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The Legendary City Of Sevastopol - To The 150th Anniversary of the Crimean War 1853-56

The Legendary City Of Sevastopol - To The 150th Anniversary of the Crimean War 1853-56-Choir-Wartime Music
ID: IMLCD117 (EAN: 4607053331172)  | 1 CD | DDD
Ausgefolgt: 2004
Wartime Music
Male Choir of the Valaam Singing Culture Institute
Andere Infos:


Musical adaptation by I. Ushakov (2-10, 12-14, 16-19) & K. Nikitin (1, 15). The Male Choir of the "Valaam" Institute of Choral Art. Director & Conductor - Artist Emeritus of the Russian Federation Igor Ushakov.

Soloists: Sergei Yukhmanov (2, 8), Nikolai Kurbatov (3), Alexander Bordak (4, 14, 18), Konstantin Nikitin (6, 9, 12, 15), Vladimir Miller (7, 17, 20), Igor Ushakov (9), Valeriy Starodubtsev (10), Vill Okun (11,16) Mikhail Kruglov (13), Oleg Trofimov (19). Piano by Konstantin Nikitin (11, 20) & Alexei Fedorovskiy (15). Trumpet by Petr Stankevich (1, 11). Drums by Taras Tkach (1, 11) & Alexei Nesvit (5). Narration by Artist Emeritus of the Russian Federation Alexey Yemelyanov (1). Creation and program composition by Igor Ushakov.

Recorded in 2004 at the St. Petersburg studio of documentary films ("White Hall").
1. Legendary Sevastopol. (V. Muradeli). The New Struggle. (Iv. Nikitin), Verses [composed February 20, 1854].4:07 
2. The Falcon Hovering Along The Urals Line. "Cossacks on the Charge" (1853), A song of Urals Cossacks about General M. Corchakov1:04 
3. We Went Into Battle At Bayandur. The battle at the Bayaundur village (November 2, 1853)2:22 
Recorded in Kharkov from retired colonel C. Basov in 1892. 
4. Beyond The High Mountains, In Between Fast-Flowing Rivers. The battle at the Akhaltzykh (November 14, 1853)1:50 
The song of the 52nd Infantry Regiment. Recorded from a staff captain of the 63rd Infantry Reserve Battalion of V. Bykov in 
5. The Turks Are Our Malvados, The Malhechors of Christian Souls3:04 
The battle at the Sinopsis. The Russian Navy song Recorded in the First Paul Naval Academy in 1881. 
6. The Whole Month Our Commanders Led Us Into Battle From The Staff Quarters.2:52 
The Battle at the Bashkadyr (November 19, 1857). 
Recorded from a staff captain of the 63rd Infantry Reserve Battalion of V. Bykov in 1888. 
7. Tis Not In The Wood Thicket That The Wind Is Blowing. In the Battle against Turkey"s allies (March 1854).3:00 
Recorded from an officer of the 74th Infantry Stavropol regiment of Andrian Voronkov in 1889. 
8. Let"s Close Our Ranks In All-round Defense - Let"s Strike Up Our Battle Song.2:37 
The Battle at the Cholok River (June 4, 1854). Recorded in the 63rd Regiment Reserve battalion in 1888. 
9. The Frenchman Who Serves The Turk And Their Mutual Friend The Briton.4:32 
The appearance of the Anglo-French fleet off the Kronshtadt naval base June 1 4, 1854). 
Recorded in the First Paul Military Academy in 1881. 
10. God Is With Us! Hurray, Comrades - The Eagles Of The White kingdom6:03 
The Battle at the village of Kyuryuk (July 23, 1854). 
Recorded from the choir of the training squad of the 122nd Tambov Iniantry Regiment in 1889. 
11. A Soldier Song About Sevastopol. A heroic ballad for a soloist and piano. (A. Apukhtin [1869] / K. Nikitin [September 1 5, 2004])4:25 
12. At Sevastopol We Stood, We Crashed The Mountains. "The Russian soldiers and officers at Sevastopol"2:04 
13. Let"s Recall That Glorious Day, Comrades! Repulsing the assault of the Malakhov Hill (June 6, 1855)3:27 
A song of the 34 Sevsk Infantry regiment. Composed by battle participant, Colonel Przeslawski 
Recorded from junior officer L. Kovalewski of the 121st Penza Infantry regiment in 
14. Let Me, Brothers, Tell You, How I Fought An English. "Admiral Nakhimov at Sevastopol".1:30 
15. Let Me Tell You, Dear Friend...5:34 
16. Only He Who Is Ready To Die Deserves To Live On. Battling against allied enemies (September 1854)2:19 
Attributed to adjunct-general, prince M. Corchakov. 
Recorded as sung by junkers of the Chuguyev Infantry Junkers Academy in 1889. 
17. Tis Not Black Ravens. Blockade of the Kars fortress in 1855.2:59 
18. Tis Close To Midnight, And Bright Is The Moon.2:18 
Capturing the Kars fortress (November 16, 1855). 
Recorded from sergeant-major A. Starchenko of the 122nd Tambov Infantry regiment in 1890. 
19. Where Are Ye, Falcons White?.. A Russian naval song.1:34 
20. The Sevastopol Common Crave. A pathetic poem for a soloist, choir and grand piano.6:03 
(A. Fet [June 4, 1887] / ? Nikitin [September 21, 2004]) 


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