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We Sing unto Thee - Chants of the Russian Orthodox Church

We Sing unto Thee - Chants of the Russian Orthodox Church -Voice and Choir-Sacred Music
ID: IMLCD106 (EAN: 4607053329063)  | 1 CD | DDD
Vydano: 2005
Sacred Music
Voice and Choir
CHESNOKOV, Paul Grigor'yevich
Soloists and the Choir of the Church of the Nativity of St.John the Precurser on the Kamenny Island in St.Petersburg
Dal informace:

Soloists: K. Lapshin (2,14), T. Krauze (4), D. Kulikov (6, 8, 16, 18),
D. Stefanovich (10), O. Bondarevskaya (12), N. Sysoeva (20), A. Manotskov (20)
1. Troparion to the Naivity of St.John the Precurser (Kovalgy)1:20 
2. Bless the Name of the Lord (Christov)3:50 
3. From my youth (Vishnevsky)2:08 
4. Bless the Name of the Lord (Andreeva)3:30 
5. Now lettest Thou depart (Kopylov)2:19 
CHESNOKOV, Paul Grigor'yevich (1877-1944) 
6. Thou hast vouchsafed the good thief Paradise1:24 
7. Bless the Lord, o my soul (Lapaev)1:49 
8. Bless the Name of the Lord (Anonymous)3:06 
9. Of Thy Mystical Supper (Lvov)2:18 
10. Now lettest Thee Several depart (Strokin)1:59 
11. The cherubical hymn (Kopylov)2:53 
12. I see Thy bridal chamber (Hieromonk Ionafan)2:01 
13. It is truly meet (Lapaev)1:18 
14. Glorification to the Nativity of Christ (Dodonov0:38 
15. The Only-Begotten Son (Shishkin)1:31 
16. We Sing unto Thee (Kopylov)2:28 
17. Gladsome Radiance (Kopylov)1:18 
18. In Thee Kingdom (Christov0:34 
19. Blessed is the Man (Tolstyakov)1:43 
20. Agni Parthene (O Virgin Pure, Greek chant)4:38 


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