgnoven'ye') 3:31 
9. Call her not heavenly (Ne nazivay yeyo nebesnoy)5:36 
10. Shall I Forget? ('Zabudu l'ya')2:47 
11. Doubt (Someniye)4:59 
12. Soon you will forget Me ('Ti skoro menya pozabudesh')2:50 
13. The Skylark The lark from a Farewell to St. Petersburg (Zhavoronok)2:28 
14. The fire of longing burns in my heart (V krovi gorit ogon zhelanya), (text by Pushkin0:22 
15. Romance: Who is She?2:45 
16. Where is our rose? (Gde nasha roza?)1:40 
17. Fantasia6:52 
18. How Sweet it is to Be With You ('Kak sladko s toboyu mne bit')3:44 
19. Declaration ('Priznaniye')1:04 


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